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9P Pretties from EQ5 8, 9, 10

Electric Quilt was up to version 5 when I first became a user, and have upgraded as soon as possible with each new version, and loved the way the program has progressed. Learning to use each upgrade has been a … Continue reading

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Quilted Border Beauties 14, 15, 16

Love the first, and so does the cat. I was thinking of a small quilt when I designed the second one, but I think it would look great on a double, queen or king size bed with that large centre … Continue reading

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Autumn Daze 75, 76

Two designs from one of my favourite project files today. Not too sure about the blue … partly because it is not my favourite colour … but I think it would look better with more blues amongst the border scraps.

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Piecing Playtime 4, 5, 6

I like lots of things about today’s designs … but not the colour. I like the large print used in some of the blocks and the border, and the contrast is OK. I especially like the dark, light, large print, … Continue reading

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PJ 1121 Pauline Patch 5, 6

I keep finding stuff hidden away in Electric Quilt files … some of them dating back to 2013! Many of them only have four or five designs, but his one has 24. Most of them are the basic blocks twisted … Continue reading

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Vera’s Star 13, 14

A one block design, with bits and pieces ignored or recoloured to create different designs. I like the gentle curves in the centre of the block.

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Border Beauties 44, 45, 46

I love it. In fact, I LOVE IT! Love this one too. And this one! Three out of three ain’t bad.

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Autumn Patches OP 13, 14

Colours of Australia … red and sandy soil, with some green starting to grow. Even trees in areas burnt out in the last two months are showing touches of green. Interesting design.

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PJ 1313 Patty Jacks 14, 15

Very interesting. The Drunkard’s Path design caught my attention the first time I saw a block. Then I saw a sampler quilt with 15 different arrangements of the two shapes in the blocks, and I already had a few sketches … Continue reading

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Brooksea 15, 16

Interesting. I do like the second one! A new challenge will be published later today … I have to proof read before hitting the publish button,but the garden may need some attention first after a very hot day yesterday. For … Continue reading

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