Introducing the Series

Here are links to the start of the each series, which gives some background of how the series came to be created.

The tags and categories can be used to look through all the virtual quilts in each series.

Most of the series which use blocks from the Electric Quilt Block Library have EQ in the series title.

Others have some Electric Quilt library blocks and some original designs

There are also some with all original blocks.

EQ Dozen

The Sampler Quilt where it all started in November, 2008

My 8 Blocks

started in January, 2009 with eight of my original block designs.

EQ 9x9s

made their first appearance in a sampler in February 2009

Log Cabin

first appeared in February 2009 as well, just one day after EQ 9x9s.

70s Log Cabin

first appeared as Grannies Log Cabin in February 2009

This also grew into

Grannies Fan

series a few days later

EQ Album

was another new series in February 2009

EQ 4s

appeared for the fist time at the end of February 2009

Irish Chain

appeared in February 2009

9P in Play

with nine of my original designs started in March 2009

Irish 9P

arrived in April 2009

Ann’s Album

started showcasing some of my applique designs in May 2009

Ann’s Album Virtual Album

Hi 5s

hit the scene later in May 2009

Log Jam

began in June 2009

Super 7s

followed a day later, June 2009

EQ Album Plus

flowed on from EQ Album in June 2009


started mixing Irish Chains and Burgoyne Surrounded in July 2009

EQ Dozen +

was introduced when I added some new ‘rules’ in July 2009.

EQ Baskets

was a short series which started on September 1, 2009

EQ Dozen OP

was the first new series in September 2009 on the Virtual Quilter’s first blogaversay!

Aunt Flo’s Patches

began in October 2009

Border Beauties

began in October 2009,

was deleted in December with ten designs saved as jpg files, but made a comeback in June 2010

Log Cabin +

made an appearance in November 2009

Pieced for Christmas

was introduced in November 2009, but deleted before it was completed with just a few designs saved as jpg files

My Christmas Aunt

was also a short-lived series from November 2009

Christmas 2009

in December 2009 was a short series to fill the gap left when other series were deleted.

Christmas Wedding

was another replacement series in December 2009

White Wedding

grew from Christmas Wedding in January 2010

Log Cabin + Light

and Log Cabin + Dark

began in January 2010

TNT Logs

Log Cabin which looks like curves began in January 2010

Courthouse Steps

City Court

made their first appearances in February 2010


was first mentioned in February 2010


another variation of Log Cabin, is usually called Chimneys and Cornerstones

and the series snuck in the backdoor early March 2010

but never really got a proper introduction!

Logs On Point

began in February 2010

Cabin Fever

set in during February 2010

Irish Log Cabin

mixed Irish Chains and Log Cabin on March 2010

Cornerstones +,

a variation Of Log Cabin, started in March 2010

Cornerstones + Extra

another variation of Log Cabin, started in March 2010

Autumn Daze

made its first appearance in April 2010

TnT +

Was first shown in April 2010

Basic Brights

began April 2010

Big Triangles

was introduced in April 2010

Bright Life

May 2010

Tangled Irish Chains

May 2010

Gran’s New Fan

when I wanted to give Gran something new

May  2010

EQ 4s OP

EQ 4s got tipsy

May 2010

EQ Album OP

Another series got tipsy!

June 2010

Applique Logs

June 2010

Sunflowers and Mushrooms

July 2010

Sensational Sashing

July 2010

Wedding Fans

Playing with the White Wedding version of Double Wedding Ring quilts.

July 2010

After Pompeii

August 2010

Books and Botanicals

Designing a quilt step by step, and all the design variations along the way.

August 2010

How to quilt ….

started with some ideas for Log Cabin quilts

Sept 2010

I began exploring

Basic Nine Patch

October 2010

Quilting Season

continued the quilting theme in

October 2010

Logs on Point + Extras

Made its first appearance in December 2010

Cabin Fever Christmas Edition

started the same day during a Mid week Log Cabin Retreat

Tangled Irish Chain Blues

started in December 2010


is a once day a month makeover of one project file.

The rules are ever-changing in this series.

Logs on the Pile

started in January 2011

EQ and Me

features some Electric Quilt blocks mixed with some of my original designs.

First shown  in January 2011

TNT Log Jam

is what happens when one project file gets too big and I want more room to play!

January 2011

Red and White

Ten blocks, two colours come together in straight and on point settings, with designs featuring one, two or multiple blocks with solid blocks thrown in for good measure.

Started on May Day

Red and White 2 block On Point

started in late May 2011

Red and White Quilts

with added plain blocks and playing with the arrangements.

Started in June 2011

Red and White OP

Same as above, but set on point started in May 2011

EQ and Me OP

Began in July 2011

What you are waiting for!


Maybe a Red and Green or Baltimore style series.

Tri Colour Series


2 Responses to Introducing the Series

  1. Kathy Phipps says:

    Having found your website awhile back, I have been watching each day your ‘creativeness’ in quilting. Myself, I enjoy the miniature medium, and am always looking for new ideas. However, my point brings me to your Cornerstones (log cabin) quilt. My quilt guild (Berrien Towne and Country Quilters) is doing a community project for the local foster kids…Suitcases for Kids. Those children taken at any given moment have no time to pack. When arriving at the new location, they have practically nothing. Our guild has chosen this project to provide something to the child to “hold onto” whether they stay in the system or be able to go back home. This is why I’m writing to ask your permission to use the basic layout of Cornerstones for a quilt for one of these children. Because of the hearts in the corners, this would cover them in love wherever they would go or stay. Thank you so much for your time, Kathy Phipps


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