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Virtual Wholecloth Sirius 13

If I ever make a whole cloth quilt it will have a simple boring background design between the more decorative motifs … just like the designs in this Sirius project file.

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Black and Gold Petals 7

Love how the few applique blocks shine, and how the un-quilted patches stand out. There are probably many, may ways to jiggle the quilting design just using the block quilting design and moving the two variations around, and around, and … Continue reading

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Leafy Crossovers, and Accurate Applique

Not the most inspiring blocks or quilt design, but this project file was started purely to test some different methods of drawing really accurate applique blocks in Electric Quilt. Using the accuracy tools I was getting them close, but I … Continue reading

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Iron Lace Borders Q’n’A 8

Some applique, some quilting … lots of space for some boring filler designs.

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Patricia’s Patches OP Quilted 4

Love it!

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EQ Album Revisited + 12

A little bit of applique, and lots of quilting.

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Virtual Wholecloth 6

I have never made a wholecloth quilt, but love them. I have designed some wholecloth quilts in Electric Quilt though, and I enjoy trying to design with lines creating shapes, not crating those shapes with contrasting fabrics.

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Kelly’s Custom Quilts 7

Love it! Lovely applique designs but with room for quilting. All that is missing with this virtual design is fabric, thread and wadding!

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Fig Jam 23

Looking forward to some jam in a few months time, even after doing some heavy pruning of the fig tree.

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A Whiter Shade on Gold Quilted 6

I like it!

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