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Pieced, Patched and Pretty One 11 and 12

I like the frames around the blocks … part of the block construction, not a separate sashing … but they needed a lot of redrafting when I designed this quilt. I have since done some redrafting to make the blocks … Continue reading

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Centered 3

  Love it. Love the low contrast change in the background fabric, and the low contrast filler blocks in the corners. (The corner block designs could be used as just quilting motifs … using contrast threads for the motifs, and … Continue reading

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Cathedral Window 5

Over sized Cathedral Window look, with applique added. What is not to like? (Apart from the fact that most of the blocks need redrawing, and I can see possibilities there for quilting designs too!)

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Hi 5s OP 17

Lots of pointy bits, but the colours make it look warm and friendly rather than dangerous. Another one for the blokes, but it could be very pretty in pink, cream and green!

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Five Patch Fragments 8

Certainly not the most beautiful colour scheme I have used … but I do like it. Certainly not feminine though!

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Logs on Point in Purple 13, 14, 15 and 16

Different. Very different. And two which are rather ordinary by comparison …     … but I like them.

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Anna Pavlova 18

The plan for a quilt top. The plan for quilting the quilt top. Note that the quilting plan fills in some of the blank areas created by leaving out some parts of applique blocks so they form lines in the overall … Continue reading

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Red and White 2 Block Quilts 116, 117, 118, 119 and 120

More of the collection of ten 9 patch blocks plus two colour variations simply combined with each other. What I am hoping you will learn from this series is that there are a lot of 9 Patch blocks that are … Continue reading

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Double Wedding Ring String of Beads 13 and 14

What I like most about String of Beads is the versatility of those little shapes … they can be used in so many ways to create designs, and not just in strings I was looking for some blocks to become quilting … Continue reading

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Patched and Pieced 23

Looks rather masculine, but I did sneak in some floral work.

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