Christmas Logs 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

I am not trying to confuse those of you who look for a five minute retreat from the real world in the middle of the week. However, I was dazed and confused after last weekend’s invasion by family and friends, and though it was planned as a one day event, a few people stayed longer, or came back for a second helping, some just arrived very late!

As a result of the chaos it was Thursday before I realized the weekend was over, so decided that this month the mid week retreat would happen on the weekends … and so perhaps you may find a few extra minutes to enjoy the designs.

That is my excuse, and I will return to the regular routine in the New Year!

My favourite design for today is the one above … it would look great printed onto card, cut out and hung on a tree. I just might print the whole lot for more impact.

There will be more Log Cabin Quilt designs next weekend, and I might have to find somewhere to hang some new decorations.

(Now, will I hang them straight as I would a quilt, or on point?)

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Virtual Quilt Challenge

The biggest challenge this month is to find time between festivities to play with Electric Quilt. If you are trying to become more proficient using the program it is worth trying to make that time, even if you just open any project file, and either make a couple of small changes to the quilt designs in that file, or recolour a block.

In fact, why not recolour some quilts designs you have saved to Christmas colours … I prefer red, white and green, but you can make your designs any colours you like to suit your Christmas decor. Then save them as picture files, arrange half a dozen on a page, print them onto white paper or card. Glue the paper to some card, or simply cut out the shapes and hang them on a tree … or make a garland to hang across a window.

If your time is really limited, just print multiple copies of one block or quilt design!

If you are interested you can join the Virtual Quilt Challenges Facebook group.

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A Spoonful of Christmas OP 3, 4

Rather elaborate for a quilt intended for use for a short time each year!

I love it.

Love the one above too!

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A Lighter Shade of Christmas 9, 10

I love low contrast, but didn’t expect to like low contrast Christmas designs when I started this project file.

I am a woman though, so am happy to change my mind.

I love both of these low contrast Christmas designs.

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Old German Christmas 11, 12

Love it!

A few extra appliques, an extra strip border … more to love.

Of course, both designs have quilting motifs added to add the finishing touches.

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Daze of Christmas 15, 16, 17

Like the first offering for today … could be just a general quilt, with just enough of the Christmas colours to be seasonal.

Mind you, in Australia we rarely need a quilt during the Christmas break, which is why I have a Christmas quilt with no wadding!

Change the background colour, add a little more red, and it is a little more like Christmas!

I love this last one!

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Christmas Mix of Beads 5, 6

String of Beads has been a string of different colour beads of all the same shape, but beads come in all sorts of shapes.

So why not add some round beads so we have a Christmas Mix, but no candy involved in these designs.

Sugar free, but sweet … and I love them.

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Brooksea at Christmas 2, 3

Christmas is coming, so for the next 25 days there will be Christmas designs every day.

These could be used all year, but here in Australia they need very thin wadding for our Christmas season!

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Star for Selina OP 3

I like it!

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Quilting Jane’s Starr 5

On the whole modern quilts don’t appeal to me a lot, but this design is almost modern, and I like it!

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