Wedding Fans OP 49, 50

I don’t know how it happened, but I haven’t opened this project file for well over a year.

Like good wine it has been maturing in the dark!

I like them both, and unlike a good wine, the project file will still around next year to share.

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Log Applique Album 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

It is blue, which is my least favourite colour, but I like it anyway.

In fact, I like all of today’s designs, despite the blue!

In this project file I wanted to try using Log Cabin blocks instead of sashing to separate applique blocks.

Sometimes I didn’t want to separate the applique blocks from each other, like the one above, when I wanted to connect the applique.

I really like the one above!

Left the best till last!

That is all for this week’s short retreat from the real world, but there will be more Log Cabin quilt designs mid week, next week.

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Quilting Thread and Beads 15, 16

Love it.

Love it with a few changes made too.

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Vera's Star 9, 10

I wonder how many ways the Vera’s Star block can be coloured?

And if Vera’s Star can be coloured so many different ways, how many ways can your favourite block can be coloured to create a centre feature, straight lines, diagonal lines, corners, small feature blocks?

The easy part is finding the quilting design … just follow the seam lines, though I would quilt a line just outside the seam lines so that the quilting stitches can be seen, not hidden in the ditch, and the coloured pieces stand up above the background fabric.

One block quilts do not have to be just the same block repeated over and over, all over the quilt top.

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Cathedral Window 12, 13, 14

I like this one, designed before I started redrawing applique blocks. Some of these blocks have been redrawn, others are waiting patiently for their turn … way more patiently than me!

I wouldn’t change much in the second design … except the colours. They need to be more like the glowing colours of stained glass.

Simply lovely, but needs a colour change like the last couple.

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PJ 1313 Patty Jacks 14, 15

Very interesting.

The Drunkard’s Path design caught my attention the first time I saw a block. Then I saw a sampler quilt with 15 different arrangements of the two shapes in the blocks, and I already had a few sketches of ones not included in that sampler.

I did some maths one day, and the total number of possibilities is a very long number, and that is for a block with 16 squares.

I know I will never find them all, but it is good fun playing, and I did work out a system for finding the best ones … I must try to find that folder!

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Fiddlebobs OP 7, 8

Busy, busy , busy! But I like it anyway.

Love this one!

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White on White Gold 16

About to hit the road for a couple of nights away, so just one design, but that is all I promise anyway!

However, I have made the decision to share more most days from now on … if there is time!

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TNT Log Jam 96, 97, 98 99, 100

Middle of the week, time for a short coffee retreat from the daily grind. So let’s look at some Log Cabin designs!

The TNT in the title of this project file is shorthand for Thick and Thin, also known as Curved Log Cabin.

I love the one above!

The one above is interesting too, and I might just have to play with it when i have finished preparing this post.

Very interesting too!

That is all for this week’s Log Cabin retreat, but as usual there will be another one next week!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to play with a couple of the designs above to see what happens. This is why I most project files with designs to share are never ending … I keep asking myself the same old question.

“What if I make a couple of little changes?”

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Super Sashing 35, 36

Usually we make a heap of blocks, then start thinking about adding sashing … but in this project file there are minimal blocks to make, then make the sashing, much of it for plain blocks.

I think I will have to start leaving out the few blocks and just adding quilting to the plain blocks.

However, I will leave that project on the to-do list until after I have completed tidying up my EQ library system, and I am thinking that will be sooner than I thought it might be, but still a month or two away.

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