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EQ Album +51, 52

I love playing with sashing, making some of it the same fabric as the background fabric. I like the placement of light and dark backgrounds in the second design.

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Felicity Anderson Quilts 45, 46

Interesting! Love the centre block. After selecting the first design I started playing with the designs in the project file, as I wanted to change the design which was next in line. I deleted a couple, and added a couple … Continue reading

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Beads Again 13, 14

Beads again, and I am back home again after a week with 30 like minded friends, old and new, sometimes stitching, sometimes talking, and often laughing. The shape of the beads in these designs is my favourite applique shape … … Continue reading

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 23, 24

Love today’s designs, but my favourite of the two is the first! Love the quilting motifs more in the second one.

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Strawberry Fete 13, 14

Looks delicious … my favourite fruit! Thank goodness strawberry season is approaching, though it feels as though it is moving very slowly! Must stock up on ice-cream just in case there is a sudden burst of warm weather!

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Ferns and Flora 23, 24

Very dainty! Lots of room for some dainty quilting motifs! The second design is still rather dainty, and there ARE quilting motifs filling the spaces.

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Anna Karena 23, 24

I love the sashing in this design. I rarely use sashing in my designs, though in many of the quilts I have made I have used sashing, but not one as interesting as the one shown above. I like the … Continue reading

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Blue and Yellow Album 4, 5, 6

I started this project file with the idea that I would use a colour combination that was far from one of my favourites … the result is a project file I manage to ignore most of the time! My apologies … Continue reading

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Beaded Blocks and Borders 37, 38

String of Beads designs are a great way to use scraps, or fabrics purchased for the project. They are also easy to applique by hand or machine if you use fusible webbing … not so easy if you do the … Continue reading

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 25, 26

Interesting. Also interesting … and both of them are pretty.

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