Housekeeping for Quilters

Anything above your eye level doesn’t need dusting.

If you live with someone taller than you it’s their problem.

Your floor doesn’t need to be clean enough to eat off if you have a table.

The table doesn’t have to be clean enough to eat off if you have plates.

If you don’t want to wash the plates buy paper ones.

The floor only needs washing when people start sticking to it.

Collect stacks of fabric to protect otherwise exposed surfaces around the house.

To save power, only wash the windows when you have to turn lights onto find the scissors.

Dust bunnies make care free pets.

Collect lovely sewing tools to display around the house so you can always find scissors.

Someone else will cook if they get hungry before you, just make sure they cook enough for you too.

In case this doesn’t work, always have the nearest takeaway on quick dial.

Decorate your home with a country theme,and note that dust is a  country accent,and free!

Biscuits come already wrapped for special occasions including birthdays and Christmas, though the wrapping isn’t always as personal as we would like.

Order cakes from your favourite baker for weddings, birthdays, and visitors. Save home-made for special occasions.

Use the broom handle to hang a quilt,and as using a broom head without the handle is bad for your back, don’t use it!

A strategically placed pile of quilt magazines will hide the dirty marks on the coffee table,though should be substituted with cook books when quilters are due to visit.

Dishwashers, sewing machines, microwave ovens and rotary cutters are essential time-saving tools for every quilter.

Copyright 2010 Judy Butcher, Virtual Quilter


31 Responses to Housekeeping for Quilters

  1. Jeanette Shouse says:

    I whole heartedly agree with everything you said!


  2. Adele Nolan says:

    LOL love it thanks for putting a smile on my face this moring.


  3. Maggi says:

    Now those are the kind of tips I need.


    • Maggi,

      Don’t we all!

      I went to visit a friend for Easter one year …. as she was making coffee the sun was shining on her kitchen window showing all the dirt in a wonderful glow. she said tha t she should have washed the windows before we came, and her sister said, “Why? It’s not Christmas!” Good timetable!

      Judy B


  4. quiltermarynel says:

    I like the way you think!! After all, housekeeping surely isn’t as important as the quilts I’m making for a local children’s charity.


  5. Lois Roseberry says:

    Thanks for great laugh. I agree too. LOL. Lois


  6. Barbara Hawkins says:

    My husband said, Honey…You’ve got this covered already! We had a good laugh! Thank You for this! 🙂


  7. Vivian Oaks says:

    My husband asked if I’d written them!! 🙂


  8. Tora Geirs says:

    I find this so true and I think I might have to borrow it – print it – and put it somewhere on a wall at my house LOL


  9. Tora Geirs says:

    forgot to mention that I might have to translate it so my hubby can easily understand EVERYTHING (to Icelandic ) LOL


    • Tora,

      Now that would be interesting … to see it in Icelandic. I don’t think I have ever seen anything written in Icelandic! But if that is the way for your hubby to understand it then it must be translated.

      (This is the sort of thing I love about blogging … ‘talking’ to people who live in countries about as far away from Australia as you can get and I know nothing about.)

      Judy B


  10. Rosemary says:

    These are all beautiful, but I don’t know what EQ is. Nor the virtual quilter. But very nice!


    • Rosemary,

      EQ is Electric Quilt … a computerized quilt design program. It allows quilters to play with fabrics and block designs with a neat, full colour illustration of full quilts. The program will work out how much fabric is required, and full sized patterns can be printed out … or rotary cutting instructions where applicable.

      The Virtual Quilter is where I share designs created in Electric Quilt …they have never been made into real quilts.

      Judy B


  11. We think alike when it comes to housekeeping. Great article that made my day.


  12. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Love your way of “housekeeping”. I think I will be adopting several of those for myself especially the one about someone else cooking when they get hungry (and making enough for me too!LOL)


  13. Haha, that’s hilarious!


  14. pgv1 says:

    I absolutely love your attitude. I will admit to doing a few of these; especially when it comes to eating.


  15. Kerry says:

    I have no website but I do use EQ and make the quilts I design (a little — at least it is a lofty goal) I would love to review all 5000+ quilts you have designed to learn your system, knowledge, experience You are exceptional


    • Kerry,

      Thank you … and even if you don’t have time to go back through the files, keep coming back for future posts. I spend time nearly every day playing with design, and I am still learning about design … and learning to use EQ. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make every quilt you design!

      Judy B

      On 20 April 2015 at 00:08, Virtual Quilter wrote:



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