EQ Mods OP 14, 15, 16

Today’s designs look rather old fashioned, but they also look warm and comfortable.

The blocks are from the Electric Quilt block library, but with some modifications.

I am sometimes surprised that I have spent so much time making quilts that I like the look of to put on a bed, and then we spend most of the time in the bedroom in the dark with eyes closed. However, I love seeing a crumpled quilt on a bed which has kept somebody warm and comfortable overnight, and enjoy making the bed a lot more if there is a real quilt on top when it is done!

The first design is my favourite for today … mainly because I can’t pick my favourite of the last two.

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Irish 9 Patch 1, 2, 3

This is just a recolouring of the Irish 9P project file … the old colours were pretty dull!

Nothing like a bit of green to freshen things up.

Love the second design!

The blocks are simply Nine Patch, nine squares, usually four light and five dark,which form a Single Irish Chain with alternate plain blocks. However, I have placed the dark fabrics in different places in most blocks, and used more or less of the dark than the usual five squares. If you sort your scraps from light to dark, put those in the middle back into the scrap basket, you could use scraps.

I have saved the original project with a slight variation of the title, and deleted the designs I have already shared rather than repeat the designs with new colours. As there were over 50 designs left to go, I thought it was worthwhile to clear the deck, and will add some quilting to both leftovers from the original project file as well as new designs. It looks a bit like rain outside this morning, so maybe there will be time to play in EQ today instead of in the garden.

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Tangled Irish Chain Apps 10, 11, 12

Love the first design for today.

Love, love, love the second one!

Must be some Irish blood in my veins, though if that is the case I should have used shamrocks for the applique! And the quilting.

Love the last one too … or three!

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Logs on Point + 96, 97, 98, 99, 100

Interesting start to this weeks five minute Log Cabin Retreat.

Change four blocks and the design changes, and I like the change.

Big changes for the next design …

… change four blocks and I like it more.

It never ceases to amaze me how small changes can make a big difference to a design. That is why I love Electric Quilt.

I can change a design many, many times without damaging any fabric.

Last design for this week, and I like it just as it is … but there is still an urge to play.

That’s all for this week … more Log Cabin Quilt designs mid week, next week!

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 23, 24

Love it!

I like this one, but the first one is my favourite for the day.

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Patch Play Quilted 19, 20


Love the second one!

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Stained Glass Diamonds 9, 10

Looks a bit like the green stuff in my garden at the moment, as we have had some heavy rain and thunderstorms over the last couple of days, and all the dirt and dust has been washed off the green bits.

The flowers are also nice and clean … pity rain doesn’t work like the inside the house!

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Round Robin Medallions 7, 8

I love this design … it only needs some very simple quilting to make it just the way I would like it to be.

I like this one too, though I am in the process of redrawing some of the blocks for accuracy, and would probably freshen up the gree, but not by much!

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Fiddlebobs OP 11, 12

Love this series of designs, and these two are good examples of the standard.

I am not even going to try to pick a favourite today, but you are welcome to make a pick!

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Anns Album 67, 68

Lovely, neat design.


I am thinking of changing the fabrics in this project file … there are a lot of designs remaining, but the fabric choices lack interest.

I think I would freshen up the greens, and add some brighter flowery colours.

Any suggestions?

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