Cornerstones + Extras 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60

Cornerstones + Extras 56

I have no excuse for not sharing designs from this project file more often.

Cornerstones + Extras 57

The colours are not ones I would want in my house, but I really like the way they work together … every design looks warm and cuddly in the virtual world, and there is no reason to think they wouldn’t be really warm and cuddly if made up in fabric.

Cornerstones + Extras 58

I am also pleased with the designs themselves. There many designs I would make up in different colours to keep around the house if I didn’t have a decent quota of real quilts already under the roof.

Cornerstones + Extras 59

There is also no shortage of designs … 505 virtual designs!

Cornerstones + Extras 60


My favourite from today’s offering is the fourth one … but love the last one too. It looks like a plan for a formal garden .. with lots of blue flowers and sandy paths!

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White Wedding 101

White Wedding 101

Months ago I started mucking about in the original White Wedding project file, adding more applique designs and removing all the colours … other than shades of cream.

I haven’t completely abandoned the original, but like this new look, and will share designs from both from time to time, along with White Christmas Wedding.

It would appear that one thing leads to another!

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After Pompeii OP 11

After Pompeii OP 11

I like it.


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Ann’s Album OP 5 and 6

Ann's Album OP 5


Love the grid around the centre block … and I think I prefer it without the corner blocks.

Ann's Album OP 6

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9 Patch Pretties 3

9 Patch Pretties 3

I was going to just share the few designs in this project file started in EQ5 … and not play.

This one is the result of a few minutes playtime.

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Penny’s Patch Play 4

Penny's Patch Play 4

Not often I use just one block design in the centre panel of a design … but with this one I then went overboard with the border design.

Patchworkmaniac has alternated just two blocks to create stunning design.

Just goes to prove that you don’t need lots of different blocks to create new and interesting designs.

(That won’t stop me trying to create new designs with more than two blocks though!)

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Autumn Daze 58

Autumn Daze 58


Love it!

I think I must enjoy playing with this project file … for each virtual quilt I share I add up to ten new ones. When I have completed the internet component of blogging each day I usually go back to the project file for a few minutes. Guess what I am going to do now!

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Log Court 61, 62, 63, 64 and 65

Log Court 61

Like it …

Log Court 62

… not so much.

Log Court 63

Like it …

Log Court 64

… not so much.

Log Court 65

This one is my favourite Log Cabin this week … and it came about when I was playing with the two designs above which I didn’t like much.

That is an illustration of why I have learned to save designs I don’t like much so I can play with them later!

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Patch Play OP 10

Patch Play OP 10

I was wondering what had happened to the cat!

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Aunt Flo’s Patch 54

Aunt Flo's Patch 54


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