String of Beads 6


I like it.

I have some scraps of fabric with fusible added, and today I think I will use my new toy to cut some of them into ‘beads’ … this possible design needs 940 of them, though I suspect the actual design will change several times before I start the next step of fusing the ‘beads’ to the background. I don’t think I will get them all out of the prepared scraps either, and I may have to spend time raiding my stash for more fabric and fusibles!

I also suspect the second project will take a lot less time to cut than this first.

So, another day when I don’t want interruptions!

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EQ 9x9s OP 15


Very interesting … yesterday’s design was only interesting!

PS. I do not want any interruptions today … time to watch some videos and introduce the new toy to an old toy, and I hope that by the end of the day I will at least get them talking to each other in a friendly fashion.

Look here to see the new toy.

Don’t know just how long before I am game to start using this toy, but it sounds like it just might be a little bit useful for cutting out applique.

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EQ 9x9s 72



Nice day for a drive … whatever the weather … as there is a quilt exhibition happening at the end of the drive!

PS. The new toy is out of the box … a process interrupted by Friday night pizza which became fish and chips with friends … but it has been turned on, and I discovered that I am quite comfortable using the stylus to communicate via the screen. Today’s playtime is going to be interrupted by a visit to a quilt exhibition.

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EQ OP 20



Today I take delivery of a new toy … and it promises to be useful, and lots of fun!

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Bright Life 21


Something to brighten up your day.

Wonder of wonders, we have had twenty four hours without rain … still waiting on a day of sunshine!

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TNT Log Jam 56, 57, 58, 59, 60


Another week half way through, but at least we have had a variety of weather … every day! We have bits of sunshine, sometimes even with clear blue skies … we have had calm and wind, rain and drizzle, heavy and patchy cloud … and all that is just between dawn and morning tea!


We still have the winter combination of quilts on the bed, but am thinking of making another one to use some nights, though hopefully spring will arrive before I get the top started!

Like that second design!


Every so often I see a variation of Log Cabin quilts which steps away from the traditional and my heart sings … though I still love the traditional favourites with nice fabric used well.




And wow again.

Another short retreat in a virtual Log Cabin world next week.

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Back to Basics 18


OK, not so basic, but the layout is basic, and the colours are basic brights.

The sashing is basic, but invisible because it is the same colour as the background fabric in the blocks.


Electric Quilt have just released a new video showing how to draft pieced blocks that are anything but basic.

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Playing with Baby Blocks 3, 4


Not bad.


Much better.

Lots of scope to change the appliques … I am thinking of turning this into a Christmas tree … or just a pile of blocks with pictures of toys n them.

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Double Wedding Quilts 7


Love this one!

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White Wedding 6


Spring wedding season is half over, but at least today is going to be fine and sunny … maybe even summery … but it isn’t forecast to last long!

I like this design, but it needs some quilting … nothing too special to detract from the applique though.

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