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String of Beads Roundabout 37, 38

Nice one! The colour of the border/binding makes it look like it has just been added to a very old and faded quilt! I do like the old part of the quilt though!

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Felicity Anderson Quilts 43, 44

I like these designs, but in close up detail the applique is just a little too detailed for anything but fused! Love the second design.

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Petal Power 1, 2

I spent most of last week away from home, surrounded by fellow quilters, and during a quiet time I started a new project file so I could play with some blocks which have been waiting very patiently to be shown … Continue reading

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After Pompeii OP 35, 36

Interesting. Pretty. Make that pretty interesting. Also pretty interesting.

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Anna Karena 21, 22

Very busy! Love the second design! The blocks are still busy, but there are a lot less of them. Love the sashing too.

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Patch Play 33, 34

In this project file I have used blocks from the Electric Quilt library which have been tweaked a little to cretae border blocks from the original applique cross designs. Once again, I cannot pick a favourite from today’s designs.

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Wattle, Gum and Banksia 1, 2

Wattle is the national flower of Australia, but it comes in many different varieties other than the Golden Wattle, though most of them have little balls of gold fluff. All of them are varieties of Acacias., species of which thrive … Continue reading

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Wanda’s Weeds 1, 2

Today’s designs use blocks I have been playing with over the last few days, adding bits, altering bits, removing bits, and then when I tried designing the first quilt discovered I needed to do more alterations. The name of the … Continue reading

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Ferns and Flora 21, 22

Nice, but would need some quilting! I would use the centre block as the quilting design. The second one would also need some quilting, but mainly just background fill.

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 23, 24

I love playing ‘hide and Seek’ with sashing … to be able to make up designs like the one above just add sashing to blocks as usual, except that sometimes you use the background fabric of the blocks, but not … Continue reading

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