Annie Clover and Pieces 25


Simple, but nice.


Do you think a thimble is pointless?

Well, OK, it maybe without points, but it is still a useful item … but not according to Monopoly.

First they replace the iron with a cat, now the thimble has gone.

My suggestions for my ideal combination of pieces …

iron, thimble, pin cushion, sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutter, quilt hoop, bundle of fat quarters, tape measure, bobbin, quarter inch foot for the machine, reel of thread, or maybe even a complete set of different reels, each with a different colour thread, or a collection of pin cushions, or little cushions each with a different pieced or applique block … we could have sew much fun creating little pieces, then all they have to do is add quilt shops to the properties.


Another Aussie winner … this time at Quiltcon 2017.

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EQ 9x9s OP 16


Very interesting!

It has bee awhile since I shared anything from this project file … but it is still looking good!

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Logs on Point + 66, 67, 68, 69, 70


An interesting start to another Mid Week Log Cabin Retreat.


If the first design is interesting, this one has to be exciting.


With our retreat half over, something a little more mundane.


Finishing off with a double dose of excitement.


Can you tell that I like playing with Log Cabin blocks, on point or straight settings, and mixing up all the variations of the basic block.

That’s all, folks … until next week, mid week.

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Patchwork Jigsaw 1111 1131


I remember my first visit to a quilt exhibition. I was curious, excited … and came away delighted.

The first thing I learned was that my students were doing well, at a standard that would have fitted well in the exhibition. The second thing I learned was that you were allowed to play with block designs.

One of the quilts on display was a sampler quilt using variations of just one block, that block being Drunkard’s Path. Fifteen variations  I think. I didn’t take a camera, so when I got home I tried to draw the blocks in the quilt. I got about twelve.

Then I heard that there was a book about to be published showing variations of the same block. I tried drawing variations again, but on a different piece of paper rather than waste time looking for the first bit of paper! Eventually I got the two bits of paper together, and I had eighteen variations … and some of them were not in the book when it became available.


I have made some of the blocks, and have draw many, many more since, all because of the sampler quilt I saw in that first exhibition. The exhibition was the first exhibition by the Quilter’s Guild of South Australia, the quilt was made by Heather Dunn, who sadly passed away a few days ago. Her funeral service will be held today in Adelaide with quilts currently displayed along one side of the cathedral by another member of the QG of SA.

I only met Heather briefly at a couple of Guild meetings, but one of her early quilts has sent me down a wonderful path of playing with quilt design.

Thank you, and may you rest in peace.

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Sealink Starr OP 3


It is such a pity that I don’t enjoy piecing more!

Love this one!

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Sealink Starr 7


I love this one!

One block design … modified to create coordinating blocks and also used as the quilting design.

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Quilting at Eleven 14

Quilting at Eleven 14.JPG

I like it.

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Annie Clover Curved Illusions 12


Another one I love!

Love it so much I couldn’t wait to share it with you, and forgot to hit the schedule button!

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Autumn Daze Quilting 10


Love it!

Not many deciduous trees with leaves changing colours reflected in this design, but it does reflect Aussie autumn colours … with evergreen shrubs, a few late flowers, first hint of winter greens … with a touch of dust after a dry summer.

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Cornerstone + Blues 86, 87, 88, 89 90

Yes, it is the middle of the week again. Sometimes I get the feeling the middle gets here so quickly that we must be missing some of the other days of the week!


Love the first two … so completely different to any real Log Cabin quilt I have ever seen.


They are no more difficult to make than any Chimneys and Cornerstones, but the results would be a very individual quilt.


I have often heard people make the comment when looking at a quilt of a design they have never seen before … “That’s different” … but the words come in a wide variety of tones.

Sometimes the words convey that the speaker loves the difference, sometimes the message is that they are almost scared of something different!

Never be scared of something just because it is different … unless it can bite!


There are over 500 designs in this project file, and they are all different. None of them bite, and if made into real quilts they would simply keep somebody warm.


Love this last one too.

More Log Cabin designs next week, mid week!

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