Stained Glass Butterflies 4

Stained Glass 3 Butterflies 4

A design I like too much to delete, but the block designs need a lot of work before anybody could make it real!

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Cathedral Window 9

Cathedral Window 9

Love it.

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EQ 9x9s OP 19

EQ 9x9s OP 19

Simple blocks on point. I love it.

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EQ 9x9s 75

EQ 9x9s 75

Still love this series. It was one of the first ones I started when I realized that I needed to have a few spare designs on hand if I was going to add a quilt design here everyday.

It started a passion for exploring designs using a small collection of blocks, and I am still amazed at just how many designs can be created using, in this case, just nine basic blocks.

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EQ 4s 55

EQ 4s 55

Now this project file is updated to EQ8, but I suspect I first played with these blocks in EQ5.

I loved EQ5, but have no desire to go back, even though I still have the disc and manual stashed away somewhere.

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Sealink Starr OP 4

Sealink Starr OP 4

Blocks from the day before yesterday set on point for another very interesting collection of designs.

I must play with some other blocks using this series as inspiration. The hardest part will be selecting some blocks.

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Curved Cornerstones 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Curved Cornerstones 26

While I was converting this project file to EQ8 I added some more designs for future reference. That is why I love Electric Quilt, and have done so since EQ5.

Curved Cornerstones 27

The most important thing to learn about Electric Quilt is not how to use the program, it is to remember you don’t have to make every quilt you design.

I have learned way more about quilt design by playing with the program that I thought I would learn in several lifetimes. Now the hardest part is to decide which quilt to make.

Curved Cornerstones 28

I wondered what would happen if I added Cornerstones to Thick and Thin Log Cabin blocks … and discovered these designs … along with many others.

Curved Cornerstones 29

If you don’t want to waste all those virtual designs … start a blog so others can see them too.

Curved Cornerstones 30

I cannot pick a favourite today … easier to say that my least favourite is the second one.

More Log Cabin designs mid week, next week.

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Sealink Starr 8

Sealink Starr 8

One block, shown almost in full in the centre, but used mostly with bits missing. The quilting lines are the seam lines of the basic pieced block.

I love it.


For applique lovers, especially Aussie ones …

The Pardalot’s Confusion

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Dear, Dear it’s Quilted 13

Dear, Dear it;s Quilted 13

I like it.

PS. The outer row of blocks look as though they are badly pieced blocks here, but in EQ8 it looks like a plain block with a quilting motif.

All the other quilting motifs look finer too … I might have to start making the quilting line finer.

Dear, Dear, It's Quilted Closeup

Why does that bit look OK, but the whole design look different?

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Dear, Dear, Dear 33

Dear, Dear, Dear 33


I am thinking that the solid blocks in the corners should be lighter, but whatever colour they are they invite some interesting quilting designs.

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