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White On Colour 8

A rather formal style! Advertisements

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Autumn Patches OP 11

Love it as it is, but it would be lovely in pretty colours too.

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Bush B ‘n’ Bs 1, 2

I have learned over the past few days that EQ8 is quite happy to open EQ5 project files which have not been opened since EQ6 found it’s way to my computer. This is from one of them, in the original … Continue reading

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Quilted Border Beauties 8

I love it … so does the cat, apparently.

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Five Patch Fragments 14

Interesting. Another project file could use a face lift, but it is not going to happen in the next few days.

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Red and Green Quilted 3, 4

Love it. Love it … maybe more than the first … or maybe not. In other words, I can’t pick a favourite.

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Maria’s Medallion 3

A large centre applique, two applique borders, with three of the simplest of borders separating the applique elements. I like it!

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Beaded Border Strings 7

One applique shape in all but one border … that one border has a few round beads added. Adding more shapes could lead to lots of fun when stringing virtual fabric beads, just like it does when stringing real beads.

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