Fantasy Floral Quilts 8, 9

Fantasy Floral Quilts 8

Looking for a design to share and I found this project file with just a few designs which I haven’t shared.

Fantasy Floral Quilts 9

Love the designs … and love the hidden sashing in the second version.

I have redrawn all the blocks, added a whole heap of new blocks following the theme of floral crosses, so today and tomorrow I will share the last few in this series … and start a new one the next time I get time to play!

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Birds in the Orchard 8

Birds in the Orchard 8

After a hard day’s unpacking, sorting, moving furniture and all the things which arise during such activities, I am hoping to spend some time just enjoying the progress we have made out back, where the chook house now provides a spot for me to sit amongst some potted plants and watch birds.

Mind you, yesterday I watched a parrot carefully picking a few flower buds off the apricot tree before it attacked a fig or two on the tree I have just pruned back! I am willing to share a few with such a handsome bird though.


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Fig Jam 24, 25, 26

Fig Jam 24

A couple of days ago I started cutting back a fig tree, which reminded me that I hadn’t shared any designs featuring figs for a while, so I went ahead yesterday and shared a design.

After it appeared on the blog, I started thinking that it was wrong … it is spring time Down Under, and the leaves are appearing, along with little bright green figs … not the brown ones I have used in the designs up till now. So I recoloured the figs.

Fig Jam 25

However, the tree in our back yard has purple fruit, so I decided I should have a play in EQ7 when it got too hot outside.

The result … purple figs.

Fig Jam 26

Now, if only those tiny green ones on the tree would ripen as quickly as my virtual ones have, though that would mean that I would be making jam tomorrow.

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Fig Jam 23

Fig Jam 23

Looking forward to some jam in a few months time, even after doing some heavy pruning of the fig tree.

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Maria’s Medallion 4

Maria's Medallion 4

I like it!

Now I am going out to cut the fig tree back a bit … which suggests what series of quilt designs I will share from tomorrow.

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Logs in the Pale 11

Logs in the Pale 11


Went outside to water the garden and forgot about it being the middle of the week, and you might be waiting for your break away from the humdrum by looking at a small collection of Log Cabin designs.

Logs in the Pale 12

I have chosen the right designs to share today, as it is the day I am trying to get everything loaded onto the new computer, and the colouring of these designs just may keep me cool and calm during that process.

Logs in the Pale 13

The changes in the designs are about as subtle as the colours, so I had to spend time looking closely to make sure they were all different.

Logs in the Pale 14

The most obvious change is in the one below … a darker centre.

Logs in the Pale 15

That makes it my favourite of this collection.

More Log Cabin designs mid week, next week … if I don’t get carried away in the garden instead of posting a blog entry for the day!

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A Whiter Shade on Gold Quilted 6

A Whiter Shade on Gold Quilted 6

I like it!

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Old German Design 8

Old German Design 8

Love it!

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Annie Clover and Pieces 27

Annie Clover and Pieces 27

I love making pieced blocks blend into a design rather than be squares within the overall design.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Centred 8

9 Patch 'n' Apps Centred 8


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