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Vera's Star 9, 10

I wonder how many ways the Vera’s Star block can be coloured? And if Vera’s Star can be coloured so many different ways, how many ways can your favourite block can be coloured to create a centre feature, straight lines, … Continue reading

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Red and White Quilted 6, 7, 8

Mmm! Looks like I used two different weight threads to virtually quilt this project file! The quilting designs are all based on the collection of blocks I have used for the designs, but without the seam lines used to piece … Continue reading

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Aunt Flo's Quilt 19, 20

I like this one! It would look nice in our bedroom, but we already have three quilts which look nice in there! Love this one too!

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Baker's Dozen 24, 25, 26

What if you select a dozen, give or take a few, blocks from the Electric Quilt Block Library, then select some fabrics from the Fabric Library, and start playing? This project file started that way, and continues to grow with … Continue reading

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EQ Mods 22, 23, 24

Nice one! Interesting. Saved the best till last … in my humble opinion anyway!

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Elevenses OP 16, 17, 18

Interesting. Love the second one. I love this one too. So very different to anything I would normally even think of doing, so have to admit it was a mistake, but not a mistake I regret making!

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Brooksea 15, 16

Interesting. I do like the second one! A new challenge will be published later today … I have to proof read before hitting the publish button,but the garden may need some attention first after a very hot day yesterday. For … Continue reading

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Vera's Star 6, 7, 8

One block, one quilting design exactly following the lines of the block, but contrast fabric is not used in some of the pieces so those pieces disappear. In a real quilt the cutting and piecing can be reduced by not … Continue reading

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Patricia's Patches Quilted 15, 16

Interesting. Something I must do for real one day is to make a quilt with some low contrast blocks along with some with higher contrast. Or perhaps I could just use the low contrast in parts of the blocks, not … Continue reading

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EQ 9x9s at Christmas 9, 10

Christmas leftovers I think need to be used, even though I am pretty sure they will keep until next year. I love both of these, and they would be suitable for anytime of the year anyway.

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