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Star for Selina OP 11, 12

A formation dance team made up of stars! The stars in the second design look as though they are trying to imitate a major star.

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Fran’s Five Patches 3, 4

Very feminine! Not to mention, pretty! The butterfly fluttering by is pretty too!

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Sealink Starr OP 6, 7, 8

I love the first design for today. The blocks shine, and so does the quilting. Love the second one too, for the same reasons I love the first one. The last design is interesting, but one of the first two … Continue reading

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Vivienne’s Star Quilt 5, 6

Love it, love it, love it! A bit too busy, but I do like it, but it is not my favourite for today. I have just noticed that i have used Mum’s favourite colour, purple, Dad’s favourite green, and Viv … Continue reading

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Star for Selina 13, 14

The Star for Selina block is in full colour in the centre of the design above, and all the other blocks are the same block designs with some pieces left out. Look closely and you can see where the seam … Continue reading

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Quilting Jane’s Starr 4

The easiest way to design the quilting of a quilt … just use the lines of the block design, even when you use a solid block of the background fabric instead of the pieced block.

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Quilting Julianne’s Star 4

I like it! I particularly like the way the centre stars look to be in deep dark space. In a real quilt, that area would be quilted with a thread to match the background … in contrast to the contrast … Continue reading

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Quilting Julianne’s Star 1, 2

I found a project file which I started in EQ7, but I could not work out what I was thinking about back then. So I played around with it for a while before I went to bed, then woke up … Continue reading

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Star Applications 2

When I stared playing in this project file I was thinking of flowers, then wondered about snowflakes, but eventually decided that the blocks looked like stars. I love the colouring as it is, but think the stars should really be … Continue reading

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EQ OP 27


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