EQ Album OP 31

EQ Album OP 31

I love it.

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EQ Album + 34

EQ Album + 34

Lots of space for a quilter to be creative.

This virtual quilter has other things to do, but if spare time can be found to play with EQ I will be playing with this project file to find something to fill that space. Maybe next week though!

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Log Court 71, 72, 73, 74 and 75

Log Court 71

If you only want to make 25 Log Cabin variation blocks, and you want a king size quilt, you make big blocks, but if you want a baby quilt, you make small blocks.

Log Court 72


Cut strips 1.5 inches wide, the blocks will be 9 inches square, and the 25 blocks will measure 45 inches … add borders as desired.

(Many patterns finish their instructions with the words “Quilt as desired.” Log Cabin quilts don’t need a lot of fancy quilting, just enough to hold the layers together, but I do like a border of some sort to keep the logs from rolling around too much.)


Log Court 73

Love the one above!


Log Court 74

Cut strips 2.5 inches and the blocks will measure 90 inches. To vary the block size you can also add more, or less, strips around the centre square.

Log Court 75

This may be a mid-week retreat for those who like Log cabin quilts, but I am now about to leave home for a real retreat … there will be virtual quilts appearing while I am enjoying the company of real quilters.


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Log on to Toys 13

Log on to Toys 13

A little bit of Log Cabin, a few toys … I like it.

Back to everyday designs from tomorrow, and of course Log Cabin designs will feature then too.

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Gingerbread Christmas 13

Gingerbread Christmas 13

Love gingerbread … real and virtual.

While others are winding down their Christmas in July, I am starting to pack for my winter weekend with fellow quilters, and wondering if I can fit in time to turn some fabric panels into Christmas decorations during the weekend.

After the weekend I might have to think about some virtual quilting designs for Christmas quilts … the design above has plenty of room for quilting to shine.

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It’s Almost Christmas 3 … the countdown begins.

It's Almost Christmas 3

Should have shared this one a couple of days ago!

The countdown to the real Christmas is now on though, so perhaps the warning is still relevant.

Wondering if I will make or just print my own cards this year, or add the Christmas letter as an insert in commercial cards. So many decisions! I should not start searching for Christmas ideas on the internet … I could be here all year …which would leave no time to design a card using one of my Christmas quilts.

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Toys 4 Christmas 45 … in July

Toys 4 Christmas 45

In no way do I want to give the little ones the impression that they get two lots of toys each year, but we can’t celebrate Christmas in July without some virtual toys.

Mind you, there are probably under 12s out there who wouldn’t know what a hobby horse is.

Some time ago we had a little visitor, who walked in and asked what electronic games we had. We told him we didn’t have any, and gave him some wooden blocks to play with. He went home and told his Mum that he had a good time, and the toys were cool!

Well, our weather Down Under is cool this time of year, and in some areas we are having a white Christmas in July. Guess where Father Christmas is celebrating. Meanwhile, I am dreaming of making some new decorations for the real Christmas later in the year, and have found some inspiration on this page of pictures, and more here.

If you prefer ready-made, try here (tea towels … if there are decorations right through the house why not special tea towels?) and here. (I am trying to make up for never having a train set when I was growing up.)

My Christmas in July is an annual retreat which doesn’t happen until next weekend, and even though we don’t have a Christmas theme, it is like a Christmas party for quilters … and sometimes we get a few stitches done.

Toys 4 Christmas 46

With all that inspiration, I should be ready for the real Christmas this year … something to do while waiting for beach weather to return. (I have to admit that I love beaches in winter too, but not for mucking about in boats.)

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Christmas with Bells On 5 … in July

Christmas with Bells On 5

Second day of Christmas in July celebrations.

This one would be a nice table cloth.

See how Patricia Brewster sees Santa’s reindeers … pure fantasy!

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Christmas on the Wall 4 … in July

Christmas on the Wall 4


It is that time of the year when some of us start thinking about decorating for Christmas in December … and some actually celebrate Christmas in July.

I am not going to let the decorations out of storage twice a year, but I can do a bit of virtual decorating here on my blog, so in the lead up to the weekend, and beyond, I have opened up some EQ project files to see what I could find. I found enough to fill in the break between yesterday’s Log Cabin designs, and next week’s Log Cabin designs.

I am going to spend time this week browsing through a new to me website … and if you want to be inspired to start work on some Christmas projects, or start shopping for some new decorations I suggest you have a look too.

Patience Brewster

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Cornerstones + 34

Cornerstones + 34

Warm colours with a touch of green … need the warmth at the moment, as it is rather cool outdoors at the moment, the weeds are growing despite the cold though!

Like the first one a lot.

Cornerstones + 32

Second one not so much.

Cornerstones + 33

I love twisting and turning all variations of Log Cabin blocks, and with every minor change there can be some big changes to the overall design.

Cornerstones + 34

The one above is my favourite for today … subject to any change of mind later in the day.

Cornerstones + 35

More Log Cabin quilts mid-week, next week … after a bit of mid year Christmas joy.

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