Stained Glass 7

Stained Glass 7

This series of designs were some of the first designs I played with in EQ5. Like a real quilter this is one of many project files which grew like topsy, eventually becoming a UFO which needs some serious playtime cleaning up the blocks so they fit together nicely, and the lines are accurate enough for me to use them as quilting designs.

I am pretty sure I will never run out of real UFOs, but I know for sure I will never run out of virtual UFOs. At least the virtual ones don’t take up so much space!

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Virtual Wholecloth Sirius 8

Virtual Wholecloth Sirius

I hope you can see this as clearly as I can!

I have never made a whole cloth quilt, but playing with block by block quilting design, rather than an all over design, makes it very tempting. Of course, the back of every quilt made with a collection of blocks could just look like this!

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Kelly’s Custom Quilts 5

Kelly's Custom Quilts 5a

I love using applique block designs as features in the quilting designs. The back of the quilt would look as though there is a lot more applique than there is on the top. If the background area needs more quilting I would use cross hatching or any of the other boring fillers.

Kelly's Custom Quilts 5

The seam lines are shown above so that you can see the pieced block I have used as a quilt setting.

In Electric Quilt any block using just squares and rectangles can be used as a quilt setting without doing the maths to make each piece big enough to call a block in it’s own right.

I have drawn a lot of blocks which don’t really appeal to me as blocks just so I can use them as a quilt setting.


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Dear, Dear it’s Quilted 11

Dear, Dear it;s Quilted 11

Looks a bit like somebody stating making a lot of small, identical, blocks … and got bored, but made a big quilt anyway!

Works for me!

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Old German Design 4

Old German Design 4

I could live with a real version of this on our bed!

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Hi 5s OP 19

Hi 5s OP 19

There is space which must be quilted … but it will have to wait. Visitors and me packing to visit are the order of priorities for the next week.

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Black and Gold Log Cabin 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Black and Gold Log Cabin 16

This is what the back of these quilts would look like … if you did the Log Cabin blocks in the usual way for the other side.

Black and Gold Log Cabin 17

Some of the design could be appliqued as well.

Black and Gold Log Cabin 18

However, these could all be reversible whole cloth quilts.

Black and Gold Log Cabin 19

That is the way I would make them, so there was no right or wrong side.

Black and Gold Log Cabin 20

However, I might be tempted to make the patchwork top and add some applique just for fun.

I think I like the last one best, possibly because it is based on my favourite Log Cabin layout.

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Quentin’s Quilting 3

Quentin's Quilting 3

I like it … a very simple wholecloth with added borders.

There is enough quilting to hold the layers together without taking away the warmth. Too much quilting makes a quilt less warm and much less cuddly.

All the quilting is from the lines of some of my block designs, and I think this is another design where the border doesn’t quite match the rest of the design. I know what I will do in my play time today.

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Five Patch Fragments 13

Five Patch Fragments 13.JPG

I don’t think the border is the best match for the rest of the quilt top, so I am very glad I didn’t do all that applique for a real quilt.

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Annie Clover and Pieces 23

Annie Clover and Pieces 23

Like it!

Little bit of piecing … I prefer applique, but sometimes a pieced block or two is just what you need. Sometimes you need a whole pieced quilt, but I don’t like sitting at the sewing machine that much, and just stitching straight lines makes it more boring.

(My machine has two speeds, stop and flat out … not great for intricate little pieces or complex applique! Yes, like most modern machines it has a slow button, but I just want to get the machine work done as quickly as possible.)

My favourite method of applique is fused and hand stitched, buttonhole stitch preferably, sometimes with contrast thread but more often with a matching thread so that it is pretty much invisible, even when I use hand quilting thread.

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