Tangled Irish Chain 39, 40

Pink and dark grey is an unusual combination, but I like that it makes pink a bit more masculine than usual.

Pink and lighter grey is a much more likable combination for ladies.

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Cathedral Window 25, 26

These designs are probably not what would be expected in a cathedral window, but I would like to see them in windows and doors in my home!

I wonder if stained glass is made anymore. I know a few people make leadlight, but not stained glass.

I have fantasies about the front door having one of these designs, possibly the one above minus the blocks on the sides.

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 39, 40

So pretty, so dainty … like Aunt Flo’s tatting, but with a bit more colour.

No favourite today. Love both of these designs.

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Red and White 2 Block OP 33, 34

A very interesting design.

I opened this project file after letting it rest in peace for several years as I recently noticed a reference to the red and white exhibition of quilts several years ago.

I am not as impressed by the second design.

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Super 7s OP 29, 30

Love the first design.

Second one interesting, but not as interesting s the first.

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Logs on the Pile 81, 82, 83, 84, 85



I like the one above, especially the curves in the outer edge!

Love the curves again.


Hard to pick a favourite, but the middle and right of the top row are high on the list!

More Log Cabin designs mid week, next week.

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Patched and Pieced 43, 44

Interesting mix of applique!

Interesting mix of blocks and borders, applique and pieced!

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Tatiara Terrace Stars 11, 12

My Dad’s favourite colour was green, the colour of grass growing.

Like both of today’s selection of designs, and not going to pick a favourite.

My apologies for not programming the daily dose of virtual quilt designs over the last few days … we went on a road trip and I didn’t turn the computer on, but we did visit Tatiara Terrace.

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Brooksea 27, 28

My Mum’s favourite colour was purple … I think she would have liked playing with these designs.

I love the second design.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 7×7 29, 30

Soft and gentle sort of colours in this project file.

I also like the mix of applique and pieced blocks in these designs.

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