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Hi 5s OP 25, 26

Parts of the first design made me think of some weird earthmoving equipment, or may be a diagram of some of the pieces inside an equally weird computer system! Wonder what was in the early morning coffee today! The second … Continue reading

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Purple Haze 3, 4

Interesting! Very, very interesting.

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South Aussie to Tassie 7, 8

I started naming a series of blocks as Border Crossings … and South Australia has is linked to every mainland state, so rather than leave Tasmania out of the mix I thought that I could allow a sea crossing as … Continue reading

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My 8 Blocks 49, 50

Interesting. Another interesting one, and I like both of them.

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South Aussie to Tassie Sampler, 1, 2, 3

This is an appropriate time to introduce this project file … the only state borders open to South Aussie at the moment is Tassie. This is from a series of pieced 7P blocks which started as fairly simple crosses, then … Continue reading

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Hi 5s 48, 49, 50

I like the first design for today. It is a combination of two fairly basic 5 Patch blocks, with one more intricate design. The second design has three more complex designs with one basic … I think this one works … Continue reading

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Silly Sadie 21, 22

The Serendipity tool in Electric Quilt is the tool I use when I want to be surprised by what I design … after I select the tool and the block EQ does the twisting and turning for me. I love … Continue reading

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Cornerstones 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

Not my favourite colours, but I like the design. I like the second one too. I love playing with contrast and design … colour is a more personal choice. The middle one of today’s designs is OK, but doesn’t excite … Continue reading

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10 Plus Mods 9, 10

Interesting. This project file uses ten 9 Patch blocks, with modifications to colour placement, with a few lines either deleted or ignored when placing the colours. I prefer the second design today.

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Tatiara Terrace Stars 1, 2

One day I asked my Dad what his favourite colour was, and he thought about it for a couple of days then told me it was green. Why? Because it is the colour of the crops coming up! My garden … Continue reading

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