EQ and Me 17

EQ and Me 17

Another one I like.

Like the corner detail in the border.

Ans of course, I like that there is space for quilting!

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EQ Dozen OP 44

EQ Dozen OP 44

I like it!

Like the sashing where it is … and where it isn’t.

Like the space for quilting!

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EQ and Me OP 9

EQ and Me OP 9


Until the middle of next week I am going to share designs using blocks from the EQ library, some like the one above, also using blocks which I have altered. In real life, when I am not doing the dishes, altering clothes, hand quilting, cleaning the bathroom etc, I have been playing with block designs rather than quilt designs, and have found that pretty much every applique block can be twisted and turned to make at least a dozen variations, which in turn can be mixed and matched with other designs … the possibilities are mind-blowing!

Yet I still hear people say that there are no new quilt designs!

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Symmetry and Log Cabin 1

Symmetry and Log Cabin 1

Electric quilt includes a Symmetry Tool, which twists and turns blocks every which way.

The design above will appear four times, each time orientated in a different direction, so depending on the block you are using the sequence includes some repetition.

Symmetary and Log Cabin 2

I don’t use it often, but it is an interesting tool to play with to see what happens.

Symmetary and Log Cabin 3

Every so often in the sequence I recognised designs which are familiar … it is a bit like finding old friends!

Symmetary and Log Cabin 4

Some of the designs even have common names, and were originally designed by people long before we had a computer program to show us the possibilities.

Symmetary and Log Cabin 5

I wonder how many of those early quilters discovered new designs by making a mistake with an old one?

Symmetary and Log Cabin 6

Sometimes the Symmetry tool throws up something which makes me go ‘Wow!’

Symmetary and Log Cabin 7

Then I start playing to create my own version of what the program spits out.

I very rarely use plain colours instead of fabric in my virtual designs … I remembered why when I tried to match colours for the added borders. My next step before I would think about using this design would be to add virtual fabric, and change the red to green …. and maybe add some applique flowers to the vine!

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EQ Album Revisited 1

EQ Album Revisited 1

The last time I shared a quilt from the EQ Album project file I started playing with some quilting ideas … the idea grew like topsy, and eventually nearly toppled over on me! I started again in a new project file, but there are just a handful of designs in the first effort which I think are worth sharing.

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Tangled String of Beads 21

Tangled String of Beads 21

That looks a bit like my collection of chains, strands of beads and pendants before I learned to hang them up!

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Beaded Blocks and Borders in Batik 18

Beaded Blocks and Borders in Batik 18


I like the change of background fabric in the border.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Centred 4

9 Patch 'n' Apps Centred 4

I like it!

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Mexican Rose Quilt 1

Mexican Rose is one of the blocks I have played with many times when designing virtual quilts. Recently I decided to see just how much I could do with the block design. The centre block in the quilt is the original block design, all the other blocks use the same design elements which have been bent and twisted to make block designs which are simpler, or busier, and includes blocks which will create both diagonal and straight borders within designs. Then I made them into quilting stencils, and added cross hatched background to every design … but have now decided that the cross hatching doesn’t need to be seen on a virtual quilt.

Mexican Rose Quilt 1

The border is not quilted, and it makes the rest of it look dirty! Yuk!

Mexican Rose Quilt 1A

Much better with a softer contrast between the background fabric and the quilting thread colour.

Mind you, it makes it more difficult to see on a screen … tip your screen back a bit may help, or click on the pictures for a closer view.

Mexican Rose Quilt 1B

Looks clearer without the cross hatching!

This quilt is an example of how quilting thread colour can affect a finished quilt, though the effect is multiplied in virtual quilts. In real quilts the quilting adds the third dimension, and a lot of the appeal is softness of the spaces between the lines, rather than the lines themselves … the lines are only important to define the soft space between them.

I would still do some cross hatching on this design, but would use a thread to match the background fabric so that the lines would just be a shadow between the soft, cuddly spaces.

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Black and Gold Petals 1

Black and Gold Petals 1

I love it!

Black and Gold Petals 2

Lots of quilting …

Black and Gold Petals 3


… and a bit of applique is all it takes.

Click on the pics for a better view.


Not a lot of colour in today’s Virtual Quilt, but you can find lots of links to posts about colour theory at

Field Trips in Fibre


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