Irish 9P

I was playing with the traditional Double Irish Chain design, by using the two blocks in non traditional ways.

I have also played with Nine Patch, the basic nine patch block made up with nine squares a couple of times.

By adding alternate plain squares to the basic Nine Patch you get Single Irish Chain.


There are several other ways of arranging light and dark fabrics within the Nine Patch block to give different effects over the quilt top. I used one of them in some of the basic Nine Patch quilt designs I have used here already. Note that both light and dark squares within the block can be scrappy, providing there is a good contrast between the light and dark fabrics.

What if ………. I select some of the possible light/dark variations

……….. and I play with these very basic, simple blocks?


OK, I admit these couple of variations don’t stand out as being wonderful innovative designs, so you will have to keep scrolling down to see some of the more interesting ones. If nothing else they could use up a lot of scraps quickly and easily. And if you have a lot of light scraps the quilting will be a standout!


I am not going to ask you to ask me for permission to use these designs, but if you do use them you owe me a photo.

Thank you in advance!


6 Responses to Irish 9P

  1. cindirae says:

    I love the way you created these 9-patch quilts! It’s amazing how using just a few blocks in different ways can create so many different patterns. Love the blog, look forward to seeing more!


    • virtualquilter says:

      Cindi, I am still amazed at what I am finding simply because I started a blog and made the commitment to post a quilt every day. And you will be welcome back! Judy B


  2. Judy

    I think what you’ve done using variations of a Nine Patch block is terrific. I particularly like this bunch of quilts because in the past I’ve done some playing with Nine Patch blocks. My favorite is the 4th one, the one with the hearts. Do more of these quilts. Please.

    When my wife saw this series she decided we must be related because we think so much alike.



    • virtualquilter says:

      There are more coming! Hope you are going to show some of what you did with the Nine Patch block. I have found it remarkably versatile for such a simple, basic block!
      Judy B


  3. Cala says:

    These designs are truly amazing!!! Who would have thought you can do SO much with one simple block!!!! Stunning!


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