EQ 9x9s OP 12

EQ 9x9s OP 12

Love it.

Love the contrast in the colours.

Is it any wonder I love playing with virtual quilt designs?

If only I could make them real as quickly as I can design them!

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EQ 4s OP 13

EQ 4s OP 13

Very interesting … complete with space for quilting.

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EQ Album 55

EQ Album 55

I like it … even if there is no room for quilting … well, apart from some filler.

However, the back of the quilt would be interesting if all the pieces in the blocks are outlined.

Also like the variation in shape … I nearly always work in squares!

With each and every series I have opened I have found a block or two which is just crying out to be redrafted, twisted, turned, shaken and stirred!

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EQ and Me 17

EQ and Me 17

Another one I like.

Like the corner detail in the border.

Ans of course, I like that there is space for quilting!

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EQ Dozen OP 44

EQ Dozen OP 44

I like it!

Like the sashing where it is … and where it isn’t.

Like the space for quilting!

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EQ and Me OP 9

EQ and Me OP 9


Until the middle of next week I am going to share designs using blocks from the EQ library, some like the one above, also using blocks which I have altered. In real life, when I am not doing the dishes, altering clothes, hand quilting, cleaning the bathroom etc, I have been playing with block designs rather than quilt designs, and have found that pretty much every applique block can be twisted and turned to make at least a dozen variations, which in turn can be mixed and matched with other designs … the possibilities are mind-blowing!

Yet I still hear people say that there are no new quilt designs!

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Symmetry and Log Cabin 1

Symmetry and Log Cabin 1

Electric quilt includes a Symmetry Tool, which twists and turns blocks every which way.

The design above will appear four times, each time orientated in a different direction, so depending on the block you are using the sequence includes some repetition.

Symmetary and Log Cabin 2

I don’t use it often, but it is an interesting tool to play with to see what happens.

Symmetary and Log Cabin 3

Every so often in the sequence I recognised designs which are familiar … it is a bit like finding old friends!

Symmetary and Log Cabin 4

Some of the designs even have common names, and were originally designed by people long before we had a computer program to show us the possibilities.

Symmetary and Log Cabin 5

I wonder how many of those early quilters discovered new designs by making a mistake with an old one?

Symmetary and Log Cabin 6

Sometimes the Symmetry tool throws up something which makes me go ‘Wow!’

Symmetary and Log Cabin 7

Then I start playing to create my own version of what the program spits out.

I very rarely use plain colours instead of fabric in my virtual designs … I remembered why when I tried to match colours for the added borders. My next step before I would think about using this design would be to add virtual fabric, and change the red to green …. and maybe add some applique flowers to the vine!

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EQ Album Revisited 1

EQ Album Revisited 1

The last time I shared a quilt from the EQ Album project file I started playing with some quilting ideas … the idea grew like topsy, and eventually nearly toppled over on me! I started again in a new project file, but there are just a handful of designs in the first effort which I think are worth sharing.

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Tangled String of Beads 21

Tangled String of Beads 21

That looks a bit like my collection of chains, strands of beads and pendants before I learned to hang them up!

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Beaded Blocks and Borders in Batik 18

Beaded Blocks and Borders in Batik 18


I like the change of background fabric in the border.

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