Festival Garden 3

Festival Garden 3

Definitely a quilt design which will remain a design … though I have been thinking about techniques for that border fence. I think I would buy in a good supply of permanent markers.

Another thought … I wonder how many markers it would take to colour a whole quilt?

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Log Jam 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50

Log Jam 46


This series features just three block designs, or more accurately, three colour variations of the same block … the traditional half light, half dark Log Cabin, plus the same block constructed with all light or all dark fabrics.

Log Jam 47

Then I just did a little twisting and turning each time I moved the three variations of the block around.

Log Jam 48


The only thing to keep in mind when making Log Cabin blocks is to make sure you have a distinct difference between light and dark.

Log Jam 49

I like the one above, and the one below.

Log Jam 50


More Log Cabin variations next week.

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EQ Album 53

EQ Album 53

I opened up this project file to start playing with the quilting layer … then I decided to leave this one alone. There are a lot of interesting designs which leave just a little room for filler quilting designs.

However, the block designs would make interesting quilting designs, so maybe one day I will use this series as inspiration for a wholecloth series of designs

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Quilting Thread and Beads 4

Quilting Thread and Beads 4

Love it!

One of those designs which makes me wonder how I did that!

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White Wedding OP 2

White Wedding OP 2


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Beaded Blocks and Borders 16

Beaded Blocks and Borders 16

Love  it … and with the knowledge I have gained over the last week or so, I would use a zigzag machine stitch … or do buttonhole by hand.

The quilt top which taught me this lesson should be bordered for show and tell sometime next week. Pity it is not as pretty as this one.

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Tangled Irish Chain 29

Tangled Irish Chain 29

Interesting tangle of Irish Chain blocks

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Irish 9P 40

Irish 9P 40

Light  …

Irish 9P 41

… or dark border?

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Curved Cornerstones + 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35

Curved Cornerstones + 31


Curved Cornerstones + 32

Looks like a spider is setting up a home, and until it gets covered with dust I am more than happy to leave it in a corner!

Curved Cornerstones + 33

Like it.

Curved Cornerstones + 34

Love it.

Curved Cornerstones + 35

I think I like it!

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Black and White Plus 22

Black and White Plus 22


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