From Block to Quilt Setting

From Block to Quilt 1g

The Electric Quilt program can turn blocks into quilt settings.

Nine Patch Block

A Nine Patch block is pretty obvious choice.

Nine Patch Quilt 2

When you use a basic Nine Patch block as a quilt setting it looks a bit like this …

Nine Patch Quilt 3

or like this if you use alternate blocks.

Nine Patch Quilt 4

Some of the blocks can be applique ….

Nine Patch Quilt 1

… or all of them.

Nine Patch Quilt 5

Nine Patch Quilt 6

Just add a border and you have a quilt designed!

There are a multitude of blocks which can be combined to create a lot of designs, but the setting could be more interesting.

Of course, the 3 x 3 setting above can be done under the Quilt tab by selecting Straight setting and adjusting the number of blocks vertically and horizontally … you don’t need any special feature to get there.

But what about something a bit different.

From Block to Quilt 1

Not a block which inspires me … as a block.

But what if I use it as a layout for a quilt. EQ turns it into a custom setting, so that each square (or rectangle) can be filled with a block.

From Block to Quilt 1b

Same block design used in all the squares.

From Block to Quilt 1c

Add a border to finish it off … now it is time to play with an assortment of blocks.

From Block to Quilt 1d

Replace some of the original blocks.

From Block to Quilt 1f

The blocks used to create layouts can be uniform or asymmetrical, providing all the internal spaces of the block are made up of squares and rectangles. I have started with just squares in a symmetrical layout, but you can bet I will be trying rectangles, and a different selection of blocks, and different fabrics in different colours.

( Log Cabin blocks use only squares and rectangles … a project for future Mid Week Retreats perhaps!)


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