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EQ Dozen OP 55.56

The EQ Dozen project files were amongst the first project files created for the Virtual Quilter blog, and I still like playing whenever I open them … not that I need to as there are plenty of designs in there … Continue reading

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EQ and Me OP 27, 28

Blocks are from the Electric Quilt library, with a few modifications by me. Love the first one. Love the second one too.

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9 Patch Night Vision 15, 16

On point setting … and the four stars around the centre are made up by the corner sections of four blocks which meet in the centre squares of those four stars. The second design is a straight setting, but once … Continue reading

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Patricia’s Patches OP 15, 16

This project file uses the same blocks as yesterday’s designs, but with different fabrics and set on point. Not many of the blocks are repeated in these particular quilt designs, but I love that they look so different with the … Continue reading

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Super 7s OP 27, 28

Interesting first design. I like the second one!

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Elevenses OP 25, 26

Pretty … and interesting, or simply pretty interesting. Not so much pink in the second one, which means not quite so pretty, but more interesting.

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Floral Wedding OP 41, 42

Love the design above, but there is a little problem near the corners Love the second design, and there is no problem with the corners or anywhere else!

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It’s Almost Christmas 13, 14

It was the local pageant last night, and the Christmas spirit was present and correct, and it was great to see toddlers, preschoolers and school children running, jumping and dancing on the street following the parade and a visit from … Continue reading

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Ann’s Album OP 23, 24

Very pretty. Very pretty, very interesting, and my favourite for today. Here is something I am looking forward to … I love charm quilts and suspect there will be some interesting ideas in the near future.

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7 Patch Puzzle 5, 6

I like untangling puzzles, and using Electric Quilt I can create some too! Both of these are set on point to add to the puzzle.

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