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Autumn Daze 77, 78

I like it … old fashioned and restful. I like the second one too, for the same reasons, but like it more than the first because there is applique!

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Annie Clover’s Christmas Quilts 11, 12

The first design features quilting … just quilting … and I love it! I love the second one too, simply because it is like nothing i have ever seen anywhere.

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Red and Green OP 13, 14

A quilt I would like if I had a huge four poster bed and all the matching pieces of furniture in our room. Or maybe this one!

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Daze of Christmas 21, 22

Nice one, and with that many blocks it would have very small blocks for a lap quilt, more normal sized blocks for a king size bed. I rather like the second one, but both have one fault repeated four times … Continue reading

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Autumn Patches 19, 20

Very busy, but I like the four plain squares near the centre … somewhere to rest the eyes. Borders are a great way to make a collection of blocks made for a double bed big enough for a king size … Continue reading

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Nan’s Nine Patches 35, 36

WOW! I love the second design, but it certainly lacks the WOW factor of the first one!

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Penny’s Patch Play 17, 18

It is busy, but I like it anyway. Like the second one too … it has room for the quilting to shine.

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Pieced, Patched, Pretty and Sashed 2, 3, 4

Every so often I stop playing with block designs, and play with sashing designs instead. As you can see in these designs the sashing can be used as border designs too. And then of course, you can add some blocks … Continue reading

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Elevenses 67, 68

Lovely. Lovely … and restful. Right now I could use the restful part of that!

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Daze of Christmas 19, 20

I like it! I have never been a fan of quilts made with one block design repeated all over. I much prefer to break the monotony of stitching up a great pile of identical blocks, and I like seeing the … Continue reading

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