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Beth’s Brunsvigia Quilts 19, 20

I like the first design for today … … but I love the second one! I really should play with custom settings more often.

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White On Colour 17, 18

Love the colour, love the design! Love the touch of grey on the white … should perhaps try a little bit more. Love the design.

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Textile Inspirations 23, 24

Lovely, but busy. Love the second design!

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Cathedral Window 19, 20

I keep thinking I should make this project file a bit brighter, or move the window to the bright side of the house, but despite it being very close to summer here Down Under, the weather is more winter than … Continue reading

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Ann’s Album 73, 74

Pretty and interesting! Love the second one!

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Sunshine and Mushrooms 9, 10

At the moment we are moving from mushroom season to sunflower season. I have no idea why I paired up sunflowers, which grow to 10-12 feet, with mushrooms, which grow to a few inches across, but they sort of work … Continue reading

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A Spoonful of Sugar 9, 10

Oh, sew pretty! Again, sew pretty! Cannot pick a favourite!

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Brandis Street Blocks 11, 12

Love the first design! Very, very interesting.

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Stained Glass Project 27, 28

I like the design of the first one, but the colouring is a bit dull … but it is cloudy at the moment, so maybe that is the problem! Love the second design!

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Kelly’s Custom Quilts 23, 24

Not sure that I got the background colour change right, but I like the design. Deleted the contrast background in some places, but not all in teh second design. Must do better tomorrow!

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