Stained Glass Project 27, 28

I like the design of the first one, but the colouring is a bit dull … but it is cloudy at the moment, so maybe that is the problem!

Love the second design!

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EQ Mods OP 18, 19, 20

I like the first design for today. Almost too busy, but with soft contrasts compared to most quilts, and most art work of any kind.

I like the second one too.

Interesting use of colour and contrast placement in the third design too.

All blocks are from the Electric Quilt block library with some very basic modifications, so if you have EQ you could reproduce these designs.

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EQ Mods 29, 30

Love it!

Both these designs use blocks from the Electric Quilt library, and the quilting motifs are modifications of one of the applique blocks.

A challenge for you … copy these designs, then add your choice of fabrics.

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EQ Dozen + Quilting 19, 20

Love those Celtic knots!

Love the second design!

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Logs on Point 71, 72, 73, 74, 75

Middle of another week already!

Second design is very interesting.

So is the next design!

Is it a four petal flower, or a propeller?

The one above might work with several colours instead of just two, but what colour combination?

I love the wavy border in the last Log Cabin design for this week.

As I added the deigns I thought the second would be my favourite, then the third, then the fourth … seeing them all together I have decided that that are equal winners.

More Log Cabin designs mid week, next week.

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Patched and Pieced 36, 37, 38

I started this project file in 2013, when reproduction fabrics and designs were very popular. I still like that look.

I love the design above! It would appeal to me in whatever fabrics in any colours were used.

The final design is a bit busy … would appeal to me more with less applique, or different applique blocks.

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Purple Haze 1, 2

I didn’t like purple in any shade until I made a quilt for my parents, and Mum chose purple. By the time I had finished that quilt I had grown to love purple as much as she did.

I have started 3 project files with these blocks now, and will continue playing with the green one from yesterday, and this one. Maybe sometime in the future I will work out which one I like best. In the meantime, I am not able to pick a favourite of today’s designs, but can see things I will change about both of them.

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Blocks of Green 1, 2

From the same block collection as the post below, but 2 greens replacing the reds.

Love the second design. I think it would work in just about any colour combination.

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2 Reds plus White 1, 2

A new project using 9 patch blocks, with room for two different red fabrics, plus white. It took a couple of false starts before I was happy with the combination of fabrics, but like the choice in the first couple of designs I am sharing.

As soon as I had these two designs to share I tried some other colours … I will save them for the next couple of days!

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Red and White Quilts 45, 46

The first design today features four examples of how sometimes putting four blocks together creates a whole new block. I didn’t know it would happen, and it only worked because the four blocks together are separated by background fabric.

I wonder if there are other blocks which would work together in the same way?

I love the second design too.

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