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Quilting at Eleven 31, 32

I love the ‘sashing’ effect of those lines of little squares! Also love the pieced block design filling in the blank spaces as quilting. The second design uses the little squares more like a border, and they are still very … Continue reading

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PJ 1121 Pauline Patch 7, 8

This is just one of many ways a square with a quarter circle can be arranged to make a 4P square, then put together to make a quilt design. Many years ago I did some multiplying on a sheet of … Continue reading

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Brooksea at Christmas 7, 8

I like it, and one I would put away after Christmas is over. I keep thinking that those squares are dancing … and no, I haven’t had anything to drink other than coffee this morning! The squares are still dancing! … Continue reading

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Piecing Playtime 9

Coloring is a bit on the dull side, but I think the contrast is about right. Both designs are very interesting!

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Piecing Playtime 5, 6

Not my favourite colours, but an interesting design. I like the second one!

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Brooksea at Christmas 2, 3

Christmas is coming, so for the next 25 days there will be Christmas designs every day. These could be used all year, but here in Australia they need very thin wadding for our Christmas season!

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After Pompeii 52

Love this!

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PJ 1313 Patty Jacks 11, 12

A basic Patchwork Jigsaw block, twist the corners around, and then move the colours around. Two simple shapes, but a lot of possibilities to explore.

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PJ 1121 Pauline Patch 4

It is always interesting to see what happens when you twist and turn the four corners of blocks. I might have to try playing with just the four patches in the corners of these two blocks instead of the 16 … Continue reading

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Border Beauties 40, 41

Love it! Needs some quilting designs to be added, but I love it anyway. Less room for quilting, but love this design too.

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