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EQ Dozen + Quilting 1, 2

While I Was playing with the EQ Dozen file I thought i may as well do some virtual quilting. Love both of these! Wish I had started using these blocks as quilting designs way before now! Advertisements

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EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 10

I have spent a lot of time modifying applique blocks since I started using Electric Quilt. I usually start by rotating the design 45 degrees … then start removing pieces, multiplying pieces, shrinking pieces, enlarging pieces to create a series … Continue reading

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EQ and Me 28

Back to EQ7 project files, though when I have time to play I am still going to EQ6, I want to see just what I was missing when it was the best I had. I do know that I can … Continue reading

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Modified EQ Quilts Intro

The only rules I am setting with this series is that any block is fair game for a modification, even the blocks I have already modified. The blocks can be used on their original form, or any variation. And of … Continue reading

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Modified EQ Sampler

Select a block from the Electric Quilt Block Library, add your choice of fabric from The Electric Quilt Fabric Library, add some blue petals, then rotate 45 degrees. You now have three blocks to play with instead of just one. … Continue reading

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Back to Bright Basics 1 and 2

I decided I really should have started with some basic settings when working with basic bright colours. Basic Brights and Bright life both have custom settings, so now I am going back to plain ordinary old straight sets. The settings … Continue reading

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