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EQ Mods 22, 23, 24

Nice one! Interesting. Saved the best till last … in my humble opinion anyway!

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Virtual Challenge … Electric Quilt Library System

Edit When you have something to show after having fun, you can now share your results in Virtual Quilt Challenges, a closed Face Book group for members only. You will have to answer three questions so I can decide if you … Continue reading

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EQ and Me at Christmas 7, 8

I like it! The blocks in this project file are straight out of the Electric Quilt Block library. I prefer my Christmas decor to be clear and bright red, white and green, but would accept that is was once much … Continue reading

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Silly Sadie 11

Serendipity is another interesting tool in Electric Quilt. It turns a basic block every which way it can to create some wierd, some wonderful designs. The starting block is in the border, and it has been well and truly contorted … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen 21, 22

Love this one … love the whole series. As I said … love this one … too.

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EQ Album 59

The virtual originals looked a bit jaded … so I cleaned them up a bit! Now they need a lot of quilting to fill in the empty spaces!

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Baker’s Dozen 20

I really liked the choice of colours I made when starting this series, and I still do.

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Silly Sadie 8

Serendipity is a feature which turns some average looking blocks into something which looks like it has just burst! Some of the results are great, some not so good … but I like this one.

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Cabin Fever Isolation Area 31, 32, 33, 34, 35

Middle of another week … or hump day … it is all downhill to the weekend now! I started this project file because I had added over 150 to the Cabin Fever project. I got little carried away with the … Continue reading

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Virtual Quilt Challenge 5

Sub Title … Applique Playtime Select an applique block from the EQ block library. Choose a formal style design like a wreath, a crossing design. Change some of the shapes … make them taller or shorter, wider or thinner. the … Continue reading

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