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Vera’s Star 6, 7, 8

One block, one quilting design exactly following the lines of the block, but contrast fabric is not used in some of the pieces so those pieces disappear. In a real quilt the cutting and piecing can be reduced by not … Continue reading

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Annie Clover’s Christmas Quilts 4, 5, 6

Love it, but I can see some changes I will make shortly … and save for a Christmas in the future! Love this one too! And another one to love … this makes three out of three. I can see … Continue reading

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Star for Selina OP 3

I like it!

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Sea Link Starr OP 5

Love this one! The quilting design is the piecing lines of the basic block, though you have to look carefully to see all the lines in the pieced blocks. That is because sometimes I leave out some pieces of the … Continue reading

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Sea Link Starr 9

The focus of Virtual Challenges this month, and next, is applique, but I thought that this would be a gentle reminder that pieced blocks can be modified too. In this series the quilting lines give an indication of where the … Continue reading

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Dear, Dear it’s Quilted 16

I have no ambitions to ever even contemplate making a Dear Jane quilt, but there is a slight possibility I might, in a moment of madness, contemplate making something like this.

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Quilting Block by Block 1, 2

The title up the top of this post says Quilting Block by Block 1, 2, but it is really the same design, different colouring. Well, one colour changed! The places which have no quilting lines showing would be filled in … Continue reading

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Super 7s 60, 61

I didn’t want to share Fig Jam again today, but I have enough fruit for two more batches today so I was thinking about that when I was selecting a project file to select a design or two from. Something … Continue reading

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Fig Jam 31, 32

It is that time of the year when the figs are ripe for picking, and becoming jam. I made a small batch over a week ago, a bigger batch yesterday (with ginger this time), and there will be enough for … Continue reading

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Felicity Anderson Q’n’A 3

Interesting. And frustrating, because those gold blobs are meant to be quilting motifs … I wonder what they look like on your screen! Trying something different! Works for me!  

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