Daze of Christmas 7. 8, 9 and 10

Daze of Christmas 7

I have loved this series since I started playing with the project file. I have been reluctant to change the colours too much, but have allowed a subdued golden tinge to take over the Daze of Christmas version of the series.

Daze of Christmas 8

I still love the way the blocks are working together …

Daze of Christmas 9

… and even the scrappy border has had a colour change.

Daze of Christmas 10


I am happy with the new look!

Would it work as well in other combinations … red, white and blue, or purple and yellow?

Maybe one day a long way in the future I just might give it a try … for now I will bask in the golden glow!

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Christmas Hi 5s 4 and 5

Christmas Hi 5s 4

The work and school end of year celebrations are pretty much over for the year, now it is time for family and friends.

Christmas Hi 5s 5

It is also time to wrap any gifts that haven’t already been wrapped … and I can see lots of ribbons around boxes in these two designs.

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Christmas with Bells On 1, 2 and 3

Christmas with Bells on 1

I have shown designs with these bells before, but have made a new project file so I can feature them.

Christmas with Bells On 2

 I am thinking that it might inspire me to draw more blocks with bells on!

Christmas with Bells On 3

Now, if only I could add sound!

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Log on to Toys 5, 6, 7 and 8

Log on to Toys 5

Time to introduce more girly toys.

Log on to Toys 6

For many years my pocket-money came from the sale of rag dolls, designed for little girls, but many of them purchased by bigger girls for themselves.

Log on to Toys 7

Many of the designs have been drawn as applique designs many moons ago, but for some reason I have used very few in virtual quilt designs … even the Christmas themed ones have only made rare appearances.

Log on to Toys 8

Mind you, they are still appearing with some toys which are more boyish, but then, my dainty little girl was, and is, a tomboy who appears to be all girl! She hugged her dolls just before she went out to play football or cricket, or climb a tree.


Note to myself … check the days of the week when programming ahead … not just the dates!

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Christmas Forest and Tree Trims 1, 2 and 2a

Christmas Forest and Tree Trims 1

I have lots of Christmas tree block designs … and am building on a collection of tree trims.

(In my real world I have more than enough of both trees and things to go on them, and the virtual variety are playing catch up.)

Christmas Forest and Tree Trims 2

This project file is my way of displaying the virtual varieties, and once the initial blocks have been drawn up and modified to fit any situation in a quilt design it is so much easier to play with them than the real deal!

Christmas Forest and Tree Trims 2a

And something I cannot do in the real world is change my mind about the background colour … and have both in my collection in about five minutes!

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Toys 4 Christmas 42, 43 and 44

Toys 4 Christmas 42

Looking back through all the toys I realized that I have featured mainly boy toys … time to introduce more dolls for the boys to play with while the girls play with the train set and cars.

Toys 4 Christmas 43

Many of the dolls are based on rag dolls I used to make … using my own designs of course!

Toys 4 Christmas 44

This one is a slight variation on a design in which I used balls around the centre. I wanted to give it a more girly touch … more as an excuse to show off that circle again!

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It’s Almost Christmas 1 and 2

It's Almost Christmas 1

It is almost Christmas time, and this series, rescued from several project files which I have managed to trash over the last few years, is almost Christmas in colour, but the overall design lacks Christmas themed blocks and is suitable for all occasions, and would work in any colour scheme.

It's Almost Christmas 2

Love this second one … lots of room for quilting which is always a bonus, and it is easy on the eye.

Maybe the border is a bit bland, but in real life most of us have bedrooms which are too small for us to get a good look at the border design of a quilt, so why put lots of wonderful work into borders?

I think I will still try to add something to the borders as this series grows.

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Gingerbread Christmas 6, 7 and 8

Gingerbread Christmas 6

Stacks on the mill!

Gingerbread Christmas 7

Yesterday there was a star formed by Christmas trees … today the same effect with stacks of gingerbread men!

Gingerbread Christmas 8


Take away four points and a diamond appears.

I think I prefer real diamonds … to wear and show off anyway!

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Christmas 2014 2

Christmas 2014 2

Love the texture created by the blocks in all three designs today.

The first one could be made in any colourway and the parcels would make it a great birthday quilt.

Christmas 2014 3

In these two I love the stars … with points built out of trees!

Christmas 2014 4

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Vicki’s Christmas Traditions 17, 18, 19 and 20

Vicki's Christmas Traditions 17

Vicki dyes, sews and sells hand dyed fabrics, and she has let me play with her virtual fabrics.

Vicki's Christmas Traditions 18

Last December I shared some designs here, here and here using her Traditions fabrics virtually, and there were some leftovers, just like a real Christmas celebration. I have also added a few new designs to the project file to make the leftovers go around again.

Vicki's Christmas Traditions 19

Actually, there will probably be enough leftover for next December as well … or there will be by the time I stop playing this December!

Vicki's Christmas Traditions 20

Saved the best for last today!

By the way, Vicki blogs too.

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