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Fiddlebobs OP 19, 20

Fiddling! More fiddling, and now I have a new block in this project file to fiddle with. I was going to use it in this design but it didn’t really look right.

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Hearts Growing 9, 10

The quilting motifs look very regimental in layout, thankfully softened by the applique. I like the second design. Oops! Quilting motif in one corner didn’t get rotated!

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Petal Power 5, 6

Oh, so pretty. Too pretty for words.

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Anna Karena 25, 26

Very dainty. More blocks, lots of detail, and I think this design is one which will remain forever virtual.

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Felicity Anderson Q’n’A 19, 20

A very neat and tidy formal garden with an interesting layout, and no weeds! I am not in love with the overall combination of colours, but I love the design.

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Pieced Patched and Pretty Quilted 15, 16

Love the design above, and I am interested in what it might look like with a colour update, but at this time of the year I am not getting a lot of play time at the computer. Something to add … Continue reading

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White on Bright 11

Stunning. Using white quilting thread is easy when making a real quilt, but saving quilting motifs in Electric Quilt was a challenge, until I saved two copies of the motif, one white thread looks blank, but is ready to use, … Continue reading

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Red and Green 39, 40

Very formal, but also cheerful for Christmas A little bit more colour and it is more cheerful!

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Annie Clover’s Christmas Quilts 15, 16

Love the first design! The colours are great, the quilting is great … etc. The border could perhaps be more ornate, but our bedroom is rather small and so the border is not really visible so a plain border would … Continue reading

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A Spoonful of Christmas OP 11, 12

Love the different colour backgrounds. They add a whole new dimension to the designs. From now until Christmas day you will get a double dose of virtual quilt designs. Hope you enjoy seeing them, and have a wonderful real life … Continue reading

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