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Super 7s 69, 70

Love it! Pointy pieced blocks are not my favourite design feature, but add a few curves, and some applique inspired quilting motifs, and an applique border and I love it! I like the second design, including the pieced borders. I … Continue reading

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Stars on Ramsay Terrace 13, 14

Not my favourite colour scheme, but the contrast is spot on. Once upon a time, before I started going to quilt shows, I would have ignored any art work which had blue anywhere but in the sky, but now I … Continue reading

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My Medallion Too 11, 12

An experiment with a weird colour combination … I like the design, but not the colouring! Much, much, much better!

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10 Plus Mods OP 11, 12

Same collection of blocks as yesterday, but on point. I like the first one. Lots of blocks, but I like the border holding them together. It appears I am no longer on Facebook except as Virtual Quilter

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Vivienne’s Star Quilt 15, 16

Bright … and very pointy. I love it! The blocks are all variations of one block, which is a 12P block … drafted on a 12 x 12 grid. The second design is more subdued though the colours are the … Continue reading

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Patched and Pieced 39, 40

Looks like an antique! I love it, but the border is a bit too dark for the centre. Now the border is too wide … far too wide! I think I might just have a play with the designs in … Continue reading

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Hi 5s OP 27, 28

I love the star blocks around the outside of the first design today. I love the center block in the second when compared to the other very similar blocks … the only difference is the more open appearance due to … Continue reading

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Border Beauties 55, 56

I like interesting borders, and in the design above there are 4 of them! Another four interesting borders, plus a very simple atrip border which is very effective in this design.

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My Medallion 9, 10

I haven’t made many medallion quilts, but have loved every bit of making them, especially the bit where I could change the design a little in each round … and sometimes changing it completely. The most special one was a … Continue reading

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Border Beauties 53, 54

I like the first one … … love the second one!

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