9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 5×5 5

9 Patch 'n' Apps 5x5 5

Are those subdued shapes applique or just a quilting design?

Could be both, or either.

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Log Cabin Baby Blocks 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Log Cabin Baby Blocks 6

I think I would quilt more diamond Log Cabin blocks around the coloured pieced diamonds.

Log Cabin Baby Blocks 7

My favourite is the subdued one above. Maybe because I am working with those colours at the moment. Don’t get excited, I am making clothes.

Have to admit to getting a bit excited yesterday when I made 42 buttonholes. I have owned my Bernie for over ten years and had made just one buttonhole that I can remember.

Log Cabin Baby Blocks 8

Down side of being the master (mistress?) of buttonholes, I now have to sew on a few buttons! Even button collectors have to use some of their buttons sometimes!

Log Cabin Baby Blocks 9

I need a sign for my sewing room … saying “I would rather be Quilting”!

Log Cabin Baby Blocks 10

At least the dressmaking fabrics will not be taking up much space in there for a while.

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Patch Play OP 8

Patch Play OP 8


The centre looks reminds me of a patch of seaweed as seen from a jetty.

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EQ Album 51

EQ Album 51

All blocks directly from the Electric Quilt library … untouched by this virtual quilter who just loves to change blocks!

The little blue cross, Leaf Medallion, has got to be one of my favourite ever blocks. I have never doctored that block  in any way … except to tip it on point and change the colours.

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EQ 9x9s 67

EQ 9x9s 67


Just letting you know that I haven’t forgotten there are virtual designs left in some old project files.

If I remember I will try these fabrics with some different blocks one day, to see if they still work as well as they have done in this series.

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Stained Glass Cathedral Window 1 and 2

Stained Glass Cathedral Window 1

New series … which is really an old project file dusted off.

I love leadlight and stained glass windows, especially when the two techniques are combined, and have played with quilt designs inspired by them for quite some time!

I have yet to work out the technicalities of construction of these blocks.

Would I make them as large Cathedral windows with applique added …. but how would i add the dark strip?

Add curved sashing between the applique blocks … and once again, how to add the dark strip?

Or add a strip of fusible around the applique piece, iron it to the background and cover the edge with a bias strip …

or construct them some other way I haven’t thought of yet?

(When I first scribbled the first designs in this and related series, before I became an Electric Quilt – er, there wasn’t the fusible option.)

For now, I will just be the Virtual Quilter and start sharing the designs anyway.

Stained Glass Cathedral Window 2

Mmmmm, those circles remind me of bobbins, which leads me to a link to share.

How a Sewing Machine Bobbin Works

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Beaded Borders 3a and 5

Beaded Borders 4

Yep, almost the same as yesterday … I opened up the project file again after I shared the design for the day, and played with the design, trying to get the corners to match. I eventually worked out that I had the wrong number of blocks in some of the borders of many of the designs in the file.

An hour later they were all sorted … and the file had grown a bit as well.

Beaded Borders 5

This one is one of the new designs … with four blocks in the centre.

I actually started this file when I was designing corners for border designs … each border had four corners so I could pick and choose from the corner blocks to find the best one for each border design. I liked the way the beaded medallions looked … and another series was born!

It would be a way to showcase all pieced, and applique, borders as well!

By the way, there are a couple of real patterns available for some beaded quilt projects …

Double Wedding String of Beads


String of Beads

Don’t tell anyone, but they are even real quilted projects.

Another design, Petite Petals, was published in Quiltmaker earlier this year.

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Beaded Borders 3

Beaded Borders 3

I like it like that!

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Red and White Logs 71, 72, 73, 74 and 75

Red and White Logs 71

I had forgotten that this project file was empty of designs I hadn’t shared … so I made some new ones.

Red and White Logs 72

The one above looks like a logo for something!

Red and White Logs 73

Both the one above and the one below look like they want to spill into the border.

Red and White Logs 74

The one below is rather blocky … or blokey!

Red and White Logs 75

Not a bad effort, if I say so myself … and fueled only by the first coffee of the day.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Centred 1

9 Patch 'n' Apps Big Centre 1

Make a big block, add a small border, then add two borders created using block designs.

Why didn’t I think of that before!

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