Maria’s Medallion 1, 2

Maria's Medallion 1

Found a new series started many moons ago, and in another place, then forgotten.

Maria's Medallion 2

Now that I have found the project file again I might just have to find time between unpacking boxes and digging up the garden to play in Electric Quilt 7.


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Less Logs in the Cabin 61, 62, 63, 64, 65

Less Logs in the Cabin 61

I like it … might be the favourite for the day!

Less Logs in the Cabin 62

What looks like sashing is really just the outer strip of a Log Cabin block. Like the variation of the width of the outer strips in the curved blocks … adds a lot of interest to the design.

Less Logs in the Cabin 63

Love the one above … now it is my favourite for the day. I think!

Less Logs in the Cabin 64

Or perhaps this is the favourite … sometimes it is hard to pick!

Less Logs in the Cabin 65

I like this one, but one of the others is my favourite!

More Log Cabin designs mid week, next week.

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Autumn Daze Quilting 12

Autumn Daze Quilting 12

This is the perfect day to share a virtual quilt from this series … I started packing way back in autumn, and now it is time to start unpacking … I think winter arrived somewhere during that time, and spring is just six weeks away. Amazing what happens while you spend a lot of time with your head in a box!

I will let you in on a little secret … not much unpacking will be done this week, but I will be searching for the bags I packed ready to go to a retreat on Friday … two days with fellow quilters and surrounded by fabric in pieces instead of in boxes.

The main focus of the next three days will be to make sure the furniture is where I want it, especially in the room I have claimed for my sewing room!

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Annie Clover and Pieces 26

Annie Clover and Pieces 26

Moving in!

Love the design, and rather liking the house even in the current state of disorder!

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Penny’s Patch Play 9

Penny's Patch Play 9

Like yesterday, I love the low contrast blocks!

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Patricia’s Patches OP Quilted 7

Patricia's Patches OP Quilted 7

Love it, especially those low contrast pieced blocks in the corners!

On the road today … looking for a new place to live!

(We actually know where it is, but it feels more like a new adventure!)

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps OP 12

9 Patch 'n' Apps OP 12

Very interesting.

If I seem a little distracted it is because a removal truck arrived yesterday and is in the process of loading all our possessions for a 600 kilometre trip across the state.

Yes, all the fabric fitted in, along with books, needles threads, machine, bobbins, scissors, rotary cutters, mats, rulers. It will be sometime before I wil have it all unpacked and become a real quilter again.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 7×7 12

9 Patch 'n' Apps 7x7 12

On the portion of my broken laptop screen that I can see, this looks clean and bright … on the monitor I have plugged in so I can see what I am doing it is rather dirty!

If it was a real quilt I would much prefer the clean one … washing a quilt in wet and wintery weather is not fun!

Wonder what it looks like on your screen?

 I like the design either way!

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Logs on Point + 76, 77,78, 79, 80

Logs on Point + 76

Like it …

Logs on Point + 77

… like it better after just a slight tweak.

Logs on Point + 78

Like it …

Logs on Point + 79

…. but with a tweak I like it better.

Logs on Point + 80

I don’t like the colour of the border … what was I thinking!

However, I do like the design!

Things may be a little chaotic for a few days … the removalist arrives tomorrow, will leave with most of our worldly goods the next day. We will hit the road the next morning, and will meet the truck at our new address on Monday morning. I will have a few essentials to unload from our vehicles, and will spend the rest of the week rearranging furniture until I am sure it is in the right place, then leave for a weekend retreat with some quilting ladies.

The next Monday I will start unpacking!

That is the plan, anyway!

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EQ Album + 41

EQ Album + 41

Lots of space for some creative quilting.

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