Pinterest and Copyright

Pinterest seemed like a fun way to share, but may be a lot of fun if you get sued.

Check out some of these links.


Pinterest Updated Terms of Service

from one cool site blogging tips by timethief


Pinterest revises TOS and addresses copyright issues: a Primer

from MAKING A MARK by Katherine Tyrrell


Pinterest terms of service change and how to insert a no pin code

from Pin Tangle by Sharon B


Pinterest – three reasons for not using it

Pinterest versus Ethics and the Law – Part 1

A Guide for New Pinterest Members

From the same source …

Thirteen Questions that TwitPic will not answer


Is using Pinterest copyright infringement? Caveat pintor.

from Lucid Marketing by Kim Phillips


The Great Pinterest Divide: To Opt Out or Not

from PlagiarismToday by Jonathan Bailey


Pinterest’s Quiet Copyright Coup

from Direct Match Media by Ben Cook


Making a Mark Copyright

This is a link to all the articles on

Making a Mark by Katherine Tyrrell

which relate to copyright.


Why I Tearfully deleted my Pinterest Inspiration Boards

by Kirsten



Here is information about searching for your images on the web.

Google Search By Image: Best Free Way to Find Images

from Plagiarism Today

More about images

The Disposability of Images and How to Fix It

from PlagiarismToday by Jonathan Bailey


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