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Tangled Irish Chain Apps 6

Love how effective just those four tiny appliques are! All the quilting designs use shapes from those little appliques. Advertisements

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Super Sashing 29

I have never considered making a real black and white quilt, but this sort of design would make it tempting. Please note, the sashing is half as wide as the blocks!

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EQ Mods 15

Pretty florals, but still rather a masculine quilt.

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Patricia’s Patches OP 2

I like it, and even the fiddly bits would be worth the effort to make this real instead of just virtual.

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EQ7 Playtime 8

Interesting background fabric!

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Less Logs in the Cabin 61, 62, 63, 64, 65

I like it … might be the favourite for the day! What looks like sashing is really just the outer strip of a Log Cabin block. Like the variation of the width of the outer strips in the curved blocks … Continue reading

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Autumn Daze Quilting 12

This is the perfect day to share a virtual quilt from this series … I started packing way back in autumn, and now it is time to start unpacking … I think winter arrived somewhere during that time, and spring … Continue reading

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Annie Clover and Pieces 26

Moving in! Love the design, and rather liking the house even in the current state of disorder!

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Penny’s Patch Play 9

Like yesterday, I love the low contrast blocks!

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Tangled Irish Chain 31

Single, Double and Triple Irish Chain blocks combined … works for me.

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