Border Beauties

BB 1

I started playing with a heap of block designs, and added a couple of borders, intending to concentrate on the sashing. In quilt layouts I set the sashing to at least half the size of the block, then used block designs to fill the space. In this design I have used the same block throughout the main body of the design, so the block becomes elongated in the sashing, and smaller in the sashing squares.

Then I added a border design, liked it, and added it again! Rather dramatic! Then the whole focus of the designs became the borders, which have sort of overshadowed the sashing. I changed the name of the series from Sensational Sashing to Border Beauties, though I will let you know that the border features in the first design wil keep appearing over and over again!

BB 2


4 Responses to Border Beauties

  1. Charlene Huffman says:

    I really like the effect that the double borders gives it .


    • virtualquilter says:


      I would never have thought of repeating a border like this ……. I did it by mistake!

      Then sat back and said ‘WOW!, how did that happen?’

      It is something which would never have happened working on a real quilt, but I am glad it happened in EQ!

      Judy B


  2. Charlene Huffman says:

    Can I ask how you made the blocks at the corner of each border in EQ?


    • virtualquilter says:


      The corners, and matching border strips came from the EQ Block Library under Borders. I don’t think I have modified the corner block at all.

      Judy B


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