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Before Pompeii 4

Very pretty. Advertisements

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Fig Jam 28

I am about to open a jar of fig jam to have on my toast for breakfast. Love the real jam, and the virtual quilt design! Not many fruits have such interesting leaves as the fig tree.

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Lovin’ Spoonful in the Pink 3

Love it!

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Strawberry Fete 7

The very first project file I opened in EQ8 … still looks delicious. I will be joining a largish group of friends for an extended weekend of quilting … hope you enjoy the designs I am scheduling for the next … Continue reading

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 16

This project file was named after my Mum’s Aunty Flo, but I could just as easily named it after Mum herself … it is in her colours!

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Old German Christmas 8, 9

Love it. Love this one too. One more day of celebrations for Christmas in July, then back to everyday quilts.

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Christmas Beading 17, 18

A great way to use up little scraps of red and green. If you don’t have quite enough green just leave out a few lines.

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Floral Wedding 38

Looking forward to spring … our winter has been dry but cold!

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Lovin’ Spoonful 29, 30

My favourite project file got missed in the transition to Electric Quilt 8, but was not totally lost thank goodness! I still find it hard to believe an old spoon could inspire so many blocks and therefore, so many quilts! … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen 6

I love it, and I am having fun playing with these blocks in their new colours. I first selected these blocks to play with when I first bought EQ5 … now I play in EQ8.

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