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Hearts Growing 3, 4

Pretty! Not quite as pretty, but still attractive.

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Clamshell 4, 5, 6

The first design is for a rather small quilt, or a large quilt with large clamshells. I like the second one. The colouring is a bit out of whack in the second clamshell border, but I love the design.

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Stained Glass Diamonds 4

Stunning … would look great in the kitchen window!

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Wedding Fans 46

No wedding where I am this weekend, just a collection of quilters doing what they love.

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Clamshell 3

Not quite the traditional style of Clamshell designs, but some interesting borders! Includes some lines which would make great quilting designs.

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 9, 10

Love this one … Love this one more! I love making blocks merge into the background so they become part of the overall design rather than individual blocks.

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Christmas on the Wall 7, 8

For a tall skinny place. Tall but wider space.

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Beaded Border Strings 13, 14

In this project file I am just experimenting with String of Beads border corners. So far there are over fifty quilts, with four or five borders, and though I have repeated some corners, there are still way over a hundred … Continue reading

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Floral Wedding OP 24

The only thing I would do to make this one better is add some quilting designs.  

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A Whiter Shade of Pale 16, 17

Love this! Something nice, peaceful, restful …  … and I hope you have some great memories of Christmas 2017 to enjoy during your day of rest and thought the coming year..

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