Playing with Baby Blocks 1

Playing with Baby Blocks 1

Baby blocks for grown ups!

This series is the result of a class … while demonstrating something I saved a setting from the Electric Quilt 7 library, with just a couple of blocks added. Started playing sometime later, and found the project file recently, and transferred it to the folder where all the series I use on this blog are saved.

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9P Pretties 4

9P Pretties 4

Designed in EQ5, now saved in EQ7 with no changes. Still like it!

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Mexican Rose Quilt 5

Mexican Rose Quilt 5

I like the way the original block has become both quilting and applique designs which can be used together,

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White Wedding 5

White Wedding 5


(Needs some special quilting though.)

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White Quilting 1

White Quilting 1

Looks a bit dull, but would be stylish in the right room … and the quilting is what counts in this design anyway.

I would add some more quilting to a real quilt … but it wouldn’t be in white … I would use a thread to match the fabric to do some boring fill in quilting, probably made up of straight lines.

I would possibly also add some white applique!

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Ferns and Flora 1 and 2

Ferns and Flora 1

I drew up some blocks, starting with one and then making variations on that one, then started playing to see what other changes I should try.

Decided that what I needed most was some quilting designs for those open spaces.

Ferns and Flora 2

Much better … but scope for improvement.

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Log Cabin Leaf Central 6, 7, and 8

Log Cabin Leaf Central 6

I like this series … I can almost believe there are leaves falling from trees any time of year.

Log Cabin Leaf Central 7

Most of the native trees in Australia are not deciduous, but the European trees here are just about fully covered with leaves to give us shade during summer, then change colour in a few months time.

Log Cabin Leaf Central 8

Only in fairy tales and a quilter’s home would it be comfortable sleeping under logs and leaves though.

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Elevenses OP 11

Elevenses OP 11

Nice one.

At the moment the man of the house is on holidays, and we are not having a real holiday, but will be visiting, helping, celebrating, and clocking up some miles to do so. Virtual quilts are scheduled and will arrive as planned … at least something about this period is planned … most of the rest of it will follow some very vague plans.

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French Onion Practice 6

French Onion Practice 6

One of the steps in designing what became a real quilt.

The title happened because I didn’t know what those pretty bulb like things were called, and by the time I found out the idea of a sophisticated onion originating in the fashion capital of the world had stuck.

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Floral Wedding 18

Floral Wedding 18


Wonder what else can be used to create the lines of the Double Wedding Ring.

I have used flowers and beads, and I think I played a bit with bubbles or small circles too.Maybe stars … or is that taking the “what if … ” question too far?

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