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Quilting Julianne’s Star 7, 8

In the first design I would do more straight line quilting in the background areas, similar to the outside edges, but in a thread matching the background. The second design needs no fillers! Love it!

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Quilting Block by Block 1, 2

Wow, interesting! The spaces between the quilting lines I would quilt with thread to match the background, while the quilting designs as shown would be in a strong contrast colour. Love the second one!

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Strawberries and Chocolate 7, 8

Strawberries on a bed of chocolate, and the quilting looks abit like caramel topping drizzled over it all. Pity I have already had breakfast … sounds like a delicious way to start the day, and strawberries are healthy food! Love … Continue reading

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Tangled Irish Chain Apps 15, 16

Love it … love green, love quilting, love designs which are not your average design. Ditto the above!!

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Annie Clover Quilted 19, 20

Love it. Love it! I am watching our young satsuma plum tree like a hawk, but the rest of the birds haven’t found a way through the net … each day just a little more dark plum colouring, and just … Continue reading

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Sealink Starr OP 11, 12

Love the first design … in particular, the ‘curves’ around the light coloured background, created with lots of straight lines. Not too sure about the centre star … …. but after making a slight change, I really like the way … Continue reading

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Tiled Applications 7, 8

I love the first design … very pale colours on an even paler background … so pretty, and restful. Still love the second with a heavier border, but the soft contrasts still appeal to me a great deal.

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Q and A Fine Iron Lace 21, 22

I like the first design … very neat, though a little repetitive. Love the second design!

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Annie Clover’s Christmas Quilts 13, 14

Christmas Eve already, and I am sharing designs from two of my favourite Christmas themed project files, and will do the same tomorrow. To be honest, the only thing Christmassy in this project file is the colours used. I haven’t … Continue reading

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A Lighter Shade of Christmas 15, 16

Love it! Love the second one more!

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