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Aussie Floral Inspiration 13, 14

The first design does not look like the colours of Australia’s native Sturt Desert Pea, but the shapes are very much like the flowers, and as far as I know this species only comes in red, though there may be … Continue reading

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Patch Play 37, 38

Nice and neat. Much more exciting! Love it!

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Stained Glass Project 33, 34

Love the first design, and there is space for quilting, but I think I would just squiggle it to make it look like the background ‘glass’ is mottled in colour with a slightly rough texture. I wonder if tiles could … Continue reading

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Felicity Anderson Q’n’A 19, 20

A very neat and tidy formal garden with an interesting layout, and no weeds! I am not in love with the overall combination of colours, but I love the design.

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Applique Tiles 7, 8

Interesting. I rather like the second one.

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Brandis Street Blocks 25, 26

Parade ground precision. Love the second design, still precise but with a soft touch.

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Christmas Patch Play 11, 12

Interesting design. Love the second design. I should have added the pale green to the border of the first design!

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 35, 36

LOVE IT! If I had been a quilter before Aunty Flo passed away, this is the quilt I would have made for her. Normally I would have said the second design is pretty, but it is very ordinary compared to … Continue reading

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Beth’s Brunsvigia Quilts 25, 26

The centre of the first design is pretty much what a Brunsvigia flower looks like, though because they take ten years to start flowering after you plant the bulbs I have seen only one in the last five years, when … Continue reading

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Abigail Bolton Design 5, 6

As I selected this design I thought I really liked it. Then I moved attention to the next design. I love the second design. I have worked out what I want for Christmas … a magic wand which would create … Continue reading

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