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Julie’s Block 13

Electric Quilt allows users to use basic block designs as quilt layouts. This is an example of a block made up of squares and triangles , RECTANGLES with no triangles, or any other angles. The basket blocks are resized, and shaped, … Continue reading

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My Bright Blocks 1

Just two blocks on point and alternated. Not often I do that! Well, I didn’t. It is just one block, and a straight setting. Looks different with just four patches recoloured.    

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Wedding Fans OP 44

Love it!

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Multi Colour Cabin 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

X marks the spot in the middle! Mm! The X is in a spin. And now it has become some fly-away petals … or something! This is why I love Electric Quilt … it is so much fun to see … Continue reading

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Border Beauties 36

Love  it! Lots of room for quilting.

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Ferns and Flora 11

Love it, and today I have no need to dream about the quilting!

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Lovin’ Spoonful 25, 26

I am planning a quiet day of recuperation, leading up to another weekend of celebrations with the extended family mob next week. During this week I am going to share designs from some of my favorite project files. Lovin’ Spoonful … Continue reading

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EQ Album 39

Interesting design … all it lacks is some quilting designs added. I keep opening older project files and finding that same design element missing. So glad I found that I can save quilt layouts in the Layout Library with the … Continue reading

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People are copying designs from the internet all the time. Some people stoop really low. To them I say … #%$^&#&$#&%@#$*&%#)^#^@(*%^#! To others I say please check the authenticity of anyone you buy patterns from.

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Copying Techniques

When I was trying to get a textile book together, I spent a lot of time folding pieces of paper and stitching them together etc to work out how I can get the effect I want for the finished article. … Continue reading

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