Stained Glass 4 Diamonds 1


I like diamonds … and they make for lots of fun when playing with quilt designs!

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Logs on Point 46, 47, 48, 49, 50


There was a comment a little while ago that some sort of magic happens when we use blocks on point.


It is certainly true with Log Cabin blocks on point.


Before I first used Electric Quilt I often spent time drawing some very rough, simple plans for Log Cabin quilts, but it was too hard to depict a mixture of blocks, with colouring sometimes moved around a bit to complicate things, and I would get frustrated that I couldn’t show somebody else the drawings and expect them to see the possibilities.


With Electric Quilt I have been able to play, and play, and play some more, and I am still surprising myself with some of the results.


All of today’s designs were surprises, results of asking myself my most used question … what if ….?

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Stained Glass 3 Butterflies 1


I captured some butterflies … I think one of them would look great in leadlight hanging in a sunny corner of a patio!

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Stained Glass 2 Appliques 1


Love it!

There are not many virtual quilts in this or any of the other Stained Glass project files.

I am going to show one from each over the next few days, in the hope that I will empty all the files of unseen designs … then I will allow myself to start a new project file, with the updated blocks, which are ready and waiting.

I will not start the new file until these are empty. I will not start the new file until these are empty … I must be strong.

At least new virtual projects won’t take up storage space in my sewing room, but I will not start the new file until these are empty.

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Stained Glass 1 Appliques 9


I started five project files using the same fabrics and related blocks, with the first project file now empty of new designs to share with the last one above.

I love the designs but have since redrawn all the blocks to make them fit together properly.

When I have shared all the designs in each of the project files I will start a new series with the more accurate blocks, and matching quilting designs. With that in mind, I am going to start all the series that are waiting, and as some of them have just four designs, maybe I will get them out of the way in the not too distant future and be able to play with the new versions.

I did make a quilt from this block collection … sometimes the real world takes over.

French Onion.

While looking for that blog post I have realized that I haven’t added the latest quilt finish. Still waiting for a fine day so I can take it outside to be photographed, though I have forgotten when we have had a few hours of sunshine.

There are a few other projects which should be updated too!

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EQ7 Playtime 6, 7, 8


I started playing with EQ7 about five minutes after it arrived on the doorstep … about three years ago.


Browsed through block and fabric libraries, checking out new additions and old favourites, clicked on some of them to add them to a project file, and started trying out the new features.


I am still playing, clicking on things, starting new project files, testing the new features … and still having fun!

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After Pompeii OP 20


This series grew from the very first virtual quilt design I shared.

Still like the original, and all those that have followed … and those still waiting for their day on the blog.

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Sea Link Starr OP 1


Love tipping any blocks on point … and this lot are working well!

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Log Jam 66, 67, 68, 69, 70


Keeping with the theme of old project files, here are some old Log Cabin designs …


… some all light and all dark blocks with traditional half and half blocks.


The one above is something you could do if you run out of dark fabrics but have plenty of light ones.


My favourite for the day is one of the three middle ones … you can decide for yourself, and maybe help me out too.


As always, more Log Cabin Quilt designs in the middle of next week.

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Patricia’s Patches Op Quilted


Playing with EQ6 for a short period reminded me how much EQ7 had improved the quilting layer, particularly being able to place the blocks more easily. Setting up on point quilting designs improved out of sight.

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