TNT Logs 46, 47, 48, 49, 50

TNT Logs 46

All the designs in this project file use either the Thick and Thin Log Cabin block used above, or the one in the design below.

TNT Logs 47

There are now 270 designs in total in the project file.

TNT Logs 48

I haven’t always got them in perfect sequence, but I simply designed on, then swapped the blocks to get the colours reversed in the design.

Look closely at the design above, and the one below.

TNT Logs 49

Exactly the same design with colours reversed.

Now you know that, go back and check out the first two before you move to the last pair.

TNT Logs 50

Hope you don’t overstay the mid week retreat this week while checking out that I have got the designs correct, because if you do you might have to spend less time checking out the designs in next weeks mid week Log Cabin retreat.

TNT Logs 51

It may be a little easier to see the changes in the group collection below.

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Hi 5s OP 20

Hi 5s OP 20


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Hi 5s 47, 48

Hi 5s 47

Like it.

Hi 5s 48

Much better.

The 5 in the title refers to 5 Patch blocks, with the square divided into 5 or 10 units each way.

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My Bright Blocks 1

My Bright Blocks 1

Just two blocks on point and alternated. Not often I do that!

Well, I didn’t.

It is just one block, and a straight setting.My Bright Blocks 2

Looks different with just four patches recoloured.



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White Wedding OP 7

White Wedding OP 7

I am in love with the centre of this design … but would like to use less contrast for the Double Wedding Ring blocks, and/or make them thinner bands.

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My Bright Patches OP 4

My Bright Patches OP 4

Interesting … once again the blocks are merging with the background so they appear more as patterns on a wholecloth.

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My Bright Patches 11

My Bright Patches 11

Love it.

Blocks are often much more interesting when the background fabric is the same as some of the pieces around the edge of the block.

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Less Logs in the Cabin 66, 67 68, 69, 70

Less Logs in the Cabin 66

Love the first design for this week’s mid week retreat … take a short break to enjoy this one, and the rest!

Less Logs in the Cabin 67

Love the second too!

Less Logs in the Cabin 68

Another one … perhaps not quite as good as the first two.

Less Logs in the Cabin 69

Love the outer edge of the Log Cabin blocks in the last two.

Less Logs in the Cabin70

I am trying to work out what the centre design might represent … any suggestions?

More Log Cabin designs mid week, next week … though probably not as stunning as today’s collection.

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Minimal Colour 9

Minimal Colour 9

Oh, so restful.

I could very easily go to sleep under a quilt like that.

Love how the straight seams form perfect looking circles.

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EQ 4s OP 26

EQ 4s OP 26


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