Log Heap 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Log Heap 6

This project file has been lurking in the deep since I first started playing with Log cabin designs to share.

Log Heap 7

It is one of several which have over 200 designs saved, and I think it is about time I started letting them out into the world-wide web.

Log Heap 8

There is nothing difficult about the designs …. 64 blocks, some all dark, some all light, some traditional half light, half dark blocks.

Log Heap 9

All you need is two piles of contrasting fabric, one light, one dark, Scraps will do the job nicely.

Any Log Cabin block will do … and the size of the block determines the size of the finished quilt.

Log Heap 10

My favourite today is the first one.

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EQ Album Revisited 2

EQ Album Revisited 2

I love it!

There is still space for a lot of boring quilting in a thread matching the background, which would make the feature quilting and applique really stand out.

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Annie Clover Quilted 1

Annie Clover Quilted 1

There didn’t look to be a lot of room for quilting … until I started playing!

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Pieced Patched and Pretty Too 2 and 3

Pieced Patched and Pretty Too 2

Playing with some pieced sashing designs.

Pieced Patched and Pretty Too 3

Pretty … maybe too intricate for an average quilt, but could be tempted to try if I find the right place to put it.

I prefer the colour of the quilting in the first one, but like the more intricate sashing in the second.

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Q and A Fine Iron Lace 4 and 5

Q and A Fine Iron Lace 4

A little bit of applique, and some quilting in a heavy thread matching the applique, add some boring background quilting in normal weight quilting thread to match the background.

Q and A Fine Iron Lace 5

I could live with that!


Keep in mind that with the improvement of sewing machines it is becoming easier and quicker to quilt lines a quarter inch apart all over a quilt. Modern wadding is bonded, and some can be fused to the quilt top, or back. It doesn’t need to be near as heavily quilted as cotton straight from the boll. (That is the pod which holds the cotton ‘thread’ on the plant.)

We need some to add the third dimension, but if we over quilt something we plan to sleep under, it becomes less cuddly, and less warm.

Save the heavy quilting for something planned to hang on a wall.

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Hi 5s 46

Hi 5s 46

Had an urge to open this project file to see what was next.

Interesting, and I like it.

Mind you, I deleted a couple of designs which did not appeal to me at all before I found this one.


Link to the prize winners at the Quilters Guild of SA

Photos don’t do them justice … the real quilts are so much nicer to look at.

Looking through them I remembered why I like volunteering at exhibitions … with the white gloves on I get to touch quilts and not only see the texture, but I get to feel it. With the gloves on that’s how a quilt feels through the sheet on a bed. Quilts for me are about touch.

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Ann’s Album OP 8

Ann's Album OP 8

I love it … so pretty.

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Logs on Point 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35

Logs on Point 31

I should play with more designs set on point.

Logs on Point 32

Setting Log Cabin blocks on point makes all sorts of interesting things happen .. including the Prairie Point effect around the one above …

Logs on Point 33

… and the curved Prairie Point around the one above!

Logs on Point 34

The one above is one of this series which lead to the Fishing Cabin design.

Logs on Point 35

Left the best till last today … and would look good on a bed, or on the floor as a mat or tiled!

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Dear, Dear, Dear, It’s Quilted 6

Dear, Dear, Dear, It's Quilted 6

Looks a lace tablecloth!

Or maybe the back of a patchwork quilt with lots of little blocks.

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Nan’s Nine Patches 22

Nan's Nine Patches 22

Love it!

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