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Annie Clover and Pieces 35, 36

Love it! Not too sure why I love this project file … the assorted block designs, or the rather unusual colour combination.

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Super 7s OP 21, 22

Very interesting! Another interesting design. I would usually say that the second, with the applique, was my favourite of the two, but both these designs are something a bit different to the average quilt designs I cannot pick a favourite.

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Black and White Plus 28, 29, 30

Stunning combination of fabrics. I cannot see me ever making a black, white and red quilt, but if I ever feel the need, or have a recipient in mind, I have the designs to choose from. I might have to … Continue reading

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Autumn Daze 73, 74

Autumn has arrived down under, along with some dust storms, rain, power failures and cool days in the last week. Keeps life interesting! The power failure here was a whole afternoon of no sewing, and no gardening as it was … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen 27, 28

Love it! Love this one too!

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Patched and Pieced 34, 35

Interesting. I like the second one!

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Elevenses 65, 66

I love the first design of the day … and of the week, and of the month! The second is interesting.

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Quilted Border Beauties 13, 14

I love it! Love this one too. I like the effect of the broken border of small crosses. I have used that border before but spaced as they are around the corner all the way round, and liked them that … Continue reading

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EQ Mods 22, 23, 24

Nice one! Interesting. Saved the best till last … in my humble opinion anyway!

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Elevenses OP 16, 17, 18

Interesting. Love the second one. I love this one too. So very different to anything I would normally even think of doing, so have to admit it was a mistake, but not a mistake I regret making!

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