Beaded Blocks and Borders Batik 24

Beaded Blocks and Borders Batik 24

I like it … even though I have just noticed that one block is the wrong colouring.

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Tiled Applications 3

Tiled Applications 3

This project file has the least creative name I could think of!

Thankfully the quilts are more creative than the name.

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Patricia’s Patches 6

Patricia's Patches 6

Love it.

A few days ago I explained the meaning of a very Aussie word … here is a link to a video which will teach you to speak Aussie.


I can remember reading this article in a real, old fashioned magazine … no internet, or even a computer required.

Penny tells the future

The original article was published in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine in 1994.

At the time I was yet to become a virtual quilter, but was experimenting with quilting programs on my big desk top computer. Penny doesn’t mention that it would be possible for me to share a picture, in full colour with virtually real fabrics, of a virtual quilt every day for years on end via a blog.

Just a thought, I started this blog in November, 2008 … so ten years this year! Might have to celebrate!


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Logs on Point in Purple 36, 37, 38, 39, 40

Logs on Point in Purple 36

Love this project file.

There are just three colour variations of the traditional Log Cabin block used, and I have enough for another three mid week retreats … unless I play a little bit after I finish the preparation for today’s collection.

Logs on Point in Purple 37

The one above is interesting … looks like it should have a label in the centre!

Logs on Point in Purple 38

Like the one above … enough to play with it to add two more variations to the collection.

Logs on Point in Purple 39

The one above would be interesting with the colours reversed.

Logs on Point in Purple 40

Must play with the one above before I close up the project file!

More Log Cabin variations for you to view during a coffee break next week, mid week.

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Fruit of the Vines 2, 3, 4

Fruits of the Vine 2

Another little nugget found while fossicking, this time all the way back to EQ5.

Fruits of the Vine 3

I had used the blocks pretty much as they were in the one design saved in the project file, but had to make some changes so I had more options with the things I could do with the blocks.

Fruits of the Vine 4

Might make some more changes … the centre looks a bit big for the space.

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Double Wedding Quilts 12

Double Wedding Quilts 12

Love it.

I would be happy to present this to some newly weds, but they would have to give me early warning of the wedding date … by about ten years!

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 15

Aunt Flo's Quilt 15

I love everything about it … the fabrics, the applique blocks and borders, the pieced blocks, the quilting design. It looks like something my Mum would have made if she saw the pattern.

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Aunt Flo’s Patch 58

Aunt Flo's Patch 58

I love this one.

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Baltimore to Bourke 3

Baltimore to Bourke 3

As I scroll through project files I have transferred from EQ7 I find some treasures.

This is from the first one, then I raced ahead of myself a couple of times, then went back to Baltimore again.

The plan was to turn a design influenced by the Baltimore style into a design still with some Baltimore style, but with a strong Australian flavor.

It has a long way to go … half way around the world, and a lot of fossicking around for the flora and fauna blocks from Down Under.

I have just learned something … fossicking is a very Australian word which Auto correct doesn’t recognize. It comes from the goldfields, and it means looking for gold in abandoned minefields.

I am trying to find the setting I want while in the background, I have collected some rough flora and fauna blocks for future modification, but at least some of the cast iron lace which was added to many older Aussie buildings is already in use in the designs so far.

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After Pompeii OP 24

After Pompeii OP 24

Love it!

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