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Red and White Quilted 6, 7, 8

Mmm! Looks like I used two different weight threads to virtually quilt this project file! The quilting designs are all based on the collection of blocks I have used for the designs, but without the seam lines used to piece … Continue reading

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EQ 9x9s at Christmas 9, 10

Christmas leftovers I think need to be used, even though I am pretty sure they will keep until next year. I love both of these, and they would be suitable for anytime of the year anyway.

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EQ and Me at Christmas 7, 8

I like it! The blocks in this project file are straight out of the Electric Quilt Block library. I prefer my Christmas decor to be clear and bright red, white and green, but would accept that is was once much … Continue reading

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Star for Selina OP 3

I like it!

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Quilting Jane’s Starr 5

On the whole modern quilts don’t appeal to me a lot, but this design is almost modern, and I like it!

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Patchwork Jigsaw PJ 1143 continued

Another couple of Patchwork Jigsaws, also known as Drunkard’s Path. These are the block colourings I liked using this block … note that the numbers relate to the placement of the 4 pieces in the top left hand corner of … Continue reading

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TNT Log Jam 91, 92, 93, 94, 95

Wednesday again already. Some weeks I am sure the calendar has at least two Wednesdays in a week! Just as well I have a huge stash of virtual Log Cabin quilt designs to share! Like the one above! The one … Continue reading

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Sea Link Starr OP 5

Love this one! The quilting design is the piecing lines of the basic block, though you have to look carefully to see all the lines in the pieced blocks. That is because sometimes I leave out some pieces of the … Continue reading

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Tangled Irish Chain Blues 34

There are three Irish Chain blocks, Single Irish Chain, Double Irish Chain and Triple Irish Chain, and there are the associated joining blocks. Mix them all together and things can get really tangled!

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Silly Sadie 11

Serendipity is another interesting tool in Electric Quilt. It turns a basic block every which way it can to create some wierd, some wonderful designs. The starting block is in the border, and it has been well and truly contorted … Continue reading

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