Sea Link Star Intro

Sea Link Star Blocks


Another EQ6 Project file … this time I selected some blocks which looked like they would fit together nicely. Turns out that they didn’t fit together really well at all.

So, I did some redrafting, changing the blocks to just one grid, but using the features of each block design on the new grid.

Sea Link Star Sampler

The blocks certainly look different on their new grid and in their new coordinating colours.

I found quite a few variations too. Most are changes to where I used the colours, but in some I eliminated some of the seam lines as well.

Then I thought about quilting … and decided to do something different, very different for me anyway.

Sea Link Star Quilting Motif 1

I would use an all over quilting design , but with a difference. I would use  just the one pieced block design as the quilting design, not an unrelated design. And I will use it in every quilt design in the series.

Sea Link Star A

Also note that I have eliminated the ditch stitching around the blocks. I want the blocks to be an all over design … not separate blocks.

The reason I went back to EQ6 … I lost access to EQ7 due to upgrading to Windows 10 without first deactivating EQ7 … followed by security working all too well! I was also distracted by real life being disrupted by Christmas, New Year, visiting, holidays, along with washing clothes, dishes, floors etc and all the other things which intrude into my virtual world from time to time.

EQ7 is now accessible again, but I have learned a few things I had forgotten about EQ6. It really was a good program … lacking the precision drawing tools I love, and now rely on to get accurate applique and quilting block designs in EQ7.



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Logs on the Road 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Logs on the Road 26

Two weeks ago I asked if visitors could pick the thing which remained the same in all five of the designs I  shared that day, apart from the fabrics.

Logs on the Road 27

Visitors found some things which escaped my inspection of the designs, but I was concentrating on something in particular.

Logs on the Road 28

I was counting blocks.

There are 64 blocks in each design.

That is easy enough to get right, as are some of the other similarities others spotted … all the borders are identical, all the strips are the same width, all the centre same the same colour.

Logs on the Road 29

But nobody got what I was counting.

Each of the designs use

four all dark blocks,

28 half light, half dark blocks,


32 all light blocks.

Logs on the Road 30

In fact, it is not just every one of those five designs which have that same collection of blocks … it is every design in the series … and I have only shared half of them yet.

Which means I still have time before I run out of designs to play and maybe find some more variations.

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Patricia’s Patches Quilted 1, 2, 3

Patricia's Patches Quilted 1

First thing I learned is that as it is harder to draw applique in EQ6, which means the applique designs don’t work quite as well as quilting lines … I may have the patience of a quilter but I don’t have enough patience to redraw applique blocks to the accuracy I am used to in EQ7 without the precision tools in EQ7.

Patricia's Patches Quilted 2

Setting up the layout in EQ6 isn’t quite as bad as I remembered, but back then I was under the impression that I couldn’t save quilt layouts including Layers 1, 2 and 3 in My Layout Library … but because I had discovered it worked in EQ7 I tried it in EQ6 … and it works here too!

Patricia's Patches Quilted 3

I suspect that had I found that out before the EQ7 update became available I would have done more virtual quilting a long time ago.

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Patricia’s Patches OP

Patricia's Patches Op 1

New project file in EQ6 started with straight settings, but I soon decided I needed to try the block and fabric selections I had made on point.

Patricia's Patches Op 2

That worked out OK!

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Patricia’s Patches 1, 2

Patricia's Patches 1

More playtime in EQ6 … sort of like going back to the future … no, that will happen when I go back to EQ7.

PAtricia's Patches 2

A mixture of EQ6 Library blocks and some I drew up myself and added to My Library when this was my favourite toy.

I played for a little while with straight sets … then tried OP so I would have something different for the next post.

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Brooksea Intro

Brooksea 1 Sampler

We left home for a week recently, and the only time I turned on the computer I played in EQ6. I selected blocks from My Library, changed some of them and started playing.

Brooksea 2

Several project files later I started this one, using the same game plan.

I found that EQ6 was a great tool for designing quilts, but I missed the precision tools for drawing block designs which are in EQ7

Brooksea 3

I rather liked the design above, but there is room for quilting.

Brooksea 4

I had avoided playing with the quilting layer in EQ until last year when I discovered that I could save layered designs in my Layout Library. Since then I have started filling up all those blank spaces in my virtual designs with quilting lines.

Brooksea 5

A long way from the days when the final instruction on every quilt pattern was

“Quilt as desired.”


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EQ Dozen OP 45

EQ Dozen Op 45


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Patchwork Jigsaw 1131 2 Flock of Blue Birds and 3 Flock of White Doves

Patchwork Jigsaw 1131 2 Flock of Birds

A flock of blue (and pink) birds scattering from the middle of the design, but look at the design the white shapes create.

Patchwork Jigsaw 1131 3 Whie Doves, Blue Sky

In the second design the birds are white,  apart from a few grey ones who have joined the flock, and the whole design changes.

I have added these templates to my shopping list … not sure if they will work with my method of cutting, but will be well worth a look. (They are top of that shopping list, with things like milk and fruit way down.) I do know I would use a smaller square for the L shaped piece to get the effect I like.

Marti Michell Drunkard’s Path Templates.

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Log Jam 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Log Jam 56

This project series was an off shoot from one of several which were growing like topsy when I first started sharing Log Cabin designs.

Log Jam 57

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the supply of designs for even a few weeks …

Log Jam 58

Years later and I am more worried about not living long enough to share all I have got.

Log Jam 59


That would mean I will never have an excuse to spend time playing with Log Cabin designs.

Log Jam 60

That could mean that I will never find any more interesting designs like the one above.

Maybe I just won’t tell anybody in my real life that I don’t need to play  anymore!

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A Whiter Shade on Antique Gold 1,1a

A Whiter Shade on Antique Gold 1

More playtime with low contrast fabric choices, this time with more complex appliques with just a tiny contrast between the pieces.

A Whiter Shade on Antique Gold 2

This is interesting … and if it was a real quilt it would be quite restful.

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