Nan’s Nine Patch 19

Nan's Nine Patch 19

Subtitled ‘The Cactus’ to honour all those points!

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French Onion Practice 2

French Onion Practice 2

When I started quilting I used pencils and paper to design quilts … the drawings looked nothing like the picture I had in my mind, so sharing them with anybody else was pretty much useless.

Then I bought Electric Quilt.

Now my early sketches look something like the picture above!

I had most of the fabrics in my stash, and was looking for a way to use them. This is just one of the options I came up with, and not the one I eventually used.

And yes, there is a pattern.

(For the one I made, not the one above!)

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Log Cabin Plus 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Log Cabin Plus 6

How come the middle of the week rolls around much more quickly than the weekend?

Log Cabin Plus 7

At least it doesn’t seem to be too long between finding a few minutes to play with Log Cabin blocks to see what happens when you rearrange the contrast within the blocks, and then shuffle the blocks around.

Log Cabin Plus 8

Love the design above!

Log Cabin Plus 9

Looks like somebody else prefers the one above!

Log Cabin Plus 10

Another interesting design.

I don’t think we will ever run out of different ways to arrange a variety of Log Cabin blocks, and if we do we could change the colours and start again!

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EQ Album + 33

EQ Album + 33

I like the subdued colours around the centre.

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EQ and Me Op 7

EQ and Me OP 7

Something restful to start of the week … hope you all have time to dream of quilts, buy fabric for quilts, read books and/or magazines about quilts, cut up fabric for quilts, stitch pieces together for quilts … maybe even get the binding on a quilt!

Meanwhile, I am trying to work out how to operate an over-locker, but am planning to take time out for some hand quilting, or maybe play with the two new feet for my sewing machine.

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Blocks in Borders 5

Blocks in Borders 5

Still playing with the blocks trying to make sure the borders all meet nicely at the corners … wonder if the cats might get in here to play with me one day.

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Sunflowers and Mushrooms 16

Sunflowers and Mushroms 16

I have been house sitting during the week … and kept company by a dog who on occasions thinks he is a miniature Alsatian. Like many dogs he likes to chase cats, though usually turns tail if they stand their ground.

I spent some time during the week playing with some cats on quilts, and have hidden some virtual cats on some virtual quilts, including the one above. Click on the picture for a closer look …

Sunflowers and Mushroms 17

… or I can show you a close up of a small quilt using the same block

Might have to make it a regular feature! (Might have to keep the miniature Alsatian inside!)

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Felicity Anderson’s Quilts 14

Felicity Anderson's Quilts 14

So far ai have shown these designs with a gold background … but decided to try some different colours … looks OK to me!

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 7×7 2

9 Patch 'n' Apps 2

Love it!

Much more style than a sampler quilt using a collection of blocks, and more interesting than making 49 identical blocks too!

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Applique Logs 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55

Applique Logs 51 Applique Logs 52 Applique Logs 53 Applique Logs 54 Applique Logs 55


Not a lot I can say apart from …

I love them, and they keep getting batter from top to bottom!

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