Fiddlebob Quilt 9, 10

Love the first design!

Love the centre diamond … the rest looks a little busy, but if that part of the quilt is hanging over the edge of the bed it could look fine.

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Clamshells 9, 10

Playing with borders based on the traditional Clamshell designs.

I love the contrast between the thick and thin borders.

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Fran’s Five Patches 1, 2, Sampler

A new selection of blocks, which is really a lot of modified versions of one block. This gives me a heap of blocks which are all based on the same grid, in this case five patch, which fit together at the outer edges, and have some features which match in the centre of the blocks.

I prefer applique to piecing, so I have added a butterfly, just because I can.

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Cornerstones + 61, 62, 63, 64, 65

Time to look at some Log Cabin variations.

Yep, the middle of another week already!

Interesting, but the fabric choice could be improved … a project for another day when I am bored and there is nothing else attracting my attention.

The one above would work well with Log Cabin blocks instead of Chimney and Cornerstones blocks.

Love the one above!

I like the last design for this week too.

More Log Cabin designs mid week, next week.

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Star for Selina 15, 16

I don’t usually like star blocks, but I like this collection …

… and the designs I have found by mixing them up.

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Bunch of Beads 19, 20

So pretty and dainty!

These are one of the few designs I prefer to do entirely by machine … fuse and either zigzag or buttonhole stitch the beads, and lots of outlining, then fill in the background with stippling, with maybe a few butterflies, stars, flowers or leaves to break up the larger areas of stippling.

If you missed the link to Lori Kennedy’s advice on machine quilting applique yesterday … here is the link again.

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Beaded Border Strings 17, 18

In the design above I was playing with ways to get around corners with the beads, without getting them too tangled. I like the results.

Two designs, and ten ways to get around corners … this is FUN!

As you may know I like playing with quilting designs too, and I have found a great post on how to quilt applique blocks … and quilts.

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Double Wedding String of Beads 17, 18

We are sort of having a long weekend away, but more for appointments etc than pleasure, so while I am away I thought I could spill some beads … so you will see more applique beads ove rthe next couple of days to add to those I shared yesterday.

The second one is my favourite today.

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Beaded Border 11, 12

Love just about every String of Beads quilt design I have seen, including the one above. And the one below!

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Patricia’s Patches 13, 14

Love the first design!

Very, very interesting!

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