Cornerstones + Extras 61

Cornerstones + Extras 61


Middle of the week again … bring on the weekend!

Cornerstones + Extras 62

Chimneys and Cornerstones is a great block to play with … there are lots of way to move colour around!

Cornerstones + Extras 63

I like being able to add the touch of light in some of the cornerstones.

Cornerstones + Extras 64

I think every design here is interesting …

Cornerstones + Extras 65


… but the one in the middle with the bright spots scattered around the design is my favourite.

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Quilting at Elevenses 1

Quilting at Elevenses 1


A girl needs coffee breaks!

My virtual quilting skills have had a lot of practice … and with just eleven blocks to play with I had the block quilting patterns done in no time, and the on point layouts have been ready and waiting for me after a marathon laying out session a few weeks ago.

Another crafty session yesterday resulted in a tassel … part of the clearing out of odds and ends from the sewing room, along with some mending/alteration jobs.

A book I am looking forward to seeing in the not too distant future … that will make a pleasant coffee break or two!

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Elevenses OP 11

Elevenses OP 11

Dainty and delicate.

I am sorry I picked this series for today’s virtual quilt … I have plans this week that do not include spending a lot of time playing in the Electric Quilt toybox, and there is so much space on the design above which could be filled with some virtual quilting.

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White onWhite Gold 6

White onWhite Gold 6

Love it.

I would quilt this very simply … outline the applique shapes about an eigth of an inch outside the edges so the applique pops up a little above tha background, with small cross hatching, thread matching the background. I would perhaps also use the background fabric on the back so I would have two quilts for the price of one … one with the understated applique, while the reverse would be a wholecloth.

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Dear, Dear, It’s Quilted 1, 2, 3 and 4

The series with the title of Dear, Dear, Dear started life as an alternative look at Dear Jane quilts … lots of small intricate blocks in a large sampler quilt. I wondered if using small blocks in a large quilt could create patterns similar to the larger blocks I used in other virtual quilt designs.

It worked … then I started playing more and more with the quilting layer in Electric Quilt 7. As part of that playing I started setting up a series of quilt layouts with two or three layers ready to use in future series. I set up a lot with 12 inch blocks … the size blocks I usually work with, both in real and virtual designs. Eventually I decided I should extend my skills at setting out and altering quilt and blocks sizes … including 6 inch blocks in large quilts … lots of blocks to play with on layer 1, lots of blocks to be quilted on layer 3.

Dear, Dear, It's Quilted 2

Yesterday I shared a virtual quilt from the Dear, Dear, Dear series … and then made a coffee, and played with a new project file, importing the Dear, Dear, Dear blocks and fabrics into a project file with large quilts and 6 inch blocks. This is the first time I have started a project file with a set of blocks direct from another project file, along with the fabrics with a blank quilt ready to fill with patterns on two layers.

By the time I had finished the coffee I had the first design above, after drawing the quilting design from one of the blocks. I introduced a few quilting designs from my library, and spent every coffee break yesterday drawing up more quilting patterns from the blocks … and playing with them to see if they worked.

Dear, Dear, It's Quilted 3

I now have a growing collection of quilting designs based on the blocks … and gave myself more room to play with the quilting layer by eliminating some most all of the pieced blocks.

Dear, Dear, It's Quilted 4

Just as well we had to go out last night … it gave me some extra time before bed to get the coffee out of my system so I could sleep!

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Dear Dear Dear 28

Dear Dear Dear 28


Not a lot of room for quilting to shine through the pieces, but I like it.

With 122 6 inch blocks it is not quite big enough for our queen size bed … big enough for a topper, but not for two people to share on a cold night.

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Stained Glass Early Project 14

Stained Glass Early Project 14

Love this design.

I made a big mistake when I made a real quilt from this series way back in 2007 … I made it as a sample, pattern project or class project ,,, not for a bed. It is too small to use on our bed. There are too many other designs to go back and make another version from this series into a bed size quilt … besides, getting the right fabrics together a second time would be pretty much impossible.

We don’t use lap quilts, it is too big for a wall. so it is only used as show and tell.

Must add some quilting designs to the project file … I know how I quilted the real thing, but how will I quilt the virtual varieties?

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Logs on Point 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30

Logs on Point 26


Logs on Point 27


Also interesting. I rather like those little waves in the outer row of blocks.

Logs on Point 28

Very, very interesting.

Logs on Point 29

Very interesting for a quilter!

Logs on Point 30


Another interesting one … but my favourite for the day is the middle one.

Now, I think I need to retreat into my sewing room and sort bits of paper for the day.

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Annie Clover and Pieces 19

Annie Clover and Pieces 19

Love it!

Well, I am not pleased that it looks like I have included quilting in the ditch as part of the quilting, but if I ignore the seam lines I would ignore when I was quilting I love it!

I haven’t added quilting lines to every design in this series … I think I will ignore that for now as there are still many series which have no quilting lines at all yet!

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps OP 6

9 Patch 'n' Apps OP 6

That is an interesting star design, even of I do say so myself.

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