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Strawberry Fete 12

Nearing the end of the strawberry season, and the last of the strawberry designs … unless I get an out of season craving for strawberries which can only be eased with some virtual strawberries. This was the first new project … Continue reading

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Bows and Bouquets 2

Yesterday’s design came out of hiding, but today’s design hasn’t had time to be lost yet. I am still adding blocks, and trying to keep them sorted into some sort of order. No quilting designs yet, but should start playing … Continue reading

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Bubbles 3

Fun idea … and one way to use up lots of little scraps, but it would possibly make us giddy stitching all the circles on. Would be a good idea to quilt in the opposite direction to unwind the giddyness!

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Applique Elegance 6

Love it.

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Bows and Bouquets 1

I have been playing with some blocks for over a week, trying to sort them out into some order, but spending more time drawing and modifying blocks than sorting them. Anyway, I reached a point when I decided it was … Continue reading

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Fig Jam 33

The fig tree looks a bit tired at the end of a long, hot summer, but several buckets of fruit were shared with others after I made more than enough for my own use.

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Fantasy Floral Quilts 13, 14

Like it, but think I have improved it for you. Love it. Note that the borders in the body of the quilt have created a soft border, rather than the more defined border around the edge. For those following the … Continue reading

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Super 7s OP 19

I am slowly going through project files and my block library and redrawing blocks which look a bit out of whack. The curves in that border need some work … now added to the list! The list keeps growing, but … Continue reading

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Kelly’s Custom Quilts 10

Love it!

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Anna Karena 5

It’s blue, but I like it anyway!

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