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Annie Clover and Pieces 25

Simple, but nice. ….. Do you think a thimble is pointless? Well, OK, it maybe without points, but it is still a useful item … but not according to Monopoly. First they replace the iron with a cat, now the … Continue reading

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EQ 9x9s OP 16

Very interesting! It has bee awhile since I shared anything from this project file … but it is still looking good!

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Quilting Season Again 1, 2

I was trolling through project files and found a heap of files titled Quilting Season 1, 2, Jan 2005, 2A … I cleaned some up and put them in the ZZZZZ Used Projects folder, leaving just one active. I found a … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes 22, 23

I have been playing with changing just the background colours again. You can have a look at the introduction to the original series here. Just another way to have fun when designing quilts.

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After Pompeii 46

I like it.

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After Pompeii OP 21

I think it is appropriate that I share a design with Double Wedding Rings today … we are celebrating the seventieth Wedding Anniversary of my late Mum’s sister.

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Border Beauties 35

I like it! I think it would work with  light background and brighter colours for the modern look, … or with a very dark background with red and white … or in dirty, muddy colours it might even look a … Continue reading

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Textile Inspirations White Out 6

I want to make one like this … another dream project to add to the list! All because I made a mistake in Electric Quilt 7 … by adding blocks to a quilt layout with just the background colour added. … Continue reading

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EQ OP 27

Blocks direct from the Electric Quilt library, borders too … all I had to do was pick a setting, add blocks, choose colours. I haven’t played in this project file for quite some time, and I am thinking that I … Continue reading

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EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 10

I have spent a lot of time modifying applique blocks since I started using Electric Quilt. I usually start by rotating the design 45 degrees … then start removing pieces, multiplying pieces, shrinking pieces, enlarging pieces to create a series … Continue reading

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