Big Triangles 27, 28

Big Triangles 27

This project file has been hiding away since May, 2013, but I found a few interesting designs I think are worth sharing. These quilt designs are made up of half square triangles, with the intention of using larger scraps sorted into light and dark.

In the one above I didn’t spend time adding scrappy colours, but it does show where I would place the highest contrasts to make the design work.

Big Triangles 28

The second design has more virtual scraps, though could still use more if the right contrast is used. The lesson is that if you have largish scraps, you don’t have to cut them into tiny bits to use them … save the little scraps for smaller quilts … these were envisaged as full queen size quilts.

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Nan’s Nine Patches 25

Nan's Nine Patches 25

Love it.

I cannot believe I haven’t opened this file since EQ8 arrived in my computer!

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9P in Play 43

9P in Play 43

Some basic 9 Patch blocks, along with some not so basic.

I like it.

I am wondering how long it will take me to go through every project file and convert it to EQ8, which I have been doing since EQ8 arrived in November. I have put a few files into retirement after I shared the last designs, and didn’t feel like playing in that area of my playground again, but most get a design or two added, or a face lift with new fabrics, sometimes I add the quilting layer. Opening some projects is like opening the door to find a long lost friend on the other side, sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I started a file. Just like going through the UFOs I packed to bring with me when we shifted in teh middle of last year!

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Log Cabin Leaf Central 36, 37, 38, 39, 40

Log Cabin Leaf Central 36

The colours in this project file are what we see in many parts of Australia during Autumn. By the end of summer everything is brown except trees, then any deciduous trees go through a colour change.

Log Cabin Leaf Central 37

By the time leaves have fallen there is usually a green tinge starting to recolour the landscape.

Log Cabin Leaf Central 38

I love the way the Log Cabin design changes when the blocks are built around a large square.

Log Cabin Leaf Central 39

The overall design is more distinct as well as there being the added interest in that centre square.

Log Cabin Leaf Central 40

Time to get back to work … this weeks Log Cabin retreat is at an end, but, as always, there will be more next week.

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Anna Karena 1, 2

Anna Karena 1

Look what I virtually quilted yesterday!

I found the project file waiting for attention, so added some quilting to some of the designs and experimented with colour a bit, and it came out feeling blue.

Anna Karena 2

I am not a big fan of blue, but I am enjoying the way the blues are working here.

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French Onion Practice 7, 8

French Onion Practice 7

This is a design I played with many moons ago, and actually made the quilt.

(Don’t tell anyone or they will think I am a real quilter, not a virtual quilter)

Below is the quilting design, pretty much as I stitched it.

French Onion Practice 8

My next project should be spending time going through my quilt records and adding them to the Stuff Ups.

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9 Patch Night Vision 5, 6, 7

9 Patch night Vision 5

Love it, though the fine points would be a little more difficult in a real quilt than in a virtual design.

This is a continuation of my night vision which I introduced yesterday, which has grown into some sort of monster … an attractive, fun monster, but huge … every corner might work in every 9 Patch block with solid squares in the corners, and I have a growing collection of corner inserts. I need more hours in my days!

9 Patch night Vision 5a

I have found that the corner squares work as block insets, but I have drawn many of them on a 9 patch grid like the rest of the block … and as I am making up the rules as I go, I can live with that!

9 Patch Night Vision 6

Like this too, and having a rethink about the points … paper piecing would work for machine stitching.

9 Patch Night Vision 7

Just too many possibilities, and I am finding more keepers than rejects!


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9 Patch Night Vision Introduction

A few nights ago I woke up thinking that in many 9 Patch designs the corners are just a solid square. Then I asked myself that old question which leads me down some pretty interesting paths which starts with the words … what if … the corners of those 9 Patch blocks became a 4 Patch block when the 9 Patch blocks were joined together.

9 Patch Block

As I went back to sleep I had a vague thought that I should find a piece of paper and a pencil and write myself a note, or even got out of bed and do some computing, as I would forgotten about it when I woke up in the morning.

Much to my surprise, I hadn’t forgotten.

I have often found secondary patterns when I used blocks in blocks set side by side, but this time I was looking to make it happen by design, rather than by mistake, which is the way it usually happens for me.

So after morning coffee I spent some time playing with Electric Quilt, looking for some corner designs …

9 Patch Corners

… and add them to the 9 Patch block.

9 Patch with Corners

Well, if nothing else it is not a bad looking block all by itself, but what happens when several blocks are put together in a quilt top.

First the block with empty corners.

9 Patch Night Vision 1

The original 9 Patch looks all by itself as a stand alone block.

9 Patch Night Vision 2

The corner by itself is OK, with lots of room for quilting.

9 Patch Night Vision 3

The two combined really work well together.

9 Patch Night Vision 4

Leave out some of the original 9 Patch part of the design, and there is room for quilting!

Ticks all the boxes required to make a great quilt design, but that is just my humble (!) opinion.

Wonder how many designs are just waiting for their day in the spotlight? I suspect that there are more than I will ever find in my life time!

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Triple Irish Chain 20

Triple Irish Chain 20

Much prettier than yesterday’s offering!

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Tangled Irish Chain 33

Tangled Irish Chain 33

Interesting, but cold do with a colour wash!

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