Colouring Quilts

Color Theory 101: Color Wheels

Color Theory 101: Harmonious Color Schemes


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Color Theory 1 – Value

Color Theory 2 – Value Again

Color Theory 3 – Some Background

Color Theory 4 – The Color Theorists

Color Theory 5 – Color Perception 1

Color Theory 6 – Color Perception 2

Color Theory 7 – Color Systems

Color Theory 8 – Temperature

Color Theory 9 – Luminosity

Color Theory 10 – Intensity and Saturation

Color Theory 11 – Transparency

Article 12 – Munsell Wheel and Complimentary Colors

Color Theory 13 – Monochromatic and Analogous

Color Theory 14 – Color Balance

Article 15 – Split-Complimentary Color Scheme

Color Theory 16 – Triadic Color Scheme

Color Theory 17 – Red

Color Theory 18 – Yellow

Color Theory 19 – Green

Color Theory 20 – Blue

Color Theory 21 – Purple

from Field Trips in Fiber by Vicki Welsh


Dark Shades—Colors that Strengthen A Design’s Visual Impact (Joen Wolfrom’s Playing with Color Series)

Middle values—A Most Difficult Value Range

from JWD Publishing Blog by Joen Wolfrom


Design focus – Value

From Permutations in Fibre


Color Palette Fabric Selections

from Field Trips in Fiber by Vicki Welsh


Colour and Quilts

by Jan T Urquhart Baillie


A Quilt Lesson in Black and White

from The Quiltmakers Blog

Quilty Pleasures


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  1. WOW!! What a great post!! Thank you for including me!! I’ll have to read through more of your list; there are some great entries here!!


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