Museums and Research

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The Rajah Quilt

National Quilt Register

Powerhouse Museum Electronic Swatch Book

The Wagga Quilt


Rest of the World

The Quilt Index

Quilt History Titbits

Online Quilt Museum

Galaxy of Images – Smithsonian Institute Libraries

Victoria and Albert Patchwork Pattern Maker

Victoria and Albert Quilt of Quilts

Mancuso Show Management

New Pathways into Quilt History – Antique Quilts and Textile Dating

Victoria and Albert Museum Textile Collection

Antique Pattern library

Quilt Museum and Gallery, York

American Folk Art Museum Quilts and Coverlets Gallery

International Quilt Study Centre Collections


Not Quite Quilts or even related

From the History of Scissors

Charles Darwin: Free web Books

The National Society of Dames in America Decorative Arts Sampler Survey

Mississippi Department of Archives and History The Anti Slavery Alphabet

Les Boulevards de Paris martial potémont – 46 résultats sur Gallica.

(The Boulevards of Paris)


4 Responses to Museums and Research

  1. Karen Griska says:

    Thanks so much for posting my link. I will go make sure your blog is on my Links page.
    Best wishes to you.


  2. Karen Griska says:

    I’m adding your blog to my Links page. Are you in the UK? I like to add the location, but I can’t find your location on your blog. I could just say “Cyberspace” if you prefer. 🙂


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