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Ann’s Album 58

Love it, though I would add at least one, maybe two, narrow borders … and some quilting.

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Anita’s Q’n’A 5

I love it! However, most days, if there is time to play in Electric Quilt 7, after adding a design of the day to Virtual Quilter’s blog, I tend to add a design or two, maybe more, to the project file … Continue reading

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Virtual Wholecloth Sirius 10

I love it. This virtual quilt is a complete contrast to the work of one of the quilters who has inspired me over many years. Have a look at Libby Lehman’s Quilts

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Textile Inspirations White Out 7, 8

Love it. (I know, I wrote that yesterday too.) Love this one too. The more I play with this idea, the more I like it. Shopping list is short … just two fabrics … one background, one for the applique, … Continue reading

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EQ 4s OP 21

Same collection of blocks as yesterday’s design, but tipped on point today. Love this one.

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EQ 4s 53

Simple idea which looks great to me … and the cat thinks it is comfortable.

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EQ Dozen + Quilting 3

I love it.

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My Medallion Too 1

I found a project file I thought I would probably delete, but I had a it of a play, basically just with colours. I think it is worth playing with some more! Might be worth adding some different blocks too.

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EQ Dozen Again 1, 2

A long time ago I wanted to share something from the EQ Dozen project file … not all of it, just a design or two. I deleted everything up to the ones I wanted to share … then realized that … Continue reading

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EQ OP 27

Blocks direct from the Electric Quilt library, borders too … all I had to do was pick a setting, add blocks, choose colours. I haven’t played in this project file for quite some time, and I am thinking that I … Continue reading

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