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Wedding Fans OP 45

I need to do some virtual quilting in this project file! Not a lot of Double Wedding Rings, but they make a an interesting link between the clusters of fans.

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Wedding Fans 27, 28, 29 and 30

Four virtual designs today, with just subtle changes. I love all four designs. I would hate to pick just one of these. If I was to make them for me it would have to be one for each ten years! … Continue reading

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Wedding Fan 3 and 4

I am loving what happens when I mix old designs together. Electric Quilt gives me the opportunity to try combining blocks in ways I would never be able to do making quilt tops, or even drawing on pencil and paper. … Continue reading

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Wedding Fans 1 and 2

The big question before a wedding is usually ‘Will you marry me?’ For a virtual wedding that is a superfluous question because you don’t need a real bride or groom. What if the question is changed a bit to ‘What … Continue reading

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