Thick and Thin Logs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

The rest of the country is back to normal work day today, but here it is time to settle in for day two of the extended Mid Week Log Cabin Retreat for quilters!

There are several variations of Log Cabin which use curved pieces, so I wasn’t happy with calling this series Curved Log Cabin although that is the most often used name for this block. It is also called Offset, and I was tempted to call it Lop-sided Log Cabin, but that just brought a picture of a derelict house into my head!

Then someone mentioned Thick and Thin Log Cabin, and I thought it was the simplest explanation for what gives this block so much appeal ….. thick logs one side, thin logs the other. It is still made exactly the same as the traditional Log Cabin block, working around the centre square, which becomes offset, off to the side, lop-sided or what ever words you like, but the visual impact when the blocks are put together is of curves.

Whoever did this first, thank you …… you gave quilters a wonderful new variation of Log Cabin to play with and get something like this!

Not bad! In my never humble opinion anyway. Would you like to see another one? You couldn’t stop me if you wanted too, so begging is not required.

Of course, all the blocks so far have thin dark logs and thick light logs, bu they can be reversed so that the second layout becomes this!

This one made me stop and take a breath while twisting and turning ….. rather exciting.

I could have started with the thick dark logs, so here is another variation starting with thick dark logs…………

……………..then swapping them for blocks with thick light logs.

I have abbreviated Thick and Thin Logs to TNT Logs for the picture files …………. now there’s an easy way to make a lop-sided Log Cabin!

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I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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17 Responses to Thick and Thin Logs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

  1. averyclaire says:

    As much as I like light colored quilts, I really like the ones with the thick dark logs and less light colored ones. I really like the curves of the “swirling” one…third one down. It has a magical quality to it. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the thick/thin presentation. Of course I’m such a traditionalist I haven’t really looked at a lot of them anyway. Great job. Very interesting.


    • virtualquilter says:

      Avery Claire,

      You may have seen it in a Barnraising setting which looks a lot like the traditional Log Cabin, but with curves, and is uaually called Curved Log Cabin.

      Judy B


  2. The variations are awesome!!



  3. Judy

    I don’t recall having seen thick and thin Log Cabin blocks before. This is something I’m going to have to try playing with. Thanks.

    These blocks are a great demonstration of the nature of negative and positive space. And of the huge difference changing colors can make.


  4. Leslie H says:

    Love the “curvy look” these blocks can create. The log cabin blocks are so versatile. My very first attempt at quilting was the log cabin.


  5. virtualquilter says:


    The curved look is great, isn’t it? The person who first designed it was a very clever designer, and opened up a whole new range of possibilities.

    Judy B


  6. Daisy Freeman says:

    I am looking for the pattern for the thick and thin log cabin quilt that April west made. Can you help me or tell me where I can find it? I would appreciate it very much. Daisy


    • Daisy,

      I haven’t published any patterns for T’n’T Log Cabin designs, and have no idea which one April may have made.

      If it is one April saw on this sight you can search for it by going to the Search widget in the right hand column and type in Thick and Thin and work your way through the posts featuring those designs.

      Judy B


  7. Karen says:

    I recently saw a lone star design using the TNT log cabin blocks in an old (maybe 1993) Quilting mag that was passed to me. It was in blues and creams/white and very lovely. Just one more interesting aspect to play with. Good on you.


    • Karen,

      Sounds interesting! Can you remember the magazine?

      I keep hearing that there are nothing new out there, but there are a lot of quilts designs which haven’t been designed yet, and a lot of virtual designs in my collection which have never been made, but that still leaves plenty of new stuff around!

      Judy B


  8. Anita Stapleton says:

    How do I get the curvy log pattern you are showing


  9. Darby V says:

    I have been searching high and low for a “curved” or “offset” log cabin. Is there any way to get the pattern? I love the different layouts with this one.


  10. Darby V says:

    I would be willing to purchase for a reasonable price. The ones I have found online, are either not really clear, OR pricey, or both.


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