Floral Wedding OP 20

Floral Wedding OP 20

I love it.

There is room for added quilting too.

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Floral Wedding Ring 30

Floral Wedding Ring 30

Some room for some creative quilting on this one!

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After Pompeii OP 22

After Pompeii OP 22

Must be time for some wedding quilts.

I like this, but think it is a project too far!

Would be nice though.

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Anita’s Q’n’A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Recoloured

Anita's Q'n'A 1r

A couple of days ago I said I might find time to play, and if I did I would change the colours in this project file. I saved the file as Anita’s Q’n’A Original, then played with virtual fabrics.

Anita's Q'n'A 2r

I loved how it was, but I love it in these colours too!

This is what they used to look like …

… and the updated versions of the other three new versions.

Autumn and spring.

Or one colourway for sheilas, one for blokes!

As a bonus, the original project file grew from five to ten designs, the new file has 15 designs!

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TNT Logs + 46, 47, 48, 49, 50

TNT Logs + 46

I love sharing Log Cabin quilt designs mid week, every week, but why are there so few days between the middle of the weeks? Or are the days only missing in my little corner of the world?

TNT Logs + 47

Love the one above … and the one below.

TNT Logs + 48

It is so easy to make mistakes when putting Log Cabin blocks together, but sometimes the wrong way can be tweaked into a great design.

TNT Logs + 49

The first time I saw the propellers similar to the ones above it was a mistake, but now I look for propellers sometimes, just for fun!

TNT Logs + 50

Love the reversed colours in the one above.


I  might just have to prepare some designs tonight for the next mid week retreat, before it is too late … so check back soon to see if my weeks are really getting shorter!

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Anita’s Q’n’A 5

Anita's Q'n'A 5

I love it!

However, most days, if there is time to play in Electric Quilt 7, after adding a design of the day to Virtual Quilter’s blog, I tend to add a design or two, maybe more, to the project file which has just been used.

My plan for today is to modify the colours in this project file, possibly to my favourite colour scheme, pink, cream and green. (I have to use green for the leaves anyway. Now to program some time to play!)


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Iron Lace Borders Q’n’A 6

Iron Lace Borders Q'n'A 6

I love this series … some applique, quilt around the outline, then use the same design series to add quilting to the open spaces.

If you want more quilting, do it in thread to match the background fabric … with a good quality modern wadding you do not need to quilt any project to death to hold the wadding in place, so we now have the option of making quilts softer and warmer with less quilting.

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Virtual Wholecloth Sirius 10

Virtual Wholecloth Sirius 10

I love it.

This virtual quilt is a complete contrast to the work of one of the quilters who has inspired me over many years.

Have a look at

Libby Lehman’s Quilts

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Quentin’s Quilting 5

Quentin's Quilting 5

I have used pieced designs as the quilting designs … and I like how they work.

I have also used colours I am not that fond of … but I like how they work too … it just is a matter of getting the contrast the way I want it.

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Quilting Season Again 3

Quilting Season Again 3

Don’t like the black quilting, but like the design of both the quilting and the applique.

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