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Block Playtime 1c, 1d, 1e

Here are the after coffee results of yesterday’s play time … the first one for today has some corner details added to the second version from yesterday. In todays second version the corner detail and part of the side detail … Continue reading

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Block Playtime 1

I got up a bit early this morning, and started playing with some pieced blocks in my personal block library. Made a few modifications to one of the blocks, which led to several more modifications. Amazing what I can do … Continue reading

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Star for Selina OP 7, 8

The same block as yesterday, but on point, with sashing … so I could add sashing squares. Love both of these!

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Red and White in Reverse 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38

From red on white, to white on red … … in three steps But wait … there’s more. I thought I would play a little longer to see what would happen, and liked what I found enough to share the … Continue reading

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Vera’s Star 13, 14

A one block design, with bits and pieces ignored or recoloured to create different designs. I like the gentle curves in the centre of the block.

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Sashing or Block 1, 2

This is a result of trying to draw a block to use instead of sashing an on point applique quilt. It is OK, but not what I was trying to do, so have abandoned the attempt. I am showing you … Continue reading

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Vera’s Star 5

One block quilts are probably the most common style of patchwork quilts … but what if you alter the block a bit, and another bit … you have a very different looking quilt without having to use another block design.

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Penny’s Patch Play 13

I like it. Note to self … must use blocks with changed background colours more often.

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Super 7s OP 18

Love that star block! Interesting quilt design too.

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TNT Logs + 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

The first three designs today are almost the same … just little changes. Tiny changes can make a difference, but in these two designs I am not very impressed with either. Time to head off in a new direction to … Continue reading

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