Electric Quilt Lessons

The Electric Quilt Company have included some wonderful instructions and tips in the manual which comes with the program.

You can even watch a product demo before you buy.

They have a YouTube Channel.

An excellent Support Page

Don’t forget the Forum

There is even a YouTube demo to show you where to find help in every corner of Electric Quilt 7

Help is Everywhere in EQ7

In addition EQ users share tutorials too and some of them are listed below.


Werner Taesler has a series of lessons available in PDF format on his website.

 Design Foundation Piecing Patterns in EQ7


EQ7 Full On-Point Sashing Squares Tutorial

by Glynis on her blog

Patchwork Maniac


EQ7 Symmetry Tutorial

Double Flying Geese


ME Quilter


Tutorial Tuesday- Sampler quilt




Importing and Tracing Images

from Behind the Mouse

by Sindy Rodenmayer

who is usually found at



Electric Quilt is versatile!

 Here’s a different use for EQ7 – planning a room layout!


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