Wedding Fans OP 39

Wedding Fans OP 39


To me that means room for quilting.

I have been sharing virtual quilt designs since September, 2008, and it is only in the last few months that I have really been designing virtual quilting patterns. I don’t think I will ever catch up with quilting patterns for the majority of the 5000 designs I have shared so far, but every new series will have quilting patterns. Some will be wholecloth designs!

Ans speaking of the 5000 … there is still time to make a comment on any of the six giveaway posts to get a reply with strings attached, either in the form of a pdf or an EQ7 project file.

After Pompeii 41 … Virtual Quilt 5,000!

(please note that After Pompeii is not the giveaway)

9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Virtual Quilt 5001

Autumn Daze Virtual Quilt 5002

Posy Patch Virtual Quilt 5003

Aussie Animals Virtual Quilt 5004

Toys 4 U Virtual Quilt 5005

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White on Colour 2

White on Colour 2

I am considering the colour options to make a real White on quilt, and wondering if I could use a variety of whites, or should I stick with just one.

Plenty of time to think about it as there are some UFOs which I want to get out of the sewing room, and some other new projects to get underway … and finished … before a white on anything gets to the top of the list.

PS Still time to comment on yesterdays 6 virtual quilts and get something in return other than just a few words!

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Toys 4 U Virtual Quilt 5005

Toys 4 U Virtual Quilt 5005

Final giveaway to celebrate reaching 5000 virtual quilt designs on this blog.

Leave a comment and I will reply, and attached to the reply will be a PDF pattern for you to print and make into a real quilt.

As always, bribes are acceptable, but everyone gets a prize with or without bribes.

This is the last giveaway for now, but if you hang around sooner or later I will be celebrating sharing 6000 virtual quilt designs … just 995 to go!

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Aussie Animals Virtual Quilt 5004

Aussie Animals Virtual Quilt 5004

A real PDF pattern for a virtual quilt, which is a variation of a real quilt.

Leave a comment within a week and a copy will be sent to your inbox within a few days.

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Posy Patch Virtual Quilt 5003

Posy Patch Virtual Quilt 5003

By now you might be familiar with the routine …. leave a comment and a copy of the Electric Quilt 7 Project file will be delivered to your inbox.

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Autumn Daze Virtual Quilt 5002

Autumn Daze Virtual Quilt 5002

Another giveaway to all who leave a comment … another Electric Quilt 7 project file.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Virtual Quilt 5001

9 Patch 'n' Apps Virtual Quilt 5001

For owners of Electric Quilt 7 … a project file containing the above design is yours for the asking.

Leave a flattering comment … and bribes will be considered even though every commenter gets the prize.

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After Pompeii 41 … Virtual Quilt 5,000!

After Pompeii 41

I am back … and though the recent wedding celebrations are over, let the celebrations begin!

The design above is Virtual Quilt 5,000.

It is from the series which grew from the first virtual quilt I shared way back in September, 2008.

The celebrations will start quietly … give me a break, I am still getting over a wedding … but if you leave a comment anytime over the next week you will get a personal reply, with strings attached. Well, a PDF file with a quilt pattern will be attached … the 21st century version of strings attached.

(The pattern is not for this quilt … it is for a virtual quilt design I made into a real one … surprise!)

There may be more freebies a bit later … so if you are an early bird, come back later!

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EQ OP 25

EQ OP 25

The cat tells me this one is very interesting. Smart cat.

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Less Logs in the Cabin 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25

Less Logs in the Cabin 21

Most of my Log Cabin quilt designs use blocks with four rounds of logs around the centre square. This series has just three logs.

Less Logs in the Cabin 22

Even with just three rounds of logs I tried a Thick and Thin version of Courthouse Steps … and it works!

Less Logs in the Cabin 23

In fact, I think it works so well I will have to add it to a lot of other series.

Less Logs in the Cabin 24

I think I have more blocks in my toy box than pretty much any kid anywhere!

Less Logs in the Cabin 25


I think my favourite is the second one …or the last one … or one of the others!

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