Skill Building Series – Piecemeal Quilts and Grey Cat Quilts

Two quilters are putting together a series of tutorials to help you build your quilt making skill level.

Their blogs are

Piecemeal Quilts

Grey Cat Quilts

They will be coordinating tutorials covering two different methods of doing the same thing. If you look at both tutorials you can choose the one which you think will work best for you.

Part 1 Half Square Triangles and Pinwheels – Piecemeal Quilts

The Basics of Pinwheels – Grey Cat Quilts

Not two, but four methods of making a pinwheel!

Part 2A Fabric – Piecemeal Quilts

Part 2A Buying for the Stash – Grey Cat Quilts

Part 2B Fabric – Piecemeal Quilts

(There is a fabulous quilt shown in this one.)

Part 2C The Use of Neutrals

Seam Ripping – Piecemeal Quilts

Part 3 Basic Tools – Piecemeal Quilts

Part 4 Quarter Inch Seams – Piecemeal Quilts

Part 5 Fabric Fundamentals – Grey Cat Quilts

Skill Builder Series Part 5A: Fabric Preparation Piecemeal Quilts

Part 6 Nine Patch – Piecemeal Quilts

Part 6A Nine Patches and strip Piecing – Grey Cat Quilts

Part 7 Quarter Square Triangles – Piecemeal Quilts

Part 7 Leader/Ender Projects – Grey Cat Quilts

Leaders, Enders and Strings – Grey Cat Quilts

Part 8A Flying Geese – Piecemeal Quilts

Part 8B Flying Geese – Grey Cat Quilts

Part 9A Diamond in a Square – Piecemeal Quilts

Part 9B Fifty Forty or Fight – Grey Cat Quilts

Part 11B – Drafting

Skill Builder Series: Part 12 – Alternate Blocks – Piecemeal Quilts

Double Wedding Ring Construction – Grey Cat Quilts

(Thank you for this one … it can be used for many of the variations of Double Wedding Ring.)

Skill Builder Series: Part 13 – Log Cabin – Piecemeal Quilts

Skill Builder Series: Part 14A – Foundation PiecingPiecemeal Quilts

TYSS: Variable Star fillers – Piecemeal Quilts

Early in the series they introduced a sampler which you can work on, or you could just make up some sample bits of techniques you want to try, and put them in a scrap book or journal for reference later on.

I have added the links to the first, and hopefully will remember to link the rest as they come!


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