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Fiddlebobs OP 7, 8

Busy, busy , busy! But I like it anyway. Love this one!

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Beaded Fans 12, 13, 14

Interesting! Love it. Mind you, I should have redrawn the blocks so the beads met properly. I have redrawn the blocks, but I prefer using them in new designs! I think I would prefer this one without the sashing, but … Continue reading

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Toys 4 Christmas 55, 56, 57, 58

There must be toys for Christmas! We have a new toy … took delivery of a car two days ago … so I don’t think there will be very much under the Christmas trees this morning … don’t have one … Continue reading

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Aunt Flo's Christmas 5, 6

It maybe Christmas like colours, but these would be elegant all year, every year! I think I like the second one slightly more than the first one … but that is subject to change. I love them both. Aunty Flo … Continue reading

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Christmas Patch Play 3, 4

It is so easy to convert any Electric Quilt project file to suit any occasion, and this one became a great convert to Christmas from the original colours. The first design is my favourite for today, and I might try … Continue reading

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Red and Green 33, 34

A project for next Christmas perhaps … possibly a bit late for this year. I think I like the first one today.

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A Spoonful of Christmas OP 3, 4

Rather elaborate for a quilt intended for use for a short time each year! I love it. Love the one above too!

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Christmas Mix of Beads 5, 6

String of Beads has been a string of different colour beads of all the same shape, but beads come in all sorts of shapes. So why not add some round beads so we have a Christmas Mix, but no candy … Continue reading

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Textile Inspirations 19

Love today’s design!

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Lupin Ladies

The Flower with No Name now has a name! One visitor suggested it might be a Lupin, and after I looked through two heavy plant identification books I think lupin was the one I had created! The version above is … Continue reading

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