Super 7s 60, 61

I didn’t want to share Fig Jam again today, but I have enough fruit for two more batches today so I was thinking about that when I was selecting a project file to select a design or two from.

Something lead me to open Super 7s file, which by coincidence features colours similar to those on the purple fig tree.

All I had to do was import some quilting designs from the Fig Jam file to add to Super 7s to stay with the fig theme … except that none of the designs quite worked, so I modified several before I got the right ones!

I love the one above, and the conversion from a pieced top to a quilted project only took one coffee. However, I am more than ready for a refill!

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Fig Jam 31, 32

It is that time of the year when the figs are ripe for picking, and becoming jam.

I made a small batch over a week ago, a bigger batch yesterday (with ginger this time), and there will be enough for a third batch with almonds to be picked today and cooked tomorrow.

I really do not want to make a quilt from these designs, but maybe I could print them to make a garland to hang across the kitchen window … or the door … or placemats. At least the garland would be seen, as we don’t use placemats.

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Silly Sadie 1, 2, 3, 4

I have been playing with the Serendipity tool in Electric Quilt 8. Centre top row is the block I started with, the one in the middle is the serendipity version of the one in the corner.

Here is the starting block and the modifications I used.

There were some other blocks in the file which may have got used in some of the designs I have saved, and I played with assorted Serendipity tools and saved just about anything I thought might be interesting, then played with fabric placement. If I had been a little less silly I would have not used such a haphazard way of playing, but the results or interesting even if I have no idea how some of them came about!

This one is OK …

… Not too sure how this one happened but it started like the one above, but couldn’t get the colouring they way I thought it should be.

In the last one I used the inside out version of the first, then re-coloured.

While I have been challenging myself to try a couple new things in Electric Quilt, Laura was taking part in my Virtual Challenge 3.

Click here to see what she found!

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Fantasy Floral Quilt 13, 14

Love it!

The second one is a bit busier than the first … more to love.

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Autumn Daze 69, 70

I love it! Lots of room for quilting.

Only room for some basic filler quilting designs on this design.

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Logs on Point 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Log Cabin blocks look great when set on point. I would make the setting triangle blocks around the edge by using a bigger square in the centre of the blocks, then cut them in halves. To eliminate the corner joins the square has to be a fair bit bigger than the one in the centre.

Love the one above … very stylish.


Rather interesting result!

That’s the end of another mid week Log Cabin retreat, but there will be more designs next week, mid week.

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Tangled Irish Chain Blues 32, 33

I love mixing blocks in ways they were not designed to mix! The blocks used in this series include all the Irish Chain blocks, including the blocks used in alternate squares as joins in the chains.

Second one, same as the first, but with the block outlines showing.

You might be able to work out where the blocks start and finish in the last one.

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EQ Mods 19, 20

Nice, clean design, but it needs some quilting!

Like the second one, but still needs some quilting lines added.

Taking a second look, i think it just needs some simple all over background fill … something like cross hatching perhaps.

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 8, 9

Love this … the narrow sashing disappears in places but frames the colour changes made to the applique backgrounds.

I rather like this one too.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 9, 10

Love this one …

Love this one more!

I love making blocks merge into the background so they become part of the overall design rather than individual blocks.

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