Floral Wedding OP 19

Floral Wedding OP 19

Love it!

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After Pompeii OP 18

After Pompeii OP 18

Love the diamond in the centre!

Room for some creative quilting , which makes it even better.

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Double Wedding Quilt 6

Double Wedding Quilt 6

I have remembered why I don’t share Double Wedding Ring quilt designs very often.

Apart from this series they all need to be virtually quilted, along with a multitude of other series! I want more days in my weeks to spend just playing in Electric Quilt … virtually quilting! I also want a few more days to spend in the sewing room, a few more days in the garden …

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Floral Wedding 28

Floral Wedding 28

Love it, and every design in the series, but the only way I would make one is to get the blocks printed on cheater fabric, which in this modern world is quite feasible. I could print small blocks onto fabric with a home printer, or send them off via the internet to be printed in my choice of size. Then send it off to a long arm quilter!

The worst part of making a quilt is doing the binding, and that is about all that would be hands on … I think I will stick with some of the slower methods, even if it means making very few of my virtual designs into real quilts!

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After Pompeii 45

After Pompeii 45

Still love this series, but it needs some quilting designs added.

I am on my way to Victor Harbour to spend a weekend with some like minded quilters … we promise not to have all the fun available this weekend, but I think we will have a bit more than our fair share!

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Wedding Fans OP 40

Wedding Fans OP 40

Sometimes it is like meeting up with an old friend when I open up a project file and browse through the designs waiting for their day in the spotlight.

I hadn’t forgotten this project file, but had not opened it for a long time, and had forgotten just how nice it was. I might spend a bit of time just browsing through the designs before I close up the file!

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Logs on Point in Purple 21,22, 23, 24, 25

Logs on Point in Purple 21

I don’t usually like things that spin or twirl, but I do sort of like the first design of the day.

Logs on Point in Purple 22

The one above is more my style.

Logs on Point in Purple 23

The one above is my favourite for the day.

Logs on Point in Purple 24

Change two blocks in each corner from dark to light, and it is still OK.

Logs on Point in Purple 25

Not sure about the last one … but like the dark centre. It would work in all these designs.

The group photo so you can see the changes more clearly.

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EQ 4s OP 14

EQ 4s OP 14

Two blocks from the Electric Quilt library, used on point … not in my favourite colour, but I like it anyway. Love that swirly block!


A very interesting article about charity quilts.

Should Longarm Quilters Do Free Charity Quilting?

My opinion …

Only if they want to, and for causes they support.

I think most longarmers give a discount when they do charity work, but that is optional too.

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10 Plus Mods OP 1

10 Plus Mods OP 1

A splash of colour to start off the working week with a splash of colour.

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EQ Album Revisited 4, 5

EQ Album Revisited 4

A whole cloth, or maybe an applique quilt with faded fabrics.

EQ Album Revisited 5

Even better, an applique quilt with some matching quilting, and probably some more quilting in thread to match the background to fill in those wide open spaces.

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