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Fiddlebobs OP 17, 18

Pretty colours, dainty shapes, and interesting design, Love some of the lines created by the quilting motifs in both designs.

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Felicity Anderson Q’n’A 17, 18

I wonder how easy, or hard, it would be to do a really big applique block? It could be very impressive when complete, but getting it done could create some problems. Many more applique blocks with an interesting result, though … Continue reading

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Abigail Bolton Design 3, 4

I am always fascinated by the variety of designs I find by playing with the shapes used in a block design. There are over fifty variations in this block file which need some sorting to put them in order, but … Continue reading

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Fine Iron Lace Q and A 23, 24

I always have to look hard at the iron lace decorating old buildings, and have been guilty of driving around the block to find a parking spot so I can have a better look, and maybe take a photo, several … Continue reading

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Iron Lace Borders Q’n’A 17, 18

Lots of room for background fillers, though the quilted border shown would be in a thread to match the applique colour. Minimal applique, but with the added quilting I think it would have maximum effect.

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Patricia’s Patches Quilted 27, 28

I love the first design … sort of old fashioned but not a copy of the old styles. Neither of today’s designs have pieced blocks, though others in the project file do. Love the second one too.

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 25, 26

Interesting. Also interesting … and both of them are pretty.

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EQ Dozen + Quilting 21, 22

EQ Dozen was the first project file I opened so I could play with a small collection of blocks … it grew to a dozen blocks selected from the Electric Quilt 5 library, and over the years it has been … Continue reading

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Felicity Anderson Quilts 43, 44

I like these designs, but in close up detail the applique is just a little too detailed for anything but fused! Love the second design.

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Brandis Street Blocks 19, 20

Moved into a house, found a dried up scrap of linoleum in a kitchen draw … and played with the shapes … and I am still playing five years later. Some of the shapes have survived quite a few mutilations, … Continue reading

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