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Before Pompeii 13, 14

This series started with some ideas about changing Double Wedding Ring blocks, and moved on until there were no Wedding Rings in sight. I like the first … … and love the second. Just a bit of playing with blocks … Continue reading

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Brandis Street Blocks 1, 2, 3, 4

When we shifted into one of ten houses we have lived in I found a piece of very old lino lining the bottom of a drawer. It was at the point of falling to bits, so I put it in … Continue reading

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 17, 18

Love the first design, inparticular, I love the sashing … where it is visible. Where it doesn’t show up I have coloured the sashing strips with the background fabric. I like the second one too.

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Round Robin Medallions 9, 10

Love the change in scale of one of the border designs! The second designs is a bit too busy for my taste.

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Gnomes for Christmas 1, 2

The gnomes have moved from watching over the garden to watchin over the parcels under the tree. Perhaps by next Christmas they might set up their own Christmas display in the garden, instead of invading the house.

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Christmas Patch Play 5, 6

Not especially Christmassy, but a nice design to snuggle up under on a cold Christmas day. I think I would like the design above in many other colour combinations.

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EQ Dozen + 41, 42

Experimenting with sashing which is sometimes visible in contrast fabric, sometimes hiding in block background fabric! I love the first design. Like the second one too.

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Lovin’ Spoonful 47, 48

I love this series. I love both of these designs. I am still amazed that this whole series of quilts use blocks inspired by a teaspoon!

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Blocks in Borders 11, 12, 13, 14

Oh, so sweet! This project file is pretty much all so sweet … a combination of dainty block designs and pretty colours. I am slowly retiring project files, and this is one making it’s farewell appearance today. I am well … Continue reading

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Birds in the Orchard 15, 16

I love this applique design, but should have added quilting motifs in those empty spaces! Or some birds would be nice! Quilting required in this one too, but I like it … at least there are birds.

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