After Pompeii 48

After Pompeii 48


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Floral Wedding OP 23

Floral Wedding OP 23

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Anita’s Q’n’A 11

Anita's Q'n'A 11

Love it.

Love the colours, love the blocks, love the quilting design.

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Logs on Point + 81, 82, 83, 84, 85

Logs on Point + 81

Oops, I didn’t mean to leave that plain fabric in that border!

Logs on Point + 82

That is better. I do like the first design better than this one though.

Logs on Point + 83

Another oops … obviously there is plenty of that plain red fabric in my virtual stash.

Logs on Point + 84

Love the way the outer row of Log Cabin blocks have created curved borders.

Logs on Point + 85

Like the last one most of all of them today.

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Autumn Daze Quilting 13

Autumn Daze Quilting 13

Like it, but not as much as I liked yesterday’s design.

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Autumn Daze 67

Autumn Daze 67

Love this design … love this series!

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Patricia’s Patches Quilted 6

Patricia's Patches Quilted 6

Not a lot of quilting, but I would outline all applique and pieced shapes, plus do one of the more boring filler designs in open areas … probably diagonal cross hatching.

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Patricia’s Patches OP Quilted 4

Patricia's Patches OP Quilted 4

Love it!

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EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 12

EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 12

Take one applique block design, keep some blocks the same, make some parts bigger in some, leave parts out in others, use the shapes on the diagonal on some blocks, and then use the shapes for quilting designs.

Have fun!

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EQ Dozen Again 5

EQ Dozen Again 5

The EQ Dozen first appeared when I was using EQ5, it survived EQ6, and now has been revamped in EQ7, not because of the program, but because I managed to get totally confused as to which designs I had shared, and which ones I hadn’t.

I am thinking that one day I should try using totally different colours in some of my old favourite project files … but not in the hear future as I have to break in a new computer, take a few days break from unpacking, and catch up with a few more locals around the area I haven’t seen for quite some time.

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