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Nan’s Nine Patches 31, 32

I much prefer applique to pieced quilts, but I love the design above. Love the second design too! Maybe my eyes are telling me that the curved seams are applique!

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PJ 1111 1131 Jigsaw Blues 1, 2

Found this project file at the bottom of a pile, and found a few designs in it to share. In these first few a few fabric swapped around … and I like the second one.

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Patchwork Jigsaw PJ 1143 continued

Another couple of Patchwork Jigsaws, also known as Drunkard’s Path. These are the block colourings I liked using this block … note that the numbers relate to the placement of the 4 pieces in the top left hand corner of … Continue reading

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PJ 1134 In a Spin 10

Spent some time looking through Patchwork Jigsaws late yesterday … and tried to pick one to share. Settled on his one because I like the border, which is just a recolouring of the blocks making up the rest of the … Continue reading

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Patricia’s Patches 9

Love it, but I am a bit worried about the poor peacocks … O am sure they are confused about where they are going!

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After Pompeii 51

This design is closely related to the first design I shared on Virtual Quilter.

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PJ 1313 Patty Jacks 11, 12

A basic Patchwork Jigsaw block, twist the corners around, and then move the colours around. Two simple shapes, but a lot of possibilities to explore.

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Brooksea 11

Some interesting effects where the blocks meet.

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Wedding Fans 44, 45

Pretty enough for a bride. Love this one!

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Super Sashing 32

I love it. We all spend time trying to work out what colour goes with what … this colour scheme solves that problem! Still need contrast, but with just a dark and light, even that is easy.

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