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Black and White Custom 3, 4

Interesting, but feel that the background colour in the centre is a bit stark. That is much better. Advertisements

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Julie’s Block 13

  Julie’s Block is actually the name of the custom quilt setting I have used, thanks to a feature of Electric Quilt which allows us to use a block with just square and rectangular shapes can be used to create … Continue reading

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From Block to Quilt in EQ 1

Electric Quilt has one feature which is very much under used. The quilt above uses nine very simple to piece blocks. Above is just one of the blocks with slightly different coloring. Several years ago I started looking for pieced … Continue reading

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Bright Life 23

According to my computer this project file was last updated in 2013! There are still plenty of designs left, but I am tempted to have a little play so there may be more spares created in my next coffee break. … Continue reading

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Bright Life 21

Love it!

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It’s Almost Christmas 6

Love it! Even without a change of colour it could be used year round so there is a little reminder of Christmas every day.

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Kelly’s Custom Quilts 5

I love using applique block designs as features in the quilting designs. The back of the quilt would look as though there is a lot more applique than there is on the top. If the background area needs more quilting … Continue reading

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Bright Life 21

  I really should play with custom settings more often. Love the three sizes of Bear’s Paw in this design.

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Bright Life Alt Colours 5

Here is what Bright life 5 looked like in bright colours. But what if you want something a bit prettier?   Nice change!

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Basic Brights 19

Bright and warm … to keep those of us down under warm. A combination of custom settings with using the same background in adjacent spaces creates some surprises. ============ Reason #6 I love EQ from Piecemeal Quilts by Sandi

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