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EQ 9x9s at Christmas 5

Another one to keep us warm! At least our days are starting to warm up Down Under, but not yet all day every day.

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Annie Clover at Christmas 5

A quilt in these colours sort of fits the Christmas colour scheme, but would work anytime of year … particularly in winter. For those above the equator that is Christmas time, but here in Australia I want something which looks … Continue reading

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Aunt Flo’s Christmas 1

Love it! I would love it on my bed … and my first thought was ‘No WAY’ … cutting out all those fiddly bits … you have to be joking. My second thought was … I have a ScanNCut! It … Continue reading

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A Spoonful of Christmas 6

The Electric Quilt Company celebrated 25 years of business this year. About the time they started selling Electric Quilt I started playing with quilt design programs. One seemed to have been written by somebody who knew  what computers could do, … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever 96, 97, 98, 99, 100

Interesting! Not sure that I like it, but at least it is … interesting! I love any Log Cabin quilt, but I have to admit that I don’t look too closely very often … unless the colours are something I … Continue reading

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Pieced, Patched and Pretty Three 1

There are only a handful of designs in this project file … one of five project files using the same colours and  blocks. Once shared these project files will probably be deleted, but many of the blocks have already been … Continue reading

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Elevenses 61


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Dear, Dear it’s Quilted 12

I love it! How did that star quilting design get in there? It is supposed to be petals!

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Ferns and Flora 10

Love it. The quilting is not really distinct, but if it was a real quilt and quilted in thread similar, or the same, as the background, the quilting wouldn’t be very clear in a photo, and needs light from the … Continue reading

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Fans and Blossom Borders 20

I like it.

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