Textile Whiteout 5


This series started because I made a mistake.

I somehow deleted all fabrics from a design, leaving just white space against the background … but liked it so I have been experimenting ever since with no colour, or very subdued colours, and very little contrast … and enjoying all of it.

I think I would prefer the borders better if they were finer, but like it this way too.

Over the next few days I will share more of the designs inspired by that white out!

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Stained Glass 5 Lattice 1


I think I will have lots of fun playing with suspended circles!

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Stained Glass 4 Diamonds 1


I like diamonds … and they make for lots of fun when playing with quilt designs!

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Logs on Point 46, 47, 48, 49, 50


There was a comment a little while ago that some sort of magic happens when we use blocks on point.


It is certainly true with Log Cabin blocks on point.


Before I first used Electric Quilt I often spent time drawing some very rough, simple plans for Log Cabin quilts, but it was too hard to depict a mixture of blocks, with colouring sometimes moved around a bit to complicate things, and I would get frustrated that I couldn’t show somebody else the drawings and expect them to see the possibilities.


With Electric Quilt I have been able to play, and play, and play some more, and I am still surprising myself with some of the results.


All of today’s designs were surprises, results of asking myself my most used question … what if ….?

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Stained Glass 3 Butterflies 1


I captured some butterflies … I think one of them would look great in leadlight hanging in a sunny corner of a patio!

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Stained Glass 2 Appliques 1


Love it!

There are not many virtual quilts in this or any of the other Stained Glass project files.

I am going to show one from each over the next few days, in the hope that I will empty all the files of unseen designs … then I will allow myself to start a new project file, with the updated blocks, which are ready and waiting.

I will not start the new file until these are empty. I will not start the new file until these are empty … I must be strong.

At least new virtual projects won’t take up storage space in my sewing room, but I will not start the new file until these are empty.

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Stained Glass 1 Appliques 9


I started five project files using the same fabrics and related blocks, with the first project file now empty of new designs to share with the last one above.

I love the designs but have since redrawn all the blocks to make them fit together properly.

When I have shared all the designs in each of the project files I will start a new series with the more accurate blocks, and matching quilting designs. With that in mind, I am going to start all the series that are waiting, and as some of them have just four designs, maybe I will get them out of the way in the not too distant future and be able to play with the new versions.

I did make a quilt from this block collection … sometimes the real world takes over.

French Onion.

While looking for that blog post I have realized that I haven’t added the latest quilt finish. Still waiting for a fine day so I can take it outside to be photographed, though I have forgotten when we have had a few hours of sunshine.

There are a few other projects which should be updated too!

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EQ7 Playtime 6, 7, 8


I started playing with EQ7 about five minutes after it arrived on the doorstep … about three years ago.


Browsed through block and fabric libraries, checking out new additions and old favourites, clicked on some of them to add them to a project file, and started trying out the new features.


I am still playing, clicking on things, starting new project files, testing the new features … and still having fun!

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After Pompeii OP 20


This series grew from the very first virtual quilt design I shared.

Still like the original, and all those that have followed … and those still waiting for their day on the blog.

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Sea Link Starr OP 1


Love tipping any blocks on point … and this lot are working well!

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