EQ 9x9s at Christmas 5


Another one to keep us warm!

At least our days are starting to warm up Down Under, but not yet all day every day.

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Annie Clover at Christmas 5


A quilt in these colours sort of fits the Christmas colour scheme, but would work anytime of year … particularly in winter. For those above the equator that is Christmas time, but here in Australia I want something which looks a lot cooler at Christmas time.

Mind you, this year summer is starting with cold mornings!

I have been sorting out real decorations around the house, and spending coffee breaks sorting out project files with a Christmas theme. I have found nearly enough to share a different series each day in December without having to start any new ones … but that won’t stop me if I have the time to play!

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Aunt Flo’s Christmas 1


Love it!

I would love it on my bed … and my first thought was ‘No WAY’ … cutting out all those fiddly bits … you have to be joking.

My second thought was … I have a ScanNCut! It would still take quite some time to get around all those curves but at least the cutting problem isn’t a problem anymore.

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A Spoonful of Christmas 6

A Spoonful of Christmas 7.JPG

The Electric Quilt Company celebrated 25 years of business this year.

About the time they started selling Electric Quilt I started playing with quilt design programs.

One seemed to have been written by somebody who knew  what computers could do, but didn’t really understand what quilters could do. The other one appeared to be written by a quilter who didn’t understand what computers could do. Eventually my computer died, and I couldn’t load the old quilt programs into the new one.

I did some research about the current programs, and decided to buy Electric Quilt 5.

I upgraded to Electric Quilt 6 as soon as I found it, and was waiting, waiting waiting, ever so patiently …  for Electric Quilt 7 when they announced it was soon to be released.

Buying EQ5 was the best decision I have made in my real quilting life. I had designed quilts from the time I started classes, simply to help make up the numbers for a friend who was starting to teach a sampler course. A few months later I was replacing her as the teacher!

At that time I spent many hours with pencil and paper trying to draw neat and tidy pattern sheets for students, and even had a book published with pencil and paper patterns.

People would ask me what I was making, and all I could show them were some very rudimentary pencil marks, sometimes with some colour added with colour pencils, but usually just some vague scribbles to show where the dark, medium and light fabrics should go.

Electric Quilt took some learning, but it was great to be able to show people a colour picture of what I was making. In the last couple of years I have been able to draw my blocks with more accuracy than I could two years ago, and I have learned to use the layers to great advantage. It has taken time, but I have got there.

Between now and the end of the year, I will be adding Christmas colours to more virtual quilt designs in keeping with the season, and many of those designs will have quilting designs included.

Some of you may be delighted to get to the next level of a computer game. I am happy to play with virtual quilt designs, and a few times a week I feel like a winner while randomly playing with blocks and layers In EQ7 and finding a design that makes me happy.

Best of all, I can share them with you, every day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you …

to the Electric Quilt Company for providing me with the bestest toy I have ever had!

Best of all, there are still more levels to play with … creating with photos is possibly the next level for me to try! I have dabbled, but some new skills might be needed to to make the most of another EQ7 feature!

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Cabin Fever 96, 97, 98, 99, 100



Not sure that I like it, but at least it is … interesting!


I love any Log Cabin quilt, but I have to admit that I don’t look too closely very often … unless the colours are something I would like to live with, or the use of fabric is spot on. I appreciate any colours used really well!

However, if the design is not one of the usual ones, I will stop and look every time.


I love seeing quilts where the quilter has played with a traditional design and made it interesting … and some of them are great.


Most of my virtual Log Cabin designs have 8 x 8 blocks, and there is probably a mathematician somewhere who could work out how many possibilities there are, both in the whole design, and in the different ways the fabrics can be used within a block.

I think I prefer playing with a collection of block variations and seeing what happens when I change the arrangement!


Sometimes I see four pointed stars appear!

More Log Cabin designs next week … mid week … and I suspect the middle of next week will arrive very, very quickly, as it always does this time of the year.

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Pieced, Patched and Pretty Three 1


There are only a handful of designs in this project file … one of five project files using the same colours and  blocks. Once shared these project files will probably be deleted, but many of the blocks have already been redrawn and added to my toybox in their new form.

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Elevenses 61



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Dear, Dear it’s Quilted 12


I love it!

How did that star quilting design get in there?

It is supposed to be petals!

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Ferns and Flora 10


Love it.

The quilting is not really distinct, but if it was a real quilt and quilted in thread similar, or the same, as the background, the quilting wouldn’t be very clear in a photo, and needs light from the side for the quilting to be seen clearly anyway … and that is what I love about quilting!

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Fans and Blossom Borders 20


I like it.

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