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Brooksea at Christmas 11, 12

Very interesting design. Looks like a Christmas morning with wrapping paper decorating the lounge room floor.

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TNT Logs + 101, 102, 103, 104, 105

I rather like the first design, though I think I would like it better on the floor than on a bed. Very interesting. What if I change the light fabrics to dark and vice versa, and change a few blocks. … Continue reading

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Five Patch Fragments OP 15, 16

Very interesting! The second design is a bit dull compared to the first, but I like it.

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Elevenses 73, 74

The colours are a bit washed out, but I like them. I like the mixture of pieced and applique blocks in the first design more then the pieced only collection of blocks in the second.

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Light and Dark Squares 3, 6

Though I have used just two fabrics, this would work well with dark and light fabric scraps if they are well sorted, and all the medium fabrics ae saved for another project. Using one multicoloured fabric is my way of … Continue reading

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Vivienne’s Star Quilt 13, 14

Pretty colours which are more often seen in floral designs. I like them both … no favourite today.

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9P Night Vision 9, 10

Interesting. Better contrast, and I like it.

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My Bright Blocks 3, 4

Not so basic piecing, with sharp points, curved seams and set in corners … something I would do by hand, along with the applique. Second design is back to basics, but I prefer the first one.

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Red and White Quilts 45, 46

The first design today features four examples of how sometimes putting four blocks together creates a whole new block. I didn’t know it would happen, and it only worked because the four blocks together are separated by background fabric. I … Continue reading

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Log Jam 101, 102, 103, 104, 105

Middle of another week already! Every week I show some Log Cabin designs, and pretty much every week I think of something different I should try. This week I am thinking that I really should start a new file with … Continue reading

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