Drunkard’s Path to Patchwork Jigsaws

During the sampler course which got me hooked on all things patchwork and quilting we learned to piece curved seams by doing a Drunkard’s Path block. At the time I was only making cushions for Christmas presents, and I did two of these, twisting the pieces around in the second one to make a different design.

About twelve months later the Quilter’s Guild Of South Australia held their first quilt exhibition and one of the quilts I was intrigued by was made by Heather Dunn, a sampler quilt with 15 blocks using 16 squares with a bite taken out of them in different layouts.

Jigsaw Puzzle

includes eight Drunkard’s Path Block

A few years later I collected together all the scraps of paper I had covered with scribbled variations and discovered that I had way more than 15 variations, even though I had repeated some designs over and over again.

Bamboo and Rope Jigsaw

Bamboo and Rope Jigsaw 2

I set about trying to sort out the designs into some order, and eventually worked out a mathematical method to draw them in sequence.

The quilt designs on the following pages use a few of the blocks I found in this process. There are billions of possibilities, but I am not going to show them all. Just a few of the ones I find interesting or knock out stunning.

The first few virtual quilts were random, later additions will be more organised.

1231 Testing

This is one design I love!

It appeared when I was randomly colouring blocks, and made a mistake, and made it worse trying to fix it, when suddenly it was better!


Tesselated Tiling

Circle of Crowns


Tesselated Tiling 2

Patchwork Jigsaw 1112 a

Patchwork Jigsaw 1112 b

Patchwork Jigsaw 1112 c

Patchwork Jigsaw 1112 d

Patchwork Jigsaw 1112 e Spinner

Click here to reach all the Patchwork Jigsaws I have featured.

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Quilt History Titbits

has an article about Drunkard’s Path for those who are interested.

Now, here is the secret to making these designs.

Curved Piecing Tutorial: The I-have-way-too-many-quilts-to-make-and-too-many-deadlines-and-have-no-time-to-pin-because-I-need-these-done-yesterday Method


Carolina Patchwork

This is the method I use, teach and recommend, but you can use whatever technique you want.


4 Responses to Drunkard’s Path to Patchwork Jigsaws

  1. Helen says:

    As a beginning quilter I can only dream of being able to come close to creating something as beautiful as you have repeatly done. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Cindy Hamilton says:

    I absolutely love 1231 testing and waterwheels. Your beautiful designs are so inspiring but one of these days I really have to quit looking and start doing!!! It is hard to stop looking at soooo much eye candy though.


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