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Star for Selina OP 11, 12

A formation dance team made up of stars! The stars in the second design look as though they are trying to imitate a major star.

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Sealink Starr OP 9, 10

Choose one block, add/subtract a few lines, add fabric samples, and see what you get. Note, the second design does use the same block as the first.

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Kelly’s Custom Quilts 21, 22

Love the idea of creating a design by using different background fabrics, and designs like the ones here show why! I like the first one best, but I have learned something from the second one … use finest, dotted line … Continue reading

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Pieced Patched and Pretty Quilted 9, 10, 11, 12

The first design today looks like 9 applique blocks set on point with quilted sashing, but it is 9 applique blocks in a 5×5 straight setting with alternate blocks quilted. I have just worked out how to stop the quilting … Continue reading

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 14, 15, 16

Love the first design for today. Who would have thought that such a bland change of background colour could have such a great effect! I like the second one too, but it doesn’t excite me as much as the first … Continue reading

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Patch Play Quilted 21, 22

I like everything about this design. It isn’t the most exciting design, but I like the colours, the background quilting combined with the motifs used in the corners and the borders is the sort of quilting I prefer. Don’t like … Continue reading

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A Spoonful of Sugar 7, 8

Love it. Love this one too … they remind me of applique quilts made a century ago.

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Dear, Dear, It’s Quilted 25, 26

Love the spaces left for quilting. Maybe a bit too much space for quilting in the second design.

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Brooksea 19, 20

Very, very interesting! By comparison, I think the second one is quite boring!

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Brandis Street Blocks 6, 7, 8

Not quite as complex as it appears as there are some intricate quilting motifs which look a bit like applique in there! These designs make me think of some of teh antique designs I have seen. I love the last … Continue reading

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