Autumn Daze 60

Autumn Daze 60


Love it.

Must put this series on the list to be virtually quilted!

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Cabin Fever, Isolation Area 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

Cabin Fever, Isolation Area 11

I like that first one!

Cabin Fever, Isolation Area 12


Cabin Fever, Isolation Area 13

Much more interesting!

Cabin Fever, Isolation Area 14

Another very interesting one.

Cabin Fever, Isolation Area 15

Love the last one!

Be warned … there are over 500 designs in this project file!

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Textile Inspirations 7 and 8

Textile Inspirations 7

Very traditional … and I love it.

Textile Inspirations 8


Very stylish … and I love it!

Same design, very different fabric choice, very different range of contrast.

Which one would you make to use in your bedroom?

They would both keep you warm.

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Behind the Scenes 20

Behind the Scenes 20

Interesting change in the background fabric … something to remember when the background fabric you have just will not stretch far enough. Just remember to pass it off as part of your design, don’t tell anyone it was a fix!

Back after a weekend away, and found two quilts didn’t get their day in the limelight, but they have been found and published.

Lesson, never go away without a mouse! Trying to use a touch pad is not fun!

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EQ Album + 37

EQ Album + 37

I like it … only room for background quilting though!

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EQ 4s 51

EQ 4s 51

So interesting the cat has gone to sleep!

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Tangled Irish Chain Blues 27

Tangled Irish Chain Blues 27

Simple, neat ans tidy. Lots of room to quilt.

I will be out with quilters tomorrow, talking to them, listening to them, looking at quilts … and probably laughing with them.

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Dear, Dear, Dear 26

Dear, Dear, Dear 26

Lots of little pieces, made into little blocks … and there is still room for quilting!

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Logs OP + 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Logs OP + 1

Each of the designs here may have some artistic merit for using them on any given day.

Logs OP + 2


Forgetting the artistic bit, on a more practical level they could just be the perfect way to use up just so many scraps of red ….

Logs OP + 3


and so many scraps of off white fabrics available on any given day!

Logs OP + 4

They have also reminded me that I should spend some time designing quilting motifs to suit Log Cabin quilts.

Logs OP + 5


Has anyone noticed that I have become a little obsessed with the quilting layer of EQ7?

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Garden Festival 4

Festival Garden 4

One of a series which happened while I was talking to people (and watching Julie Adamson quilt by hand) at our state guild exhibition a couple of years ago.

I cheated by starting with blocks which I had used before for a kit, but by the end of the exhibition I had designed new blocks, modified most of those I used, tried colour suggestions from people passing by and generally had a good time.

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