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White Wedding OP 7

I am in love with the centre of this design … but would like to use less contrast for the Double Wedding Ring blocks, and/or make them thinner bands. Advertisements

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Birds in the Orchard 9

There is a little omission in this design … no birds. Not even one. Maybe that is because there are apples trying to ripen on a tree in the back yard, and I am trying to save at least one … Continue reading

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Wedding Fans 43


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EQ Album + 42

My quilting fingers are itching to add some quilted lines to this one.

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Bush B ‘n’ Bs 1, 2

I have learned over the past few days that EQ8 is quite happy to open EQ5 project files which have not been opened since EQ6 found it’s way to my computer. This is from one of them, in the original … Continue reading

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Wedding Fans OP 45

I need to do some virtual quilting in this project file! Not a lot of Double Wedding Rings, but they make a an interesting link between the clusters of fans.

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Blocks in Borders 7

Very pretty. Not counting the borders this is a one block quilt.

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Tangled String of Beads 27

I am always amazed at how many designs can be created using just one little applique shape. I have just remembered that I started playing with little circles some time ago … must find them and have another play.

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Floral Wedding 36

Like it. Change one block, change the background fabric in parts of others … I love it.

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EQ Mods 16, 17

Warm old fashioned colours … looks like it should be made from wool fabric for the northern hemisphere winter. Light … and much cooler for southern hemisphere! Mind you, the flowers should be a cooler colour, but these match the … Continue reading

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