Annie Clover’s Christmas Quilts 9, 10

I like my Christmas quilts to be used throughout the year, particularly in winter … Christmas Down Under is in the middle of summer, and often the quilts are kicked off the bed while Father Christmas is doing his rounds, so slightly Christmas colouring and maybe some stars, angels or wreaths would be my choice.

I would add

I prefer the second design today.

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EQ 9x9s at Christmas 13, 14

Dark night sky, with stars … though only some of them have points.

These designs look a lot darker now they are let loose from Electric Quilt.

Wish I could predict what the colours will look like on the big wide web! Sometimes they look better, sometimes not.

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Red and White Quilted 11, 12

I have a folder of project files set aside for Christmas, and went looking for a design which was for every day of the year, and the first project i clicked on has just red and white … no green, so it is for those who follow any sporting team who wear red and white during their games.

Looking at these, I have had a thought … make enough blocks for a quilt top, then quilt them as you go, then put them together with some blocks facing the wrong way. Wonder if it would work as well in real life as it does in my head!

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Red and Green 37, 38

December has arrived, and so a lot of the virtual quilts I share will have a red, white and green theme until new year … or some of them will. I will share some non-red, white and green as well.

I love the red, white and green combination for Christmas decorations, probably because that is what I grew up with, though there was always some tinsel to add a touch of sparkle.

Love the second design, especially those low contrast blocks.

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Desert Flora 9, 10

From now until Christmas I will be sharing designs each day with a Christmas theme, and like these designs, some not related to Christmas, like these.

Not a Christmas quilts, but I am guilty of making felt Desert Pea flowers to hang on a Christmas tree.

And I certainly don’t removed the Desert Pea magnets off the fridge at any time of the year!

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Less Logs for Christmas 11, 12, 13 14, 15

Interesting shape for a bauble on a tree!

Not just any tree … it is the first of December, so Christmas will be here shortly, but it is the middle of the week, so time for a short retreat from whatever you should be doing to look at some Log Cabin designs … in Christmas colours of course.

Each year I hope to find a spare tree to decorate, and if I do I will print off a heap of Christmas themed quilt designs and hang them on it!

On second thought, I should print out twice as many as required so I can place them back to back!

Great game for Christmas parties … pick out the differences in similar designs.

Actually, that could be a great game anytime of year!

More Log Cabin quilt designs mid week, next week, and more Christmas quilt designs everyday until Christmas.

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Felicity Anderson Q’n’A 13, 14

Very nice.

Also very nice, but I prefer the first one, because it has a diamond!

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Beth’s Brunsvigia Quilts 19, 20

I like the first design for today …

… but I love the second one!

I really should play with custom settings more often.

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Fiddlebobs OP 15


Love it! Intricate applique and quilting in the centre and lovely applique in the border, and other than outlining the applique pieces the only quilting in the border would be cross hatch!

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Quilted Border Beauties 21, 22

Nice one.

Mmmm! Another nice one!

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