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Black and White Plus 21

Very interesting!

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Autumn Daze 60

  Love it. Must put this series on the list to be virtually quilted!

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Textile Inspirations 7 and 8

Very traditional … and I love it.   Very stylish … and I love it! Same design, very different fabric choice, very different range of contrast. Which one would you make to use in your bedroom? They would both keep you … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes 20

Interesting change in the background fabric … something to remember when the background fabric you have just will not stretch far enough. Just remember to pass it off as part of your design, don’t tell anyone it was a fix! … Continue reading

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Garden Festival 4

One of a series which happened while I was talking to people (and watching Julie Adamson quilt by hand) at our state guild exhibition a couple of years ago. I cheated by starting with blocks which I had used before … Continue reading

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White on White Gold 3 and 4

The outer row of blocks with the outside in …   … or the inside out? I like the first one … but it was worth trying the blocks facing the other way to satisfy myself that I was right! … Continue reading

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EQ Mods OP 3 and Quilting

  I like it! Quilting … Lots of a filler design in matching thread, with just a couple of motifs in each corner in a slightly darker thread. I think the filler would be straight lines … straight grid in the … Continue reading

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EQ Mods 13

Simple and structured. I like it. I would not want the quilting to change this design, which means I would outline the coloured pieces in both pieced and applique blocks, and use a simple filler on the background colour. Straight or … Continue reading

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After Pompeii 13

Interesting. Very interesting inner diagonal border.

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Border Beauties 29

Nice one. I was looking for something to share today which wouldn’t remind me that I need to spend more time drawing quilting designs to fill in open spaces … and look at all that open space in the border!

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