Tangled Irish Chain 37, 38


Amazing what can happen when you mix up Single Irish Chain, Double irish Chain and Triple Irish Chain blocks!

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EQ and Me OP 21, 22

I like it!

I like this one more!

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Hexie Logs 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

I love every design in this project file.

The applique I have added could be replaced with fussy cut prints.

Or machine or hand embroidery.

You could also leave the applique and embroidery out altogether and just quilt the spaces instead.

One of the two best workshops I have attended was conducted by Pam Holland.

Here is a sample of what she teaches …

Illustrative Applique

… which gives another option for filling the spaces I have added applique designs.

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Double Wedding Quilts 19, 20

For practical purposes wedding quilts made in these fabrics would have to be put away when children are old enough to start jumping on beds, until they leave home!

Of course, if one of the couple is a mechanic who comes home and sits on the bed the quilt would be forever in storage for future generations.

My favourite is the second one.

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Cathedral Window 15, 16


Much more interesting.

I think those narrow curved lines could be done with narrow strips of fabric plus fusible cut on the bias … and ironed on to the background very carefully.

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Sunshine and Mushrooms 5, 6

A bit cold for mushrooms, but the neighbour has sunflowers growing ready for the flowering season. I did find a couple of weird looking mushrooms in the garden earlier, but decided they didn’t look like the ones I have eaten in the past, so let them become part of the compost heap, as I would with the ones depicted in the blocks.

Should draw some fairies to sit under the mushrooms, which are really more toadstools, along with some gnomes.

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A Figgy Row by Row 2, 3, 4

The only reason I have designed any figgy quilts is because I love fresh figs off the tree, dried figs and, of course, fig jam.

I suspect I am probably the only person around who would even design a fig quilt, and will probably never make a real quilt, but it is fun to play with any shapes.

Maybe I could make a placemat for myself, but then I would have to make a golf placemat for my husband!

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Clamshell 4, 5, 6

The first design is for a rather small quilt, or a large quilt with large clamshells.

I like the second one.

The colouring is a bit out of whack in the second clamshell border, but I love the design.

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Annie Clover Quilted 15, 16

Love it!

Interesting whole cloth quilting design.

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Logs on Point 61, 62, 63, 64, 65

Mid week again, and we are heading home after a week catching up with family and friends.

The first design for the day is neat and tidy, the second one is much more exciting!

The one above is one of the first times I saw fish in a Log Cabin design!


There’s those fish again!

That’s all for this week’s midweek retreat … but there will be more next week.

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