My Bright Patches 10

My Bright Patches 10

It’s bright, and a bit busy!

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Nan’s Nine Patches 24

Nan's Nine Patches 24

Love it.

The border design would be interesting as a quilting design!

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Five Patch Fragments OP 1, 2, 3

Five Patch Fragments OP 1

I started this project file quite some time ago, then forgot it until now.

Five Patch Fragments OP 2

Even projects which originate in a very similar project file take some getting used to , and the first few designs are really me just feeling my way. This time I just tipped the setting on point in the new project, but it is always interesting to see just what happens when using blocks on point instead of just in straight settings..

Five Patch Fragments OP 3

It usually doesn’t take long to get some designs which show the block designs in a whole new light.

I like what is starting to happen with these blocks, and I am only onto the third quilt design.

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Autumn Patches 13

Autumn Patches 13

Interesting, but I think the corners of the small star block need some work.

Love the border combination though.

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Piecing Playtime 2

Piecing Playtime 2

This is from a project file I started to play with some of my block designs, and to challenge myself to use anything but my favourite colours.

I don’t like blue a great deal, so it seemed like a dull choice to me, but it turns out I like the combination. Yet another example of  contrast being more important than colour every time … get the contrast right and the design works.

Most of the piecing is simpler than it looks, apart from the curves … but I don’t find them all that hard anyway.

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Curved Cornerstones + 36, 37, 38, 39, 40

Curved Cornersones + 36

Middle of the week again … I am sure the weeks are shrinking!

Curved Cornersones + 37

After a couple of weeks of pieced and applique designs, I am thinking of at least a week of just pieced designs, starting with Log Cabin, of course.

Curved Cornersones + 38

The one above is my favourite for the day!

Curved Cornersones + 39

The one above is making me waver a bit about the favourite for the day though!

Curved Cornersones + 40

The last one is almost a very traditional setting … except for those curved cornerstones.

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Annie Clover’s Curved Illusions 3

Annie Clover's Curved Illusions 3

Love it.

Did you realize that every day for the last two weeks, every virtual design I have shared has been a mixture of pieced blocks and applique blocks … many have some quilting as well. The two weeks included two Mid Week Log Cabin Retreats with designs which included applique on or between the Log Cabin blocks.

I love using pieced blocks, but not so keen on making them, but enjoy applique, so in real life I either make all applique, or quilts like those over the last two weeks, a mixture of both techniques.

Perhaps I should have a week or so just using virtual pieced blocks after all the mixed ones.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 7×7 9

9 Patch 'n' Apps 7x7 9

Like yesterday’s design, this one has applique, piecing and quilting … and the pieced and applique designs in this series do double duty as quilting designs.

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Quilting at Eleven 12

Quilting at Eleven 12

Delicate mix of piecing, applique and quilting.

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Black and White Plus 24

Black and White Plus 24

I love that ribbon with bows effect!

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