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Stained Glass Project 31, 32

Pretty! That would have to be one very big window to include that many elements. However, would look lovely on a bed if made with fabrics, including hand dyes and batiks. The centre panel would be lovely in a door,

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Super 7s 67, 68

Love it! Like the second design, but not a lot of room for quilting by the time the blocks are outlined.

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Virtual Wholecloth Sirius 19, 20

I like it! WOW! Love the second one! It would also look great as an applique quilt.

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Dear, Dear it;s Quilted 18, 19, 20

When I added quilting motifs to the Dear, Dear, Dear project, I had to change the background for the quilting lines to show up clearly in Electric Quilt … and I like it! Second design is interesting. I like the … Continue reading

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A Whiter Shade on Antique Gold 13, 14

It is amazing to me just how little contrast you can get away with sometimes. I would consider making something like this now, but without seeing what it looks like as a virtual quilt I would never have considered it.

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Annie Clover Curved Illusions 9

Love the illusion of curves … not the applique ones which really are curved, but some of the pieced blocks.

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Aunt Flo’s Patch 58

I love this one.

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Strawberry Fete 3, 4, 5, 6

Back in November I shared my first Electric Quilt 8 project file, and thought it was about time to have another play in that patch of my files, while we are able to enjoy real, fresh strawberries here in Australia. … Continue reading

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Fig Jam 26

This is the first time I have blogged from my new laptop! It is also the first time I have accessed one of my EQ7 project files from Electric Quilt 8! I finally managed to decipher the note the handwritten … Continue reading

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Wedding Fans OP 44

Love it!

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