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Quilted Border Beauties 25, 26

Pretty and dainty. Because I share my bed with my husband this is not the sort of design or colour combination I could use on our bed, but I can design as many of this style and colouring as I … Continue reading

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Vera’s Star 13, 14

Interesting. Still very interesting with just a few changes.

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A Whiter Shade on Gold Quilted 23, 24

I love leaving spaces in my designs which can be filled with quilting motifs. I also would outline the applique pieces in these designs. The spaces left between the motifs and the applique in these designs could be filled with … Continue reading

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 7×7 27, 28

Interesting design, interesting colours, interesting applique, interesting pieced blocks, interesting quilting motifs. I like it! The second design has all the interesting bits of the first, but I like the first one best.

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Double Wedding Quilts 25, 26

At one point in my life I thought it would be a good idea to make a family heirloom wedding quilt … one which could be used by each newly married member of the family for a short time after … Continue reading

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Kelly’s Custom Quilts 31, 32

Electric Quilt allows users to design their own layouts by using pieced blocks using squares and rectangles as the block layout. I spent about a week designing possible layouts as simple pieced blocks, just for fun, and most of them … Continue reading

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Quilting Wholecloth 6×6 5, 6

Start with a blank canvas, or a plain quilt sandwich! I prefer the first design, with the virtual border around the centre design.

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Virtual Wholecloth Sirius 21, 22

I love it! Pity it couldn’t be made in a couple of hours! Love the second design too!

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Dear, Dear it’s Quilted 27, 28

Fifty three little applique blocks, plus lots of quilting, make a large quilt! These designs were inspired by Dear Jane quilts, with lots and lots of little pieced blocks to make large quilts, but the blocks were all different designs. … Continue reading

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Felicity Anderson Quilts 43, 44

I like these designs, but in close up detail the applique is just a little too detailed for anything but fused! Love the second design.

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