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Super 7s 59

Not a design very many people would tackle, with curved seams and set in corners … which is a pity, because there are interesting blocks which include one or the other, and they are not hard to do. Advertisements

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Quentin’s Quilting 6

Combination of curved piecing and quilting. I like it!

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My Bright Patches 11

Four patch blocks mixed with some applique … I love it.

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Quentin’s Quilting 5

I have used pieced designs as the quilting designs … and I like how they work. I have also used colours I am not that fond of … but I like how they work too … it just is a … Continue reading

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Autumn Daze Quilting 10

Love it! Not many deciduous trees with leaves changing colours reflected in this design, but it does reflect Aussie autumn colours … with evergreen shrubs, a few late flowers, first hint of winter greens … with a touch of dust … Continue reading

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Quilting at Eleven 14, 15

I like it. Some piecing, some applique, and some simple quilting lines. More piecing but with curves, less applique and not a lot of quilting apart from the outlines which I don’t add to virtual quilts, as I do it close … Continue reading

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Patricia’s Patches OP 4

If I have a mixture of applique and pieced blocks in a project file the rule is to use a mixture of techniques. This design breaks that rule! But so did the one I shared yesterday, as it was all … Continue reading

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Piecing Playtime 1

Yet another fo the project files which got started, then forgotten. I was playing with mono colour schemes in blocks from my sketches on real paper!

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Drafting Blocks

If you have pencil, paper, ruler, and either a set square or a compass you can draft pretty much any block you can imagine. Hopefully you have some basic geometry skills from primary school to draw the basic square. It … Continue reading

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PJ 1122 Simple Cross 1, 2 OP 1, 2, Mini Domes and Echo Dome

Thought I might try re-colouring some Patchwork Jigsaw blocks … and mixing them up! First one was OK, second one hit the jackpot. Let me try them on point. Think I prefer straight settings for this one. Interesting! Wow! ……………………………. … Continue reading

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