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Bunch of Beads 25, 26

My love affair with String of Beads began at the first quilt exhibition I attended soon after I fell in love with patchwork and applique and has no sign of fading away. I have probably got enough beads left over … Continue reading

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Abigail Bolton Design 1, 2

This project file is now 1 day old, though many of the blocks were waiting for some attention. About half of the blocks in the sampler above are new variations on the theme. Love the design above, but will continue … Continue reading

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Ann’s Album OP 25, 26

Pretty. Not so pretty, but very interesting.

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Patch Play 31, 32

Interesting. The block in the corners of the main body of this design is a modification of Mexican Rose 2, found in the Electric Quilt Block library. It is probably the most used of all the applique blocks, and has … Continue reading

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Annie Clover and Pieces 39, 40

I like every design in this project file … the combination of the colours and the blocks seem to work pretty much every way I twist and and shake them up! Love the second design!

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Garden Festival 25, 26

I have spent a lot of time playing with dirt in the garden over the last few years, in particular, over the last year. My garden is a lot less grand than the ones in my virtual quilts, but the … Continue reading

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EQ and Me at Christmas 11, 12

I have to admit that just about every day I find time to play with my favourite toy, Electric Quilt 8, it feels like I have just opened a wonderful Christmas gift. I have to admit that there are some … Continue reading

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Red and Green Quilted 11, 12

Love it! The second almost fades into oblivion compared to the first!

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Desert Flora 9, 10

From now until Christmas I will be sharing designs each day with a Christmas theme, and like these designs, some not related to Christmas, like these. Not a Christmas quilts, but I am guilty of making felt Desert Pea flowers … Continue reading

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Ferns and Flora 19, 20

Pretty, and interesting. Simple changes to five blocks, and I like it more than the first version, though I should not have changed the quilting motifs!

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