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Patricia’s Patches Quilted 11

Interesting! Advertisements

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Autumn Daze 71

Still love this series.

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Behind the Scenes 29

This series is just one quilt design with the background fabric placement changed around.

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Baker’s Dozen 20

Love the way the fabrics make this design shine!

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Elevenses OP 15

As a follow on from yesterday’s design, these are the same blocks, same fabrics, but tipped on point. I still love them.

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Patched and Pieced 31

I like this, but cannot decided what sort of person I would make it for. Of course, a change of colour scheme would make it suit lots of different people.

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Patricia’s Patches OP 4


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Brooksea 12

I love it! This design uses an example of the way I modify blocks. The block in the corner had had pieces removed to create the alternative block used next to it.

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Patched, Pieced and Pretty 1

Found after being lost for quite some time in among some files from the computer before last! I think it is worth bringing it out into the open.

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EQ Mods 19, 20

Nice, clean design, but it needs some quilting! Like the second one, but still needs some quilting lines added. Taking a second look, i think it just needs some simple all over background fill … something like cross hatching perhaps.

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