Baker’s Dozen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Baker's Dozen 1

Checking through the folder with project files with blocks exclusively from Electric Quilt libraries, I found one with a whole heap of quilts in the original colours of the EQ Dozen project files. I was about to delete the file when I thought about trying some different colour backgrounds.

While I was playing I noticed that I had added an extra block to the dozen, which already included one modified version of the original blocks … so the file had outgrown the dozen, so renamed the file when I added the dark background and liked it enough to keep playing! (And added another block just because!)

Baker's Dozen 2

I also gave myself to modify blocks, but not add any more blocks. I have to set myself some limits!

Baker's Dozen 3

The first new modification is to the only modification made to any of the blocks from the original project file.

Baker's Dozen 4

Perhaps an upright version of the new modification might be useful too.

Baker's Dozen 5

So I had to change the original block, Comb, to make it match the parent block to the new variations.

I think this will be the new favourite project file to play with, at least for this week!

So far the original EQ Dozen has been tipped on point … quilted … had sashing added and partially disappearing … had the fabrics updated for the quilted version … and again for this new spin on the theme.

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EQ Dozen + Quilting 5

EQ Dozen + Quilting 5

The EQ Dozen series of project files all began life in EQ5, and continue to grow in EQ8.

Who would have thought that just twelve blocks would create so many designs, and I have only just started sharing the quilted designs.


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EQ Dozen OP 47

EQ Dozen OP 47

The colours are dated at about ten years old, but I still like the design.

First opened this project fie in EQ5 nearly ten years ago!

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EQ Dozen + 36

EQ Dozen + 36

Love it.

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Red, Black and White 9

Red, Black and White 9

Not as simple as yesterday’s simply quilted design.

But it is simply stunning … even with a mistake!

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Red and White Quilted 1

Red and White Quilted 1

This is yet another project file which has been waiting for quite some time for a day to be seen on the internet!

Simple 9 Patch blocks, simple colour selection, simple quilting lines based on the pieced blocks.

Can’t get anymore simple than that … or any more ‘simple’ in a sentence.

I love simple!


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Red and White Logs 86, 87, 88, 89, 90

Red and White Logs 86

Middle of the week again … I think this week is turning out to shorter than I expected.

Red and White Logs 87

This is an interesting project file to scroll through quickly. I usually try to mix up the designs so there is variety, especially for the mid week Log Cabin Retreat, so there is reason for visitors to scroll through the five designs slowly.

Red and White Logs 88

However with this file each design is very similar to the one before it, and the one after it, which means if you scroll through fairly quickly you can see the changes happening before your eyes.

Red and White Logs 89

Perhaps I should put them into a slide show so you can see what I see when I am looking for the next five designs in the file, though I have to admit that some of the changes are hard to pick out, and I was sure that the last two were the same … but there is just a little change to four blocks.

Red and White Logs 90

That is the short break over for this mid week retreat, but there will be more Log Cabin designs to check out next week.

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Red and White Quilts 43

Red and White Quilts 43

Simple blocks, design not so simple, but definitely eye catching.

It has been a while since this project file has been opened, and I am wondering just how many more are hidden away.

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Light and Dark Scraps 1, 2

Light and Dark Squares 1

You will have to imagine that all the multicoloured fabric is really scraps of multicoloured fabrics.

Light and Dark Squares 2

It would be interesting way of presenting a mystery quilt, with participants making some simple Nine Patch blocks with light and dark fabrics.

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Selina Pearl 5, 6

Selina Pearl 5

One block, with a few seam lines missing here and there.

Much more fun than making exactly the same block over, and over, and over …

Selina Pearl 6

Love both designs.

The block was named after my Mum’s big sister.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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