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Star Applications 3

I really must change the contrast in this series … stars show up as bright lights in a dark sky, not dark spots in a light sky! I do like the idea of applique stars instead of the usual pieced … Continue reading

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White on White Gold 13

The background fabric looks a little less gold than I thought it would, but I love the design. Lots of room for some creative quilting.

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Beaded Blocks and Borders 25, 26

Love the first, and I must remember to cut beads whenever I have scraps of fabric with iron on bonding added. Of course, I could also just add bonding to any large piece of fabric, especially if it is a … Continue reading

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Floral Wedding 39, 40

Love the first … … and the second.

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White Wedding Quilting 12, 13

I think I am in love! I went to a quilt exhibition yesterday, and bought fabric … and despite sharing a lot of low contrast quilt designs over the last few days, I bought greens, including some brights and darks!

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Birds in the Orchard 10

I love this, but it needs to be quilted, and the big question is  … how would I quilt it? Lots of space to fill!

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Anna Karena 4

I challenged myself to use blue in at least one series of virtual quilts. I have never been a fan of blue, but often admire blue quilts … it depends on how well the colour is used, just like any … Continue reading

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Fig Jam 29

My baby fig tree is growing leaves and fruit!

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 7

Love it!

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Bubbles 1, 2

Lots of little circles … not all exactly the same size … following the lines of a Double Wedding Ring. They can also form wreaths, and are happy to share some space with a few other shapes. What I love … Continue reading

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