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My Bright Blocks 3, 4

Not so basic piecing, with sharp points, curved seams and set in corners … something I would do by hand, along with the applique. Second design is back to basics, but I prefer the first one.

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Red and White Quilts 45, 46

The first design today features four examples of how sometimes putting four blocks together creates a whole new block. I didn’t know it would happen, and it only worked because the four blocks together are separated by background fabric. I … Continue reading

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Log Jam 101, 102, 103, 104, 105

Middle of another week already! Every week I show some Log Cabin designs, and pretty much every week I think of something different I should try. This week I am thinking that I really should start a new file with … Continue reading

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My 8 Blocks 47, 48

I like it! Interesting, but I like the first one better.

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Silly Sadie 18, 19, 20

X marks the spot! Love the second design! Note that the block used to create the designs in the centre is featured in the border of the last design. Easy to pick it in the last design, but well hidden … Continue reading

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9 Patch Night Vision 11, 12

Intricate and interesting! Also intricate and interesting, and on point too, but I like the first one better.

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Vivienne’s Star Quilt 7, 8

One block design, but using the background fabric to hide some pieces of the full design. I am not a fan of quilting in the ditch, but it would work for me in this sort of design. I like the … Continue reading

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Super 7s OP 23, 24

Interesting. Very different, but I love it!

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Curved Cornerstones 46, 47, 48, 49, 50

My favourite for the day is the first. I love playing with these blocks as it is always interesting to see what happens with the light coloured blocks with the curved lines of little squares or rectangles. With all light … Continue reading

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Hi 5s OP 23, 24

Very interesting start for the day … … but I love the second design. Designs like this make me wonder why so many quilts are made using just one block design, when mixing up some blocks creates some stunning designs, … Continue reading

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