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  Anns Album 77, 78

Looks old fashioned … but I like old fashioned. More the fabrics than the design gives me the feel of it being old. Pretty. Still the same fabrics but with a lot less of the dark fabrics and it looks … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Diamonds 17, 18

Could be very interesting made in glass, and lots of room for quilting a fabric version. Love the second design, and would be happy to put it on my bed today … though even finding the perfect fabric would take … Continue reading

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Cast Iron Lace for Quilters 1, 2

I love the iron lace on old buildings, and something which makes my camera start clicking.. I have seen photos from all over the world, and have been lucky eough to see a lot of it in older towns around … Continue reading

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Lovin’ Spoonfull in the Pink 15, 16

So pretty in pink … maybe a little bit over the top, but I like it. Almost over the top … needs some colour editing perhaps!

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Clamshells 13, 14

A very different twist to the traditional clamshell. I like the addition of String of Beads, another oldy but goody! I find it is always interesting to try something different with old designs although the chances of me making a … Continue reading

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Double Wedding String of Beads 23, 24

I love playing with these simple leaf shapes, and though I have been sidelined by mixed bead shapes as well, today’s designs today have just the one shape. Who really needs lots of different shapes when one shape in a … Continue reading

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Beth’s Brunsvigia Quilts 21, 22

Today’s designs make use of a feature of Electric Quilt which allows us to use a feature which will turn any block diagram which uses squares and rectangles into a quilt layout. I love the second design!

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Round Robin Medallions 13, 14

Nice! The outer border blocks of the second quilt are screaming that they could be joined at the hip. I see some block drawing in my day!

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Stained Glass Diamonds 15, 16

Love, love, love the first design! I certainly do not dislike the second design, but the first one is wonderful, and both of them need some quilting!

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Baker’s Dozen 41, 42

Interesting! Very intricate, very interesting, and I like it a lot!

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