Red and Green Quilted 3, 4

Red and Green Quilted 3

Love it.

Red and Green Quilted 4

Love it … maybe more than the first … or maybe not.

In other words, I can’t pick a favourite.

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Red and Green OP 4, 5

Red and Green OP 4

Love it!

Red and Green OP 5

Second not as good as the first … just OK.

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Red and Green 28, 29

Red and Green 28

I love a red, green and white theme for Christmas decorations.

Red and Green 29

One project I have planned for the future is to print some mini Christmas quit designs onto fabric and make mini quilts to hang on a tree. Sounds like a plan … about number 97 on the list of things I want to do!

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Christmas Logs 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Christmas Logs 11

It is starting to feel a bit like Christmas …

Christmas Logs 12

… which means the weather is warming up Down Under.

Christmas Logs 13

Quilts of any design are becoming things to kick off the bed at night.

Christmas Logs 14

Love the design above, and as it is a virtual quilt there is no chance it will be kicked off the bed.

Christmas Logs 15

As always, more Log Cabin Quilt variations mid week, next week.

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Christmas Forest Wall Quilts 8, 9

Christmas Forest Wall Quilts 8

A wall hanging for a tall but skinny spot.

Christmas Forest Wall Quilts 9

The same design with more sophisticated colours.

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Christmas Bells 4, 5

Christmas Bells 4

Ringing in the season with a great design for a wallhanging.

Christmas Bells 5

The second version is for a skinny position.

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Annie Clover’s Christmas Quilts 4, 5

Annie Clover's Christmas Quilts 4

Looks a bit dark … need to work on a different background fabric.

Annie Clover's Christmas Quilts 5

However, they do look warm and cozy for those who live in the northern hemisphere.

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A Spoonful of Christmas 11, 12

A Spoonful of Christmas 11

Don’t think I will ever consider making up this design in Christmas colours, but love it anyway.

A Spoonful of Christmas 12

Love this one more.

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Christmas Beading 14, 15

Christmas Beading 14

Red white and green …

Christmas Beading 15

… must be Christmas.

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It’s Almost Christmas 7, 8

It's Almost Christmas 7

Love it.

It's Almost Christmas 8

Lots of fiddly applique, but would be worth it!

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