Before Pompeii 7, 8

Turning this design into a real quilt would have me running around in circles!

The second one is my favourite today.

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Star Applications 4, 5, 6

Usually stars of many shapes and sizes are pieced … but what if we applique them?

I love the one above!

Love the third one too … so I guess applique stars would work for me.

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Sashing in Style 5, 6, 7, 8

Same as yesterday … almost!

Can you pick the difference?

Which one would you prefer?

I would use today’s version around simple applique blocks, yesterday’s for more complex designs.

PS Update … I have replaced the second copy of the second design with what should have been the third design!

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Sashing in Style 1, 2, 3, 4

I have been playing with the block design I shared a couple of days ago, which I had hoped to use between applique blocks instead of sashing.

I love the design but it has to be sashing … pieced with a little bit of applique.

With more play time I will change the quilting motifs to applique, and add quilting motifs to the outside blocks, but that will not happen today.

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Curved Cornerstones 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

Middle of yet another week, and even though we are not confined to home, we are staying here except for necessities. There is not much else to do anyway as pretty much everything on the calendar has been cancelled.

Curved Cornerstones was a result of me asking myself a question … What if Chimneys and Cornerstones got mixed up with Curved Log Cabin blocks?

The results are interesting!

I like the one above, but it needs a bit of dark in the centre, and so does the one above that!

If we have to stop socializing for long enough I may get time to play with all the project files which could use some updates … about twelve months might be long enough, providing I don’t have to wash dishes, floors or clothing or any other domestic chores.

My favourite for this week is the last … or maybe the first.

That’s all the Log Cabin designs for this week … more next week!

Stay well until then.

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Sashing or Block 1, 2

This is a result of trying to draw a block to use instead of sashing an on point applique quilt. It is OK, but not what I was trying to do, so have abandoned the attempt. I am showing you the two quilts I designed and will keep the block in my library, more as a curiosity than a because does what I wanted to do.

The reason it doesn’t appeal to me is that where the blocks meet at the corners looks a bit awkward.

I will continue to play with the block design until it works as a more conventional sashing, with the sashing strip and the corner squares. I have a mid week retreat planned for tomorrow, so I will share the results later in the week … all going well!

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Patched and Pieced 34, 35


I like the second one!

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White Wedding OP 13

Interesting design.

Love this one!

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Sunshine and Mushrooms 2, 3, 4

When I was teaching myself to draw applique in Electric quilt I drew some toadstools or mushrooms, and had to try them in some quilt designs.

I love the one above.

I also had fun hiding the cat amongst the sunflowers!

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Patricia's Patches Quilted 17, 18

It is a bit busy, but I like it.

There are a lot of peacocks in the second one … must have gathered for a special occasion! Apparently no one has told them about social distancing, or they just didn’t listen.

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