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EQ 9x9s OP 17, 18

There are some similar design elements in this one which appeared in the two I shared yesterday, but now on point, and in a bigger quilt. I like it! Love the second one!

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EQ 9x9s 73, 74

I like it. But with a few tweaks, … … I love it! I have learned that just because I like a design doesn’t mean I can’t improve it with a bit more playtime in Electric Quilt.

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EQ 4s 54

I like it. Blocks are straight from the Electric Quilt block library.

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EQ Mods 14

I have learned more about using Electric Quilt and designing blocks by modifying, altering, mutilating and generally playing with the designs in the extensive library which comes with the program. Sometimes the changes have been as simple as placing an … Continue reading

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Ann’s Album 58

Love it, though I would add at least one, maybe two, narrow borders … and some quilting.

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Anita’s Q’n’A 5

I love it! However, most days, if there is time to play in Electric Quilt 7, after adding a design of the day to Virtual Quilter’s blog, I tend to add a design or two, maybe more, to the project file … Continue reading

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Virtual Wholecloth Sirius 10

I love it. This virtual quilt is a complete contrast to the work of one of the quilters who has inspired me over many years. Have a look at Libby Lehman’s Quilts

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Textile Inspirations White Out 7, 8

Love it. (I know, I wrote that yesterday too.) Love this one too. The more I play with this idea, the more I like it. Shopping list is short … just two fabrics … one background, one for the applique, … Continue reading

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EQ 4s OP 21

Same collection of blocks as yesterday’s design, but tipped on point today. Love this one.

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EQ 4s 53

Simple idea which looks great to me … and the cat thinks it is comfortable.

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