Textile Inspirations White Out 6


I want to make one like this … another dream project to add to the list!

All because I made a mistake in Electric Quilt 7 … by adding blocks to a quilt layout with just the background colour added. Sometimes it really is worth making a mistake, providing you learn from it!

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A Whiter Shade on Gold Quilted 2


Love it.

I really want to make one of these designs, but I will not be starting new projects this year … this years project is to pack up and leave this town for another, as we have reached the age of retirement. I have plenty of projects to work on, and all I have to do is make sure I keep all the bits together for each project … including needles, thread, etc!

Wish me luck, or be prepared to lend me anything from a rotary cutter, to  a pin!

At least everything I need for virtual quilting is right here in the computer.

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A Whiter Shade of Pale 11, 12


Love it … just a hint of colour so I can imagine it in any colour I like, or just as it is.

There is some room for a little bit of creative quilting after outlining the applique pieces, and plenty of shapes to use , though just cross hatching would be ok on this one.


Love this one too, especially the way the square has grown points.

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EQ OP 27


Blocks direct from the Electric Quilt library, borders too … all I had to do was pick a setting, add blocks, choose colours.

I haven’t played in this project file for quite some time, and I am thinking that I would change the colours a bit, change the setting a little, leave more room for quilting … but I would not change the border!

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EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 10


I have spent a lot of time modifying applique blocks since I started using Electric Quilt. I usually start by rotating the design 45 degrees … then start removing pieces, multiplying pieces, shrinking pieces, enlarging pieces to create a series of block designs.

The result is a series of at least 12 blocks which are perfect to be used together.

This project file has 38 variations to applique, and over 100 quilting designs.

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 3, 3a


I liked this one, but thought I could make it better.


What a difference a few block changes,and a twist, make!

I love Electric Quilt.

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Logs on Point + 61, 62, 63, 64, 65


Very interesting design.


Interesting, but I like the first ones more than this one.


More interest, specifically the straight zigzag lines which give a fleeting impression of blocks set straight … until you focus on the logs in the blocks.


Onpoint and curved seams … another interesting design.


There are well over 200 designs in this project file, and they are all interesting.

With several project files of similar size featuring Log Cabin blocks, I can continue Mid Week Retreats for a long time.

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Ann’s Album OP 11


I like it … but I would like it more if it had some quilting added.

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Ann’s Album 57


Nice one to start the week.

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Quilting at Eleven 14, 15


I like it. Some piecing, some applique, and some simple quilting lines.


More piecing but with curves, less applique and not a lot of quilting apart from the outlines which I don’t add to virtual quilts, as I do it close too, but not directly in the ditch, so the lines of quilting don’t show a lot, but it still adds the third dimension to the piecing and applique shapes.

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