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White on Bright 7, 8

You would need your sunglasses on anywhere near this lot, day or night. I love the layout of the first design. Love the second one too!

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Double Wedding String of Beads 21, 22

As it is I would make this as a tablecloth for a large square table with room for two places on each side. No quilting involved. However, if I was making it as a quilt there is lots of room … Continue reading

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A Holly Christmas 13, 14, 15, 16

One of my favourite project files for Christmas season, or any season with different shaped leaves, and different colour flowers instead of the berries … or perhaps including the berries. Love the changing background colours. I have just seen Christmas … Continue reading

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Christmas Mix of Beads 9, 10

Interesting mix, Christmas or not! Love the second design!

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It’s Almost Christmas 13, 14

It was the local pageant last night, and the Christmas spirit was present and correct, and it was great to see toddlers, preschoolers and school children running, jumping and dancing on the street following the parade and a visit from … Continue reading

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Fiddlebobs OP 15

Interesting! Love it! Intricate applique and quilting in the centre and lovely applique in the border, and other than outlining the applique pieces the only quilting in the border would be cross hatch!

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String of Beads Roundabout 33, 34

Nice, but missing something. That’s better.

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Cathedral Window 19, 20

I keep thinking I should make this project file a bit brighter, or move the window to the bright side of the house, but despite it being very close to summer here Down Under, the weather is more winter than … Continue reading

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Bunch of Beads 23, 24

One simple applique shape … so many ways to add them to a quilt. Love the second design today …. love the way the blocks came together to form frames around the clusters of beads on four of the blocks.

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Desert Flora 7, 8

Interesting, but very formal arrangements of the Sturt Desert Pea. Here is a link to some photos of the real thing. Unfortunately, they are not the easiest plants to grow in the home garden … I put in some seeds … Continue reading

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