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Star Applications 2

When I stared playing in this project file I was thinking of flowers, then wondered about snowflakes, but eventually decided that the blocks looked like stars. I love the colouring as it is, but think the stars should really be … Continue reading

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EQ Dozen Again 6

I started the first of the EQ Dozen project files when I thought I might run out of virtual quilts to share. I might start another couple with different fabrics … not that i am in any danger of running … Continue reading

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Strawberry Fete 2

I got a bit carried away with adding blocks, but need to concentrate on quilting designs before I play with whole quilts again … but I am having fun, and learning to use EQ8. The blocks above are a basic … Continue reading

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White On Colour 7

Love it … and blue is one of my least favourite colour!

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Stained Glass Project 16

This series was started a long time ago, and it grew like topsy in about 4 other projects files. I like the designs enough to keep sharing them until they run out … then I will get to play with … Continue reading

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EQ Album Revisited + 9, 10

Love it. Basically the same as the design I shared yesterday, with a different applique block, different fabrics …. and some quilting designs added. I started with Electric Quilt blocks, and mutilated them to create borders and quilting designs. Same … Continue reading

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EQ 9x9s OP 17, 18

There are some similar design elements in this one which appeared in the two I shared yesterday, but now on point, and in a bigger quilt. I like it! Love the second one!

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EQ 9x9s 73, 74

I like it. But with a few tweaks, … … I love it! I have learned that just because I like a design doesn’t mean I can’t improve it with a bit more playtime in Electric Quilt.

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EQ 4s 54

I like it. Blocks are straight from the Electric Quilt block library.

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EQ Mods 14

I have learned more about using Electric Quilt and designing blocks by modifying, altering, mutilating and generally playing with the designs in the extensive library which comes with the program. Sometimes the changes have been as simple as placing an … Continue reading

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