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Super 7s 69, 70

Love it! Pointy pieced blocks are not my favourite design feature, but add a few curves, and some applique inspired quilting motifs, and an applique border and I love it! I like the second design, including the pieced borders. I … Continue reading

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Stars on Ramsay Terrace 13, 14

Not my favourite colour scheme, but the contrast is spot on. Once upon a time, before I started going to quilt shows, I would have ignored any art work which had blue anywhere but in the sky, but now I … Continue reading

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Log Cabin Blues 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

Interesting. More interesting. Very, very interesting. I like the change of colours too. The centre looks like a white spider going around in circles! Back to the softer colours, which when I first thought of it it seemed prettier, but … Continue reading

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 33, 34

Most of the quilts I have made are sampler album quilts, so I don’t have to make heaps of identical blocks, and they can be a mixture of pieced and and applique blocks, but I love the design above. I … Continue reading

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Patch Play Quilted 25, 26

I sort of like it, but I think the colouring is wrong, though it works in most of the designs in this project file. Too much of the dark red. Exactly the same colours, but different blocks, and it looks … Continue reading

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EQ Dozen Again 17, 18

Interesting mix of blocks, or perhaps an interesting way to mix up some blocks. I like the second one, but would leave out the 16 identical applique blocks and quilt a similar motif in that space instead.

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Logs on Point in Purple 61, 62, 63, 64, 65

In this project file I am making just minor changes with each step, and saving every one of them. Some of the results are less than spectacular, to say the least, but it is interesting seeing the difference the small … Continue reading

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Classy Pieces 9, 10

I like it a lot. I like the second one more!

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Elevenses 73, 74

The colours are a bit washed out, but I like them. I like the mixture of pieced and applique blocks in the first design more then the pieced only collection of blocks in the second.

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Baker’s Dozen 45, 46

Love it! Love the second one, but the first is my favourite.

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