PJ 1133

Just a touch of pink!

I found this in an unrelated project file which I was moving to the retired list and thought I would brighten up the day.

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Quilting Jane’s Starr 4

The easiest way to design the quilting of a quilt … just use the lines of the block design, even when you use a solid block of the background fabric instead of the pieced block.

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Baker’s Dozen 20

I really liked the choice of colours I made when starting this series, and I still do.

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Logs OP + 16, 17, 18, 19, 20


Sorry for anybody is confused by the Mid Week Log Cabin Retreat not being in the middle of the week this week. I am confused so welcome to the confusion!

The first day of the working week was a holiday Monday, which was followed by a day doing the errands we would have done on Monday if it wasn’t a holiday. Then followed a day of errands further afield, starting off at 7am, and getting home at 6pm.

Now it is really time for a short break with this week’s Log Cabin designs showing part of a series of designs in which I have saved pretty much every change I made, so that it shows the progression of how I got from the first to the last design.

Some of the changes are more dramatic than others, but I was interested to see the changes, and wanted to save them all just so I could follow the changes myself, then decided it was worth sharing the progression.

One of the two above is my favourite today … though I probably need more coffee to reach a final decision. Or I could make them joint winners.

So that is this weeks belated Mid Week Retreat, but there will be more Log Cabin designs next week … and hopefully they will appear in the middle of the working week like they should!

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Old German Design 10

I like it!

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Bubbles 4

Making one of these would be on a par with using quarter inch hexagons to make a queen size quilt … and doing that is the reason some of my my best friends get called crazy quilters!

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My Bright Patches OP 7

I like it.

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Vivienne’s Star Quilt 1

I promised in this months challenge to share some 9 patch blocks this week … so I am breaking that promise today, and sharing some 4 patch blocks instead. Maybe I will still share some 9 patch next week.

The block I started with in this case is a little more complex than a basic 4 patch, as it has the block divided into a 32 x 32 grid. This gives a lot more scope for some fancy blocks, but I have used the same base lines in every variation with just a few additions to divide some of the pieces into two or maybe more pieces. I have added virtual quilting lines to the sampler.

The bottom row of the sampler shows four blocks which break away from that base in the corners … check out the quilting lines to see the breakaway lines.

So, what can be done with those blocks?

I have used the basic block in the centre, and in all four corners.

All the other blocks are basically recolouring of blocks from the sampler. the sampler.

Same quilt as above, but with the quilting lines added so you can see what pieces have been recoloured. In a real quilt I would eliminate some of the seamlines, but I would possibly use the basic block seam lines as the quilting lines.

If you are following the monthly Virtual Quilt Challenges I hope this will spur you on the keep playing with the block worktable, and hopefully share some results via comments, or on the Virtual Quilt Challenges Facebook group. As the group is private you will be asked a few questions so I know I am talking to a quilter if you are not already a member, but the questions are not too hard!

Note … This is a new project file and I have now shared 8,000 virtual quilts … and I am using blocks I have named after my littlest sister, who died in an accident many years ago.

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Beaded Blocks and Borders 27

Simple design, but I can picture this on a newly made bed, and crumpled in the morning, and it would always adding comfort to the room.

Mind you, I would have to twist and tangle the Strings of Beads somehow while i was making a real quilt, just like I do with virtual quilts.

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Julie’s Block 17

The pieced block around the centre of this design is Julie’s Block. That is also used as the setting for all the blocks in the design.

Electric Quilt will turn any pieced block made up of squares and rectangles into a quilt layout. I try the layout out by adding just one applique block to the quilt, then start playing with other blocks, and in this design I incorporated the pieced block which I used for the layout.

Most of the blocks I have drawn for use as layouts are not great individual blocks to use, but some of the least interesting blocks make the best layouts.

Yet another way to play with quilt blocks in EQ.

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