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Super Sashing OP 25, 26

Interesting! Interesting, with lots of room for some interesting quilting!

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Brooksea 23, 24

Interesting design, which includes some spaces framed especially to show off some quilting. Another interesting design. Ooopsie! I scheduled posts for this week with several appointments, visitors, etc., and forgot that the busiest day was Wednesday, and so forgot to … Continue reading

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PJ 1111 1131 Jigsaw Blues 5, 6

Interesting. Wow! PS Ooops … didn’t hit the publish button yesterday! Sorry!

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PJ 1121 Pauline Patch 7, 8

This is just one of many ways a square with a quarter circle can be arranged to make a 4P square, then put together to make a quilt design. Many years ago I did some multiplying on a sheet of … Continue reading

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My Bright Patches 15, 16

I don’t think I would enjoy making up any more than four or five of the pieced blocks in this design, but would be happy to make up to four of each of the five pieced blocks … which just … Continue reading

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Quentin’s Quilting 9, 10

I love it … although it is a bit blue. I do like the quilting design as it is clean and simple, and would be suitable to use with most of our modern waddings which are much less likely to … Continue reading

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9P Pretties from EQ5 8, 9, 10

Electric Quilt was up to version 5 when I first became a user, and have upgraded as soon as possible with each new version, and loved the way the program has progressed. Learning to use each upgrade has been a … Continue reading

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Quilted Border Beauties 14, 15, 16

Love the first, and so does the cat. I was thinking of a small quilt when I designed the second one, but I think it would look great on a double, queen or king size bed with that large centre … Continue reading

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Autumn Daze 75, 76

Two designs from one of my favourite project files today. Not too sure about the blue … partly because it is not my favourite colour … but I think it would look better with more blues amongst the border scraps.

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Piecing Playtime 4, 5, 6

I like lots of things about today’s designs … but not the colour. I like the large print used in some of the blocks and the border, and the contrast is OK. I especially like the dark, light, large print, … Continue reading

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