Beaded Fans 7

Beaded Fans 7


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Tangled String of Beads 26

Tangled String of Beads 26

Love it!

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Bunch of Beads 10

Bunch of Beads 10

Another one I love.

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Beads Again 2

Beads Again 2

Love it!

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Beaded Border Strings 7

Beaded Border Strings 7

One applique shape in all but one border … that one border has a few round beads added.

Adding more shapes could lead to lots of fun when stringing virtual fabric beads, just like it does when stringing real beads.

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Beaded Blocks and Borders Batik 21

Beaded Blocks and Borders Batik 21

I started this series simply so that the beads looked a little like they were scrappy fabrics, but still added several Batik fabrics to get what I wanted.

I like the variation of background fabrics too.

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Red and White Logs 81, 82, 83, 84, 85

Red and White Logs 81

20 all light blocks, 8 all dark blocks, 16 blocks with both light and dark fabrics.

Red and White Logs 82

Now there are 24 blocks with light and dark fabrics, 20 all light, 8 all dark.

Red and White Logs 83

Now there are 25 blocks with light and dark fabrics, 16 all light, 8 all dark … similar to the last one.

The one above is my favourite.

Red and White Logs 84

Now the mixed colour blocks are starting to vary, with 16 light, 8 dark blocks.

Red and White Logs 85

25 mixed, 8 dark, 16 light in the last.

More Log Cabin Quilt designs next week, mid week.

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One Quilt Design 3, 4

One Quilt Design 3

Same quilt design, different looks.

One Quilt Design 4

All applique, all quilting … and sometimes a mixture of the two.

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Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11 Reprise

Sometime ago I shared this quilt design.

Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11

One of my regular visitors left this comment …

“For some reason this appears as if the whole center including the twisted rope border is set slightly “skewed” or “crooked” in the outer borders. Maybe I just need to straighten my glasses.”

I had noticed the same thing, but dismissed it at the time as I was in a hurry to share a design that day, or I was doing it before the coffee had kicked in for the day.

When I read the comment I had another look at the design in EQ, printed it out, and it was an optical illusion … everything was squared up correctly, all the borders were the same width all the way around the quilt … but it still looked like it was drunk.

Eventually I started playing with the design, and it is that rope border causing an optical illusion … and with a bit of twisting and turning the rope I reversed the illusion, but it still looks out of whack, just tipped the other way.

Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11a

Some more twisting and turning and I now have a quilt deign which looks balanced, and I feel as though the coffee has kicked in … as it should, as I have had three coffee breaks to fix the illusion!

Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11b.JPG

Note to self, and anybody else using a rope border … give the rope a twist in the centre of each side.

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Quentin’s Quilting 6

Quentin's Quilting 6.JPG

Combination of curved piecing and quilting.

I like it!

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